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Bears offense looking to take the next step

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The Bears subscribed to KISS philosophy last week, for the the preseason opener in San Diego.

On offense, in particular, they focused on routine things like quarterback-center exchange, offensive line disciple (as in avoiding procedural penalties) and relatively basic plays.

They will ramp it up but don't expect anything that resembles what Mike Martz did in St. Louis. They may work in a few razzle-dazzle plays, to pump up the Soldier Field crowd. But, Martz doesn't want to tip his hand, to what they are going to do for the season opener against the Detroit Lions.

Anyone who watched the Bears in Bourbonnais knows that the offense is an aggressive one that works the ball to each skill player to all parts of the field. There's a lot of motioning and shifting, almost resembling the Arena League.

Surely, though, the Bears would like to pop some decent runs and work the ball to players like Greg Olsen and Devin Hester, to get their feet wet.

But the second half could be really interesting. Dan LeFevour had a turbulent week at practice, and Matt Gutierrez is learning the offense on the fly. He throws a solid ball, but he appeared to miss more than he hit on Thursday in practice.

Here are three offensive players I'm curious to watch today:

1) Devin Hester -- He runs hot and cold in practice, but he dominated Wednesday's session. It appeared, in fact, like it was Devin Hester Day. Certainly, this team wants him to succeed in that position, and I would think he'll get a few chances to fire up the fans today.

2) Lance Louis -- It's pretty remarkable that he is the man to beat, since a couple of veteran options are available. I've watched him a lot in practice, but I really want to see how he responds today and focus on him from play to play.

3) Matt Forte -- He didn't have much to work with last week, since the line didn't give him much room to operate. But, Forte never flashed the speed he has in training camp practices. It would be nice to see him at least get a pass in space, to showcase his wheels and to prove whether he's capable of making a defender miss.

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Thank you Sean.

Louis is looking at Kelly and some Seymour, he may face the Rookie Houston as well. Kelly has lost a lot of weith and is around 315 these days at 6-9 if Louis can get passed his hands he should have a good night.

Oakland gave up 49 sacks so if the D-Line does not mop the floor with them even when they are not trying, I will be shocked.

The Raiders secondary is pretty solid and if you consider their garbage pass rush it could probably be great, good test for the Bears recievers early.

Trevor Scott and McClain will probably try to bring it. I still trying to figure out why this defense is not 3-4 with the personel they have. Raiders are just crazy like that.

By Creighton on August 21, 2010 5:39 PM
I also want to see a little more of Taylor who looked more explosive than Forte last week.

Hey Creighton,

Hoped you liked my 89 yard touchdown run. That one was especially for you.

But keep hating on me and the team, we love the doubters.

By the way, how are your Packers looking this pre-season?

Hmmm well I am not impressed by open field runs when nobody is around the running back, and when it's against a team like the Raiders I am less impressed. I believe the Raiders are giving the Bears some real problems, Cutler athletic abiltiy is helping keep them alive and pass blocking horrible. Chris Williams has been brutal.

Forte had two big runs last year too. Against detroit, hahaha, glad to see he steps up for the good teams. How did he do against the Chargers? Wow he ran throung a large hole with nobody close to him, boy that Forte is something. Hahahaha

Not impressed at all with the Bears tonight, I think Sean was right, Louis has been better but the O-Line has been bad as a whole. Bears defense has had a couple of moments but given the fact that the yare playing against Campbell, a bad line and both starting recievers are out, I am shocked Oakland has even scored at this point.

Urlacher looks ok, looks like he tweeked his calf.

Peppers has been ok but not great, and Harris is being Harris.

My biggest Question is why is Izzy not starting over Anderson? He clearly looks better than him for the second game in a row.

The Good:
Cutler has been keeping the offense alive and this is against Oakland who is missing their best Corner.

Lance Louis put a nice block on a safety that actually sprang Forte. Forte ran through the hole which is almost shocking that with his speed he got through it. Louis looked beeter with his run blocking than he did his pass blocking which like the rest of the line was bad.

Forte hada a good night running outside, nice big run. great moves on that run. Hahahaha.

Peppers, decent but not great.

Hester has flashed at times, but he really is a hot cold player no doubt about it Sean.

