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Bears place Unga on injured reserve

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The Bears announced that rookie running back Harvey Unga has been placed on injured reserve.

Unga has missed most of training camp after suffering a hamstring injury. Selected with a seventh-round pick in the NFL's Supplemental Draft, the Bears were intrigued by Unga's size and potential as a hybrid fullback.

Unga will count toward the 80-man roster until the team is required to cut down the roster to 75 players on Aug. 31.

The Bears have been pleased with the play of Kahlil Bell behind veterans Chester Taylor and Matt Forte. Garrett Wolfe is also in the mix.

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Good move on this one. We red-shirt at least one rookie every year, and while I thought it would be Webb or Moore, Unga makes just as much sense. You seem to have a strong stable of backs in Forte, Taylor, Bell, Wolfe, and Minor to work from, so let him learn the offense for a season, spend time in the meeting room, and be ready to go for March and be a contender to either be the fullback or our short-yardage back in 2011.

If Forte does not bounce back after an injury marred 2009, or Taylor starts acting like a 30+ year old back, or we finally give up on Wolfe, then Unga could be in the mix next year for a job. Not necessarily as a starter, but as a contributor.

Joe Felicelli,
Pre-season is young. You can bet that there will be others going on injured reserve before the final cut.
You need not worry about how the running game is going to go. Without an offensive line, it don't matter who you put back there. They aren't going anywhere.
All they have is another shuffle of the same players. Not enough experience on the line to know what will happen?
Tell me...did the Bears get a high draft pick offensive lineman in this years draft? Hmmmmmm....that must mean that they are ok on the OL. Yeah...and I believe in the toot fairy.
Reality check please.
O-line = unknown
D-line = unknown
Unknown O-line = no receiving and no running and broken QB. You can bet opposing defenses to be testing this area the entire year and they will be going after Cutler. How much punishment will he take before he gets knocked out for the season.
Unknown D-line = no pass rush. No pass rush = lots of scoring by opposing team and lots more time for opposing offenses. Not too good for Lovies Cover-none defense. Lets see...they get the 92 million dollar DE and let go of the right side DE (too much money at 5 million bucks). Their DT position is a huge question mark. Do you see opposing offenses having any trouble double-teaming the 92 million dollar man? With nobody else to double-team on the bears D-line, most teams will be able to afford to triple-team the 92 million dollar man. So exactly...what improvement did we make on the D-line? At least we would have been half way there if we held onto the right DE. Instead, we let him go so he can get his first superbowl ring with the Saints.
Expect the same as last 3 years....the bears D-line will tire out in the 4th as the opposing teams beat the you know what out of them.
Oh yeah...forgot....much tougher schedule than last year...
8 games against last years play off teams and 3 games against 2008 division champs. You also got a Lions club that most likely won't be the doorstep to the nfl anymore. They are going to leave that for the bears to fill this year.

That's exactly what I was thinking Joe. It was just a matter of when. Last year it was Melton. You could see this kid was destined for an NFL style medical red shirt as soon as he hit town. The kid has some real talent, but he just got too late a start to have a real chance this year. Too bad they couldn't get another week or two of preseason to give him a chance to show his stuff.

You have a point about Moore, but I think they can probably park Webb on the practice squad. He has potential, but it's less likely anybody would pick him up expecting him to play at all this year. He looks like a year or two developmental project to me.

But, more importantly Joe, after all this time......are you really the toot fairy?

Hey val why are you posting on this page? It's obvious you are not a fan and know little about the game so why are you here? Just stop wasting your time here. Pessimist+blowhard = val how's that for math. if you knew football you wouldn't make such inane remarks. These players are professionals if you spend your time triple teaming a DE then you are either just plain stupid or not a NFL coach or both. As for the O-Line glad you can predict what others can't maybe that's why they play the games. Just because you were a playoff team last season doesn't make you qualify this season TILL YOU PLAY THE FREAKIN GAMES. So why not go bitch and moan somewhere else and leave this site to the real fans not fair weather pansies like you.

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