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Bears inquire about Trent Green, but he's not interested

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The Bears inquired about the possibility of signing Trent Green, but the veteran quarterback will remain retired, his agent Jim Steiner told the Sun-Times.

"We had some conversations about it, but Trent's been engrossed in broadcasting," Steiner said. "It just didn't work out."

Green, who retired in 2009, does broadcasting work for the NFL Network and Westwood One Radio.

The decision was a tough one for the 40-year-old Green, Steiner said.

"His heart says yes, and his emotions say yes," Steiner said. "But it's time to stay right where he is."

The Bears are looking to add a quarterback with backup Caleb Hanie nursing a shoulder injury.

A two-time Pro Bowl selection, Green made a lot of sense for the Bears. He knows Mike Martz's offense, so he could offer some insight to starter Jay Cutler but not be a threatening presence.

There are certainly options out there. But, the veterans like Daunte Culpepper, Jeff Garcia and Josh McCown are under contract to UFL teams, which have started or are about to start training camps.

Todd Collins is currently an unrestricted free agent.

UPDATE: The Bears also reached out to Collins and Damon Huard, according to a league source. Huard spent a few months with the San Francisco 49ers last season. Collins, 38, could be appealing to the Bears because he previously played in a system similar to the one Martz runs.

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Trent Green would have been a nice option because of his knowledge of Martz's scheme. And I agree he wouldn't have been a threatening presence, but I doubt any of the other quarterbacks currently on the street would post much of a threat to Cutler either, come on.

To me, Josh McCown makes the most sense because of his experience in Martz's scheme. And being this close to the opener, that means a lot. The last extended action Josh McCown seen was in Arizona back in 2005, he completed 60.4% of his passes in six starts for the Cardinals. McCown's 9 td passes to 11 ints weren't exactly inspiring, but he was only a 4th year player at the time. McCown's 74.9 qb rating was 11th best among NFC passers in 2005. McCown has nice size at 6-4 and a pretty good arm. He should do fine as a #2 for Chicago and already having a working knowledge of Martz's offense gives him a pretty good advantage over the other QB's on the street GO BEARS!!

Trent Green would have to be insane to come back again...If he plays one more season, he will be as bad as Aikman as far as concussion after-effects. Both of them have managed to save most of their brains, but considering how badly Green was lit up in his last 2 seasons, he needs to stay away.

I guess McCown is under contract to the UFL, so that is why they can't bring him in. Heck, for the amount of money we spent on Ced's signing bonus a few years back, we could own the entire league, so that should not be a serious boudary. You surely could buy out McCown's deal with the UFL. At least he isn't eligible to start collecting his NFL pension yet...Todd Collins? Tice had better get to work to make sure Cutler doesn't take any big hits...

I think the bears should trade next year's 7th pick for Bruce Gradkowski ....Raiders have too many qbs and this guy looked good last year.

Just roll with LeFevour. He was terrible but who cares, its preseason. We have something in Hanie, he will be fine. Give Hanie a couple of weeks to heal and let LeFevour get the crap kicked out of him for a few games. Whats the big deal?

What? Kevin you giving up on me already? I am on your total beast squad. I thought we had something special, I feel so betrayed. You have already hired McClown, dude if he gets hired I get cut. Have you seen my butter arm in practice? They are not going to carry 4 QB's, then again I doubt I would have problems making it through waivers. I was going to make you my water boy and you could bring me gatorade and tell me how great I am. But now, forget you. You better start drinking the Koolade again, I got the third string Raiders this week. The only reason they want a backup righ tnow is because they won't let me play most of the game and King Cutler only has to be on the field for 8 snaps. Not fare.

Anyway your wrong they offered Collins a contract. Jerry figured out the whole vet back up thing a little late, hehehe lucky me. But hey the 31st is around the corner mayber sombody good gets cut and begs to play here. The worst QB drafting GM in the history of the nfl thought he found a star in me, hahahaha sucker??? By the way he told me to tell you he loves it when you call him Mr. Angelo, it makes him feel like he will not be fired at the end of the year. Everyone else just calls him Booger.

Wade? What the hell man, thats not cool, not cool at all. What did I ever do to you? I got a baseball cap and clip board with my name on it.

I'M SORRY I'M SORRY I'M SORRY I'M SORRY DAN. Please forgive me sir, I didn't mean to second guess you. Your Kool aid tastes the best sir and I will drink it all the Bears kool aid like a good little boy. You are the best ever and Captain of my total beast team. I even have a song to inspire you this week against the Raiders. Once again I am so very sorry sir this humble Bear fan begs your forgivness. The Kool aid is so yummy yummy yummy in my tummy tummy tummy. You will love this song it's fromthe best movie ever in the whole universe. It's my secret guilty pleasure. I listen to it 10 times a day while I look at the Bears roster at Chicago Bears.Com. But now it is our song. I hope you play it for the other Bears. Remember the Packers must be stopped not matter the cost. Now light our darkest our Dan. Stan Bush is the bomb.

Also if your intrested me and Kevin Bumstead also a super huge fan have been collaberating on our own version, here is a vid of that. Bumstead is in the Booth and I am in the studio singing.

That's where the magic happens.

This is a bit off track, but I would bet that Ron Rivera is still pissed the Bears let him go!! How many times did he blitz us in the first preseason game? What an overrated piece of garbage! If he was so good, why is he still just a LB coach?? Loser!

I wondered why all the corner blitzes myself, Tripper. I thought Rivera was being a jerk. Don't forget, too, that we fired Ron Turner, Norv's brother.

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