The Bears have been sloppy, and so have the Raiders, it's an ugly game. If you think the Bears look like a good team right now you got issues. Whe nyou get beat in third and long 5 times in a half with Jason Campbell behind a horrid line with 2 backup recievers you got issues. A good QB is going ot kill this defense. Another thing the Bears have been working on conditioning for the defense, well the defense looked tired with about 5 min left in the half. Blitz recognition was bad for the Bears again. I also saw some recievers and TE's get hit in the hands and drop the ball. Timing is off and the Raiders are Jamming the recievers and that is giving the Martz offense pause. If Cutler isn't buying time with his feet this offense is stagnent.

Just not impressed, sloppy play they don't look crisp at all and while I think they look better than the raiders, they don't look much better, which does not cheer me up and they are at home doing this.

Who the #### is Peterman? Must be one of Kevin's Total Beast special needs players.

Oh and I don't know how the Packers are doing, I have not watched them yet. I will watch them next week see what they look and give the Bears fans my yearly low down on the comp. Going to watch the Detroit game later, a team I have been talking about sense the offseason. Maybe you noticed Matt. I just wrote about them this week. Ummm maybe I am mistaken but didn't Rodgers play really well last week? Just checked and it looks like Rodgers is having a good night. Does that help with your question, I should watch that game though sense they are playing the Seahawks and I can kill two birds with one stone.

I don't know maybe you don;t check on the comp but I so, thats one of the reasons why I can write what I write. It's called an informed opinion. I know, scary god forbid I enjoy football and watch more than one game. During the season I watch three or 4 games a week, early game, late game, monday night, Sat or Thur games. Yes I actually love football crazy I know. Throw in the college football and I owe my girl a two week vaction at the end of the season where I am not allowed to even mention the game. Vactio nis coming early this year given what I am seeing from the Bears.

Yes they are losing to the Raiders. How I don't know, why is beyond me but pigs are flying and the Bears are losing to the Raiders. Jay Cutler sacked 5 times in a half. Thats nice, way to protect. I gotta be honest the Bears are not thrilling me tonight.

Oh and Matt you really should not be blogging during a game. Focus dude, you need to play better this year.

How about that Chris Williams tonight? Total beast!

I skipped my Saturday Night Netflix Movie of the Week routine last night to listen to Bears Radio on WBBM. Near as I could tell there was almost nothing to be pleased about, and much to be discouraged about. Here are a few observations:

1.) Chris Williams. Tom Thayer, a very thoughtful, intelligent, level-headed guy who, being an ex-Bear, finds it hard to be negative, yet still remains interesting, could hardly have said more when he said Williams is too "giving." When asked after the game to say what he thought was the single-most important conclusion he could drew from the game, said that it was that someone needs to take Chris Williams aside and explain to him how to play his position. I dunno, shouldn't we expect more from him at this point in his career, especially from someone drafted that high? For me, there is the same old conclusion: Jerry Angelo is sadly, almost pathetically inept. anywhere else but with Jerry Angelo

2.) Garrett Wolfe. When do we pull the plug on this runt? I am tired of hearing how some defender stood him up at the line and twirled him to the ground. Dump him, please. What was Angelo thinking when he drafted this guy? Put Kahlil Bell in there. If you release him he'll pick up with another team and embarrass us, like Marc Colombo, Tank Johnson, and Cedric Benson. In this case, to be fair, the problem is with Lovie more than Jerry. Lovie clearly just didn't coach these guys up. All three have been competent starters elsewhere. I guess you could throw Justin Gage in there, too, though, admittedly, I was no fan of his, thinking he was too slow and couldn't get out of a break. I still don't understand his success in Tennessee. It must be he's in the right system.

3.) Eric Peterman. The guy who flubbed the punt within the 10 yard line leading to a quick Raider TD, really the turning point of the game. I assume it was Toub's call, but why was this guy in the game? I know all the coach-speak answers, but they don't work for me. Why not D.J. Moore?

4.) Patrick Mannelly. The importance of the long snapper has been stated many times by many people - I can imagine hearing John Madden now - and it was clearly demonstrated last night. If Patrick doesn't heal up pronto, we better not dally in getting his replacement or we will give up a T.D. a game on a blown punt attempt and two missed field goals by Robbie Gould because of misdirected snaps. We aren't good enough to spot the opponent 13 points, I don't think. If there is any doubt, men, then please PANIC.

