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Anybody want to play QB against Raiders on Saturday night?

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Anybody at all?

Expect the Bears to sign a quarterback today. They have no other choice. The clock is ticking as Saturday night's exhibition game against the Raiders at Soldier Field approaches and they need another body because they don't want Jay Cutler to play more than a quarter and they don't want rookie Dan LeFevour to play for three quarters.

What if LeFevour got hurt?

It's a pickle, all right, especially since they don't appear willing to guarantee a backup's contract. Veterans such as Trent Green, Todd Collins and Damon Huard don't want to be preseason cannon fodder, and nobody can blame them. It's a tough situation for even a veteran to be thrown into. They would have three days to learn the offense and then be thrown into a preseason game and expected to handle extended playing time.

Brett Basanez is unavailable because he continues to recover from an injured wrist. The Bears had Mike Teel in camp but he injured his hamstring and was released after an injury settlement, which prevents the Bears from re-signing him.

The Bears will eventually find a taker, but it's a hard sell.

Stay tuned.

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What's Chad Hitchinson up to?

Why not let LeFevour play three quarters? Who cares? He will probably be cut at the end of camp anyway, and it would be a good chance for our O-Line to work on its run blocking. And maybe, just maybe, if LeFevour actually gets some significant practice and playing time, he might show some of the promise that got him drafted.

Worrying about back up QBs is a waste of time. The Bears will not accomplish anything without Cutler. So if he did get hurt, they might as well lose as many games as possible and get higher draft picks.

What Jay Glazer has not offered to lace them up yet?

"Here at Couture Extreme we work on throwing the ball to a spot, it's all about 3 digits." "Want to see how many pushups I can do?"

"Oh wait Favre is back I can't play against my Brett." "Randy get off that total gym and get me my head wax and polish, time to shine up the old dome." "Now for my secret weapon, the ultimate Cologne "Sex Panther."" "I will be your first interview Brett, you will be mine."

"Now to work on some questions"

"How's the ankle?" Genius

"Was there ever a doubt?" Stunning insight

"What is it like to be 40 and still playing?" Damn I am good

"This story will show everyone the Glaze's insight."

I'd volunteer, Neil, except I don't think I can throw over twenty yards anymore.Besides, at age 75, I'm probably past my prime.Surely there are quarterbacks out there who will be glad to join the Bears if offered a contract. Seeing whom the Bears sign should be interesting.

We need to steal Chris Leak back from the Montreal Alouettes. Total beast!

Creighton said he can play QB we know he is smarter then Hainie or TOTAL BEAST Flavor of the month LeFavour.

Creighton said he would play Left or Right Tackle. He doesnt have a bad back and he can has nimble feet.

Creighton said he could play WR cause he isnt football stupid.

Creighton said he could play saftey because he isnt a Jerry Angelo draft bust.

Creighton said heck let me be the GM, remember he is the best recruit the Bears dont have. Creighton can spot talent and bust from the space station.

Creighton the most bull chitting man on this forum.

Nick Hill comes to mind.

Quarterback out of Southern Illinois, Bears third string QB in 2008. In 2010, He was the starter for the Arena's Orlando Predators and knocked the top seated team out of the play-offs. His team was eliminated last Saturday, so he is in game shape. Also Mike Martz worked with Kurt Warner from the Arena League back in 1999. He lives in Du Quins, Il.

I would play QB but I am left handed and the ball spins the opposite way. The receivers are having enough probs without my bullet.

Gun Young's got it right.

I'm on my way.

Ahhhh Brandy missed me. Hey sunshine I see you came out of hiding after the Bears preseason loss. I noticed you always vanish during all the bad Bears moments and only show up for the good ones. Is someone a fareweather fan and doesn't know it? I think so, the rest of us are always around for the good and the bad.

Is see your attacking me again. Could you post a link to any of that stuff you wrote and claim I said. I didn't think so, so I am bull chitting am I? Well sure I like to shoot the you know what with the best of them. But at least I don't lie about everything like you.

Lets see are you mad because you secrelty long after Glazer and I am making fun of him. "Sex Panther really does it for you doesn't it" It's made from real Panther so you know it's good. It's a formidable scent... It stings the nostrils. In a good way.

Or maybe you are mad because the Bears didn't look good.

Or maybe you are mad because right here on this blog, 3 or 4 days before the game, I wrote a little piece on what to look for and all the problems that we would see. And I was totally right and that must have made you so angry. I know you read everything I write. Is that why you make stuff up about me, because you don't have anything concrete to nail with. You don;t sit at home having a conversation between you and a doll you named Creighton do you. "Oh Brando your so great I am a big stupid face." "That's right I rule and you are a stupid face.""

Let's face it 60% of the time I am right everytime. Spin that around your little head till it makes sense. Get over me dude, you are never gonna catch the Road Runner, so stop acting like that crazy Coyote before you blow yourself up again. Beep Beep.

Actually, Creighton, I think you are right only 40% of the time, but what's 20% among friends? Besides, that still puts you ahead of most of the bloggers, even me, but I don't equivocate on predictions even when they are at least partly delusional.

Naw we didnt see the first string offense long enough for you to be right creighton but oh god like i said we def. need depth.. our second ad 3rd string are getting ran over and special teams werent to good. defense? we will see.. i noticed that when we actually blitzed we were ok. lets face it... the tampa 2 is not good enough in this pass happy league... so blitz and play cover 1. with a cover 2 front.. oh and did anyone see urlacher get trucked again? it felt like the giants game last year... But lets go Bears. We still winning the division...

Creighton you are hilarious... yeah i think that randy was a lil P'd off there. such hostility in his words... Like i said creighton knows his stuff sometimes.. he has been watching football since dinosaurs padded up

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