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Your questions, on ice with a twist of lime

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Players and coaches are relaxing at swanky resorts, living their own private Corona commercials before subjecting themselves to the hellish monotony of training camp.

It's perhaps the quietest time of the year on the NFL calendar, but I'm still taking your questions. In honor of the NFL's vacation season, I promise to answer them poolside.

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Neil, this question isn't 100% about the Chicago Bears, but like you said, "It's perhaps the quietest time of the year on the NFL calendar." Also, there really isn't much more we're gonna know about Chicago till the hitting starts in camp anyways. Alright, heres my question.

Who do you see as this years NFL offensive rookie of the year and why?

I'm gonna go with San Diego's Ryan Mathews, the running back out of Fresno State. I like Mathews to win because he's a running back, and running backs seem to transition from college to pro quicker than any other position. Also, the kid is a talent, he led the nation in yards rushing per game with 150.7 along with the fact he scored 19 times in 2009. I also like St. Louis rookie quarterback Sam Bradford, but other than Steven Jackson, the Rams don't have a lot of help for the rookie signal caller, and the durability questions he brings with him from Oklahoma. But, if he can stay healthy, and stick it out in St. Louis being thrown to the wolves as a rookie quarterback, I think he's gonna be a special player. Sorry for the long comment but I seem to be coming down with a bad case of football fever, as always GO BEARS!!

Hi Neil,

With Matt Forte showing more burst and with Mike Martz's offense calling for deeper drops, is it possible we'll see more of my favorite play--the flea flicker? Thanks, Chris

Since Ron Turner coached from on high and above all of the action, I am wondering if Mike Martz will do the same, or if he prefers to coach from the sidelines, where the action is. Which do you believe to be the better apporach? Is there any evidence supporting one approach vs. the other? Thanks!

I don't mean this as a rhetorical question, but when will Olin Kreutz be replaced as the Bears' center? Seriously, what will it take? He's been on the decline since 2006, but it seems like he will be handed a spot in the starting line-up every year until he takes it upon himself to retire. Meanwhile, Josh Beekman is rotting on the bench. Are the Bears just hoping for Kreutz to get injured because they're afraid he'll beat them up if they bench him?

I know this year is uncapped, I was wondering what the numbers look like this year and if the cap was increased by 20% would they be over or under the cap?

Thank you Neil.

Neil, when people say someone - like Knox -" had a fabulous off season", what does that mean? Great progress in the work out room?

By Kevin Armstead on July 7, 2010 12:33 PM
Neil, this question isn't 100% about the Chicago Bears

Wow stop the presses I didnt think I woul1d live to see the day. Good for you Kevin but the first step was supposed tro be admitting that you have a problem. Hahaha!

Hey I've got a fun little intervew for the fans. Our old pal Jerry Angelo sat down with that hardball interogator Larry mayer. Lets have alookse.

LM: There’s been a lot written and said about the volume of coordinator Mike Martz’s offense. Are you concerned that the system is too complicated to learn?

JA: The offense has a lot in it. There is a lot to learn. It’s different from what our players were used to, and there may be more volume to it as well. It’s going to really tax them. But to me that’s great because it makes the players more focused and pay more attention to detail.

Hahaha wait wait wait the offense is hard to laern and thats a good thing sense the player have to actually pay atteniton?? Hahahaha if thats not a shot at Tuerner then i dont kniw what is.

LM: Will there be anything that’s different about training camp this summer in terms of how it’s conducted, the team’s routine or the practice schedule?

JA: I don’t see any changes in training camp. Lovie [Smith] likes the format. I like the format. Our players, our medical staff … we’re all in agreement.

How wondwerrful. More of Lovie's two hand touch traingin camp. Coach i have a tummy ache ok go get some water. Coach im tired thats fine sit on the grass. Coach i havbe a boo boo ok take the day off. hAHA Lovie the great builder of men its foing to be so much fun watching the defense miss takles over and over again sense they never practiced it.

LM: Hypothetically speaking, let’s say LeBron James shows up at Halas Hall and says he wants to suit up for the Bears. What position would you envision him playing?

JA: I think like with most great basketball players who go into football, you’ve got to look at him at tight end. But a guy with that kind of ability and frame, you probably want to play him both ways—but only pay him once.

He played recieveer in high school. He is fast he can leap and he can catch so you play him at receiver he would be pretty good. But Im sure Lovie would take him and make him play d lineman and then saftie and then qb just because.

Speaking of Lebron therrw is now way he satsy with the Cavs. I just dont see it so no its not hapening. He is seither soming here or to new yourk. You heard it here first.

Dont fruit your Beer.

Not even close to being the real deal, not even a good try.

I do have a question though. What is up with those Corona commercials? Why is the guy always on the short end of the stick? Dump that boring chick who seems to think its ok for her to check out the dudes and then give you the shakin up beer. If he can't check out the chicks without the threat of a lime juice in the face, then she can't check out the dudes without getting the shakin brew in face. Now that looser has started squirting himself with the lime. She is like the mean girlfriend from the hangover. I hate those commercials, he has all those hotties running around the beach and he is sitting with the ice queen not having any fun and getting lime juice in his eye and shakin up beer in his face.

What are the chances that Major Wright can crack the starting line-up by the start of the regular season, and if so, what safety position? Does he look as advertised?

Hmmmm Corona....

Is this the year we finally get to see the true talents and abilities of Marcus Harrison? So far not so good for him, as was a total non-factor last year after coming to camp out of shape. I believe he could be the key to making the Bears "good" defensive line to a "great" one.

I have a business question about the Bears. I live in Northwest Indiana which has always been Bear territory. However, in the past decade, the Colts have become more and more popular here. Part of that, of course, has to do with the success of the Colts over the past decade led by Peyton Manning. However, the Colts have also been heavily marketing this area. They are very involved in charity events and sponsor school awards - my kids have come home from schools with awards and the Colts logo on the certificate. They have also had a caravan similar to what the Sox and Cubs do during the offseason that comes through the area. On the other hand, for the 2005 playoffs, the Bears originally would not even allow fans from Northwest Indiana to buy playoff tickets (the Bears did change this after a huge uproar here). 20 years ago I would have said about 80-90% of this region were Bears fans. Now I would say the number has dropped closer to maybe 50-60% with Colts fans making up 30%. Is this just because the Bears are complacent with their marketing and the Colts very aggressive (plus successful) or is there a deal with teams about where they can market?

Jarron Gilbert a 285lb 6'5" tackle?

What is up with Jarron? I see more news about the North Pole than I do about Mr. Gilbert the "jumping out of the pool wonder".

Is Gilbert going to stay at DT in the Three technique or what a surprise it would be for Lovie to move any player to another position like DE.

I say Jarron Gilbert for Free Safety.

Neil, what does your crystal ball say about Jarron Gilbert for the 2010 season, will he beat out Tommie Harris (Lovie's pet) or will he beat out someone at defensive end? How do you think he will do in 2010 and at what position?

Quiet? Quiet? Pleeeze! You can always hear Brian Urlacher!

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