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Bears linebackers become Mohawk militia

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Maybe they were bored. Or maybe one of the longer, tighter units on the team just decided to do something together.

Regardless of the reasons, the Bears linebackers are sporting Mohawks -- sort of.

Brian Urlacher's head is pretty clean shaven, and you can only see the outline of it on his head. Pisa Tinoisamoa insisted he needed some gel to make his "look cooler." But middle linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer's Mohawk was hard to make out.

It started with Bears Pro Bowl weakside linebacker Lance Briggs, who gave some credit to San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawn Merriman, who sported the haircut last year. But Briggs pitched the idea to his teammates, and they supported it.

"I spearheaded the movement," Briggs proudly said, showing off his Mohawk to more than a dozen reporter.

But Briggs has big plans for the Mohawk.

"Hopefully, the whole city of Chicago will have them," Briggs said.

In addition, Briggs said he's got confirmation from linebacker coach Bob Babich that he would get one if the Bears start 3-0.

Hillenmeyer said not everyone in the group was thrilled about the idea. But he didn't have any issues.

"I was one of the guys most excited about it," he said. "When else am I going to have a Mohawk?"

In reality, though, Hillenmeyer is sporting more of a "Faux Hawk."

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1 Comment

Sean, do you have an editor? Because you really need one. Read this sentence:

"But middle linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer's was downright terrible and hard to make out."

I guess calling it a "sentence" is a bit of a stretch. Heck, that's barely 7th-grade level composition.

Come on, man. You're writing for a major newspaper. Make an effort, will you?

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