Hey, Matt, the blocking on that 89 yarder of yours either was perfect or the Raiders weren't yet awake. Anyone but Garrett Wolfe would have gone all the way on that. You still haven't broken one tackle in your life. You don't have the delivery, dude. And, yes, you shouldn't be blogging during the game. It shows you lack testosterone. Real men don't do it. And, yes, Chester Taylor should be starting, not you. He does everything better than you. Why he even blocks! Take it back to Toooo-Lane, dude. Back to the Greenies, where they play the gentlemen's way.

Come on Creighton, don't be such a negative Debbie Downer. The Bears will be in an exciting race with Detroit all year.

Oh Matt was just feeling good after his run. Then reality set in and he went into hiding with his jaw dragging on the floor.

What some people did not see is that I was in a golf cart and actually drove through that hole holdng a sign up that said fire Lovie and Angelo. That's why the crowd was actually cheering.

Sean was going to do a write up about this game but the only thing that he could write was "All work and no play makes Sean a dull boy" The game was so ugly it actually pushed the writers over the edge.

Yes Wrig I think that actually will be a race. Sad thing is Detroit looking decent.

So ummm where are the Creighton haters that where going to show me this week? Me I am just venting my frustration over my favorite team and getting it out of my system. Yet I notice several bloggers seem to be missing. It seems after these Bears losses that several so called real fans go into hiding. Don't be fare weather fans it's ok to vent. Cleans out the system.

It's funny last night I was out on the covered patio, with a little fire going, a little BBQ going, beautiful night, watching the game outside, had the lap top going good friend of mine in town. Just a nice night. But during the game my buddy looks at me and is like "turn the sound down." "What?" I said. "Turn the sound down" So I turn down sound. And their on the wind it stood a sort of painful howling or crying, like a soul had been torn from body. This went on for awhile as the game moved along. Then Forte had his big run and the crying stop and soul screamed out "TOTAL BEAST HAHAHAHA!!" At that moment a strange navy blue and burnt orange blur ran past my house singing "Bear Down Super Bowl Super Bowl Super Bowl" Shortly after that run the crying resumed and even reached a new level of agony. At the end the game the strange spirit on the wind shouted out "I HATE YOU CREIGHTON, IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT."

Poor little spirit, I guess he never realized that football blogging is my Kung Fu. And my Kung Fu, is strong.

Creighton, that Matt Forte post wasn't me. But I admit, the Bumstead one you did about Williams was funny. I deserved that, I'm man enough to admit that, anyone who knows me on this blog knows I'm a big Chris Williams fan, and yes he did look awful last night. I'm still gonna support him and hopefully the guy improves. In Martz's pass happy offense his play is gonna be key blocking for Jay Cutler's blind side, Williams needs to improve.

Oh and Creighton, I see on another post you said a lot of people hate you, I don't. Just because me and you don't see eye to eye on Chicago's personnel doesn't mean I'm gonna hate you, again, I don't hate you, never have. Just because last week I said I was never gonna read your comments didn't mean anything, like I've told you before, don't take what I say seriously, we're all Bear fans in the end.

As far as the game, if you can get past the horrible pass blocking and the loss, their were a few bright spots.

One was the run blocking, the Bears averaged 7 yards a carry, even without the Matt Forte 89 yarder the Bears would have still averaged 5 yards a carry. I especially liked the block thrown by tight end Kellen Davis on the Forte 89 yarder, he's a player who's run blocking and overall blocking needed to improve, especially in Martz's offense.

Another bright spot was Matt Forte, not only did he break a big one for 89 yards, but earlier he broke off a 12 yarder. Forte seems to be displaying the same burst and cut back ability he had as a rookie before the sprain knee started giving him problems last season.

I liked the play of the defensive linemen, not only the main guys like Peppers and Harris, but Mark Anderson was especially active. Anderson had a couple nice run stuffs and was in on a sack with Marcus Harrison. Matt Toeaina got nice pressure on Campbell for the Tillman interception. The guys up front are gonna be key, now bring on the Cardinals and as always GO BEARS!!

In 1984 the Bears' defense set the NFL record for most sacks in a season with 72. If the Bears starting offensive line plays the same way they played in the first half yesterday, then they will allow 160 sacks this season. The one day I was at camp Peppers did the same thing to Williams. I wondered at the time if it meant that Peppers was that good or Williams that bad. Well...

Offensive Line grade is a D with the only bright spot the run blocking seemed ok on the right side of the line including Kruetz and they took what they were given by the defense. The defense did not stack the box as much as defenses have in the past, so the run was more available to the offense.

QB, Cutler looked pretty good given the poor line play, I would rate him an B+ grade and our new rookie QB a solid C-, he also looked better than I expected.

Running backs, B-, pass blocking still is weak but running was good.

Special Teams D-, enough said

D line, B had some push, some pressure and played well against the run.

Linebackers C- coverage and some tackling seemed weak.

Safety Play C- coverage again was weak, run support mediocre.

Corners play was B-, interception helped a little.

Not to worry, this is the pre season, the Bears will be ready to roll on game day in September against the Lions!

Coaching, everything is vanilla on both sides of the ball so hard to tell at this point. But have to wonder about tackling and blocking, the basics of football don't look too good at this point.

Everybody is putting too much emphasis on preseason football. If the Bears start the season 1-3 then maybe there will be something to worry about but not yet.

Hey Creighton, no worries mate I saw you at the game and snapped a picture.

Seriosuly though you claim to be a Bears fan and yet when they falter and play bad it seems you are almost giddy about it. Like it gives you some sort of pleasure?? There's a name for people like you and Mat Forte alluded to it..a Packers fan.

By the way, what ever happened to you "manning up" with the panties?

Creighton says the sad thing is that Detroit is looking decent. He's not alone. Detroit drafts Stafford and Suh and everyone says look out for Detroit. Nothing's lower than a plain old Michigander, nothing. Except one that votes. For them to surpass us would be the ultimate humiliation. The whole state could have been cast in "The Big Chill." Had not Stafford gotten injured last year after rolling up almost 400 yards in the first half, they would have scored 70 points.That is what Jerry and Lovie have done to this franchise. Do we half to wait until game 14 to dump Lovie? Then who will hire his replacement? Jerry? Some future. Sean, how could you leave us with Hayes for the game report? Will someone tell Armstead to stuff the cheerleading. Your responsibility as a Bears fan is not to applaud this disgrace, but to puke, Kevin. If you don't puke, you are part of the problem and are not a Bears fan - no way, no way.

Yes Kevin I am the Bumstead, you just keep believing that while Mike roles around laughing. I told you I am the Grudenstead. He sometimes colaberates with the Bumstead. Are hit single "The Touch" which all three of us dedicated to Dan Laflavor of the week.

Oh and Kevin I hate to break it to you but I was the guy who wrote the day that Tice was hired and I have argued this with Sean and many people. I always said Tice was good at coaching run blocking, but I have asked a couple of hundred times how has Tice been with pass blocking. The answer has been, not very good. Me and many posters all asked what the Bears where thinking when they hired a line coach before a OC. Fact is with most linmen being creatures of habit it is very rare to be good at both run blocking and pass blocking. It's almost always one or the other.

Nothing against Tice, but this is not his style of offense. It has been said and said again.

Now lets get your story right. You have asked for me to be banned multiple times, you have stated several times I am not Bears fan. You have called me a packer fan, told me I have no clue and the list goes on and on. So I don't think it is just an eye to eye thing, thanks anyway.

Now was that you or Matt Forte, it was clearly the real Matt Forte, he called me after the game to tell me he loves my posts and that I am a total beast. I don't care who it was. It was just someone else, doesn't really matter the joke works better with you.

Kevin I will not tell you again about Peppers and his problems with speed rushers and 3-4 defenses. He will just have to keep proving me right.

Pass blocking was bad by everyone last night, Louis got beat, Williams got abused, the middle and both sides where soft. The best blocker I saw was a TE.

A good QB on the Raiders and the Bears are down by at lest two TD at the half, those recievers had all day and Campbell is mediocre. Good QB's have made a habit of killing this team.

Peppers is a good player but it will not change the fact that Lovie still calls a conservative game. The front 4 is not good enough and Harris not 2005-2006 Harris. That is clear he was rolling around on the ground again last night.

Urlacher is breaking down.

The Bears corners could not cover anyone last night.

Tice is great at teaching run blocking and that is the style of team he should work for. He would probably be great with the Jets. Then again they are totally loaded and even I could be great with the Jets line.

Kevin that D-Line got it's butt kicked, third and long is all you need to know. I am telling you a good QB back their would have killed the Bears, we are talking like the Bangle beat down from last year. Harris got rolled over. That is one of the worst O-Lines in football and they kicked the Bears around. Anderson got his sack against the second team, outside of Peppers that line should be hanging its head. They got bullied and beat up. Did you see who the Raiders didn't start?

That was as ugly a game as I can remember, the Raiders didn't even play well, they kept trying to give the game to the Bears and the Bears as the nice hosts they where that night insisted on the Raiders beating on them.

Hmmm...and where is my post?


Bright spots? Remember, the Raiders were playing without their starting receivers and running back, and without two starting D linemen, including Richard Seymour who's clearly their best D lineman. Considering all that and that the Bears' starting units played intact till Urlacher got hurt:

1. So what if the Bears could run a little against a line that was half reserves? They still couldn't pass block against them, or at least Williams couldn't. And there's no point in saying, like glass-half-full people always do, that except for Williams the line pass-protected well. The fact is that the rest of the line could play at an All-Pro level, but if Williams blocks like that Cutler will get killed and the Bear offense will go nowhere.

2. Without any starting skill players beside the QB, the Raiders shredded the Bear defense on the opening drive and were up 10-0 when Toeaina got Peanut the INT. Before that play, the Bears were getting no pressure v. a very suspect Raider line, and Peppers got most of his pressures v. a 2d stringer. I didn't notice Harris getting any pressure at all against anyone, and the Raider coaches confirmed my analysis (I live in the Bay Area). Nothing encouraging there.


You liked the play of the starting D line, including Peppers and Harris? Based on what, exactly? They had no pressure most of the first half and gave up two huge screen passes before the finally figured them out. (The first one was excusable, but to be fooled twice in one half on the same play was not.) The run defense was not very good either, they were getting pushed back when the Raiders ran the ball. It wasn't until the Raider center went down that the Raiders started having trouble running.

You are correct that we cannot tell too much at this point because of this: Some veterans will only play at half speed during preseason. Strong coaches, like Ditka, would never allow that and players wouldn't have dared to do it under him. You could always tell how good a Ditka team was going to be that season by watching the starters in preseason. But under a weak coach like Lovie Smith they do whatever they want, so there's no way to tell if they're actually much better than what we've seen. Trouble is, I can't imagine Williams playing at half speed, both because he doesn't have enough experience to get away with that, because he hasn't established himself yet, and because poor play by him could get Cutler killed. This had better be the worst game of his life by far from now on or the Bear offense is in deep doo doo.

Creighton, I never asked to have you or any other blogger band, I don't know where your getting that from?? And again, I wasn't the Matt Forte comment, ask Sean.

santa barbar tom, don't come on here and tell what kind of fan i'm suppose to be. If you or I really wanted to make a difference we would get into scouting and work our way up the ranks to a job with the Bears. Im not gonna and I doubt you are either. If I wanna be optimistic about the Bears, so what, if you wanna be a downer, thats your thing. Again, don't come on here and tell me I'm part of the problem, Im a fan that minds his own business, can you please do the same. I'm a regular working class Bears fan. What do you want me to do, bash the team I'm suppose to root for and then root for them on sundays?? To fake for me buddy. I'll criticize the players, thats my and your right as fans, but I'm still gonna support them. And yes this team does have some bad players, but their Bear players, so Im gonna support them till their gone, if you wanna bash them, go for it, I could care less.

What, you want to get all the disgruntled Bears fans together, boycott the games, hold hands and sing we are the world outside Jerry Angelo's office, that won't help either. If I wanna cheerlead, I'm gonna cheerlead. You gotta remember tom, this is only the pre-season, its still early, and yes the weather is hot, but, the team could come on this fall when the weathers gonna be fair, them according to you logic it will be alright to cheerlead right tom...get my drift?? Oh, GO BEARS!!

Howdy y'all! It's only pre-season but man is it good to have football back.

Well, I've got to say that I for one agree with Kevin on the bright spots. For example, Cutler, line or not, is a playmaker. He can move, he can scramble and he can make plays while on the move. I'm also noticing a decrease in his bad decisions. If he can't get away from the pass rush, then he's just taking the sack rather than throwing what could be a potential pick. That's a good thing.

But not only is he a playmaker, I think he's got some guys around him that are playmakers as well. Knox, DA, Hester, Forte and Taylor can all make things happen. Forte looks like his old self-again, you know, that RB that broke all those Bears rookie records and everyone fell in love with. That too is a good thing.

Again, the line as we all know isn't very good, but with Cutler's mobility it can work. I also do like Louis and with time, think he can develop into a solid contributor.

And this talk about the Lions being this much improved team that we should fear? Lol, they're doing the right things but they still have a long way to go. For a team that's only won one playoff game since the 50s do people really believe that this time they'll turn things around? Speaking of the Lions, some guy named Mike Martz called their offensive plays in '07 and they swept the Bears. This same dude is working for us now. I don't like Lovie one bit, but I do have faith in Martz. He acutally knows what he is doing.

On defense, they're inconsistent. But, they do have guys like Tillman and Chris Harris who force the turnovers that decide games. Peppers and a healthy Pisa will make all the difference in the world too and you have to be encouraged by what you saw from Major Wright.

Oh, and you have to believe that when the season starts up, Toub will have the STs shining again like they always have. In fact, the last few seasons the STs looked like garbage in the pre-season; so nothing to worry about.

I'm feeling good about this season but we'll see.

Sense we are sharing pics I found a great video of Kevin signing his fav song of all time. It's from last year I believe.

David that is an amazing pick. But no fare that was before the diet, fatty foods will kill you. I do need to find that shirt. However sense the diet, here is a recent pick. I know what your thinking I look just like Jon Hamm. But really it's me and not a professional photo of Actor Jon Hamm, just jumped out of bed like that, umm in the suit.

Oh and Dave people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I love your costume, it says your ok with you and you really like Spider-Man. I can't believe you go to the store like that, looks like fun.

Dave did you actually use the word Giddy? Thought so. Well personally I will be thrilled when Lovie, Angelo and Phillips are fired. Just because you like them does not mean I have to. Now please point out to me where I was Giddy about the loss and not about a debate argument I was having on this board. I believe I said I was venting. We all vent in different ways. Unlike you and some other people I actually want what is best for the team. A great GM, a great head coach and a President who is a football guy not an accountant. Here is a question why are you mad at me? I don't even know you and don't recall a Dave posting here? What did I say that upset you, please point it out?

Dave clearly I upset you and you clearly focus on what I write, which means you really care about my opinion and what I say. After all you are very focused on me. Are you affraid I am right about this team? Oh well thats your deal not mine.

I actually just want what is good for the team. It's not just this regime either. It's the last 18 years. It's the detour from what Halas believed in, the change from focusing on winning to focusing on money. I don't begrudge them their money and Halas liked making it. But given the history and the fact that Phillips has no buisness running a football team, they have not focused on the winning part, they have focused on PR and money. Just cause you fell for the PR doesn't mean everyone else did.

Dave you clearly usually posts under a different name and constantly give me grief for just having some really good, no amazing insight, yes amazing insight on the Bears and because it differs from yours you have made tons of personal attacks over the years. Like that picture you posted of yourself. I don't recall saying anything to you before. Your mad at me because the Bears are bad and I was right and somehow that makes it my fault?

Whatever you are upset about, get over it. It's not me man, it's you, you are your own problem. Now don't be a fun sponge, this blog was actually going fine till you showed up.

Best there is
Best there was
Best there is ever gonna be.


Are you over at Rickey's this year for the games? I may be able to buy you a beer or three for a Bears game.

As for your comments, yes I thought the D line did the best of all of the units on the Defense. Peppers caused a fumble and a sack, he also hurried the QB a few times, Toeanna (my spelling sucks) caused an interception by causing a rushed pass, the d line helped hold the Raiders to only 118 rushing yards, around a 3.0 yards per average. As for Tommie Harris, I don;t think he did that well and I never said I thought he did that well but I think overall the D line did better than the linebackers, the CB's and safeties. I did not think tackling in general was crisp and certain.

In regards to your statement about the screens that went for yardage that is more on the linebackers and safeties than the D line.

As for Lovie you are right, we don't know what the Bears are about until September, he is not my favorite coach, I believe he should be coaching elsewhere because his teams have underperformed for the last three years, they have been mediocre at best and the coach is where the buck stops when you have the talent to win, but do not win!

Mike was that a Howdy y'all? A howdy y'all, hmmmmm. "Snif" "Snif, something is not right with this post.

Mike says Howdy y'all?

Mike agrees with Kevin?

Mike is happy with the team?

Who are you and what have you done with Mike?

Hey Creighton, yes it's me. I figured my post would drive you bananas. Enjoy!

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