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Wootton mended and in the mix

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Former Northwestern defensive end Corey Wootton slipped to the fourth round because of a knee injury.

Now, Wootton said he's already back to 100 percent, and he's pushing to be a part of the d-line rotation.

"I feel great," he said today.

It's been a long road for Wootton since tearing multiple ligaments in his right knee at the 2008 Alamo Bowl. Once projected as a possible first-round pick, Wootton's knee was a concern for a lot of NFL teams.

But the Bears felt confident he could fully recover.

Wootton said he's felt 100 percent since the team's final O.T.A. practices in late May.

While all the attention is on Mark Anderson and Israel Idonije, Wootton will be watched closely at training camp, with coaches trying to determine if he's able to contribute right away.

Wootton said his challenge is consistency.

"In college, you could get away with not being as consistent," he said, noting the disparity of athleticism in the players. "But if you're inconsistent in the NFL, you'll get beaten."

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Total beast!

Corey Wooton as a junior, before the injury in the Alamo Bowl vs Missouri, could have entered the draft in 2009 as a possible top 40 pick many scouts felt. In 2008 Wooton had 16 tackles for loss to go along with 10 sacks, theres no denying the kids a talent. Also, at 6-6 270lbs, Wooton was athletic enough to have made 4 career ints while at Northwestern. This kid could turn out to be a steal if he's 100% health wise, which I don't see why he wouldn't be being about 2 years removed from the injury. So yeah, Corey Wooton might turn out to be an all-Kevin Armstead Beast member, bring back the monsters of the midway GO BEARS!!

"Corey Wooton might turn out to be an all-Kevin Armstead Beast member, bring back the monsters of the midway GO BEARS!!"

Kevin I have to correct on two things. First the Monsters is a Nickname given to the 40-41 Bears thats it. You don't take that name, just like the Steelers don't call themselves the Steel Curtain and the Vikings don't call themselves the Purple People Eaters. The Broncos are not calling themselves the Orange Crush are they?

Lovie is just trying to play fans emotion card.

Second "Corey Wooton might turn out to be an all-Kevin Armstead Beast member, bring back the monsters of the midway GO BEARS!!"

It's Total Beast Kevin, Total Beast. So All-Kevin Armstead Total Beast Member. Ok? Oh wait maybe he is not good enough to be a Total Beast and is just a Beast.

Kevin you seem to like him a lot so I will let you in a on a little secret. It's Wootton, Corey Wootton.

Multiple injuries, including his neck and more of a high motor guy than a athletic guy. Not that fast but he is quick in short areas, decent strength, nice size. Was a Bull Rusher in college, has not shown any other moves, is very smart. He does not redirect well but that happens with big ends. 270 is small for him as he is at his best at 290. Is more of a 5 tech, but can also play 3 tech and LDE in a 4-3. Is very strong against the run.

I like Wootton but not this year and not in 4-3 I think he will be very good as a 5 tech in the 3-4 the Bears will implement after they fire Interim Head Coach Lovie Smith.

Wouldn't you rather have Alex Brown or Wale then Wootten. I mean he might be good, but probably needs seasoning. We have a whole lot of projects on the D-line. Melton, Wootten, Gilbert...let's hope one of these guys can actually play. Oh and Mark Anderson too.

You always come across as a know it all, but this post takes the cake.
Your correcting of Kevin makes you sound like a condescending schmuck. On top of all that, I can't believe you of all people are correcting someone's spelling.

Creighton, the interim Head coach thing was funny.

And Creighton, are you kidding me with the spelling correction? You know who I was talking about. C'mon, like you haven't ever misspelled anything on here.

As far as the All-Kevin Armstead Beast squad, thats the name and I'm sticking to it. Corey Wootton (are you happy?) has the makings to be a member, thats all I was saying GO BEARS!!

I liked this pick and think Wootton can be an important player especially now that Brown is gone, but the following scares me:

"with coaches trying to determine if he's able to contribute right away"

Considering it took half a season and an injury for these coaches to realize Archuletta was a bust (this but one of many other similar stories), this seems like the kiss of death. I'm sure Wootton will sit on the bench while Izzy gets all the playing time because he knocks down a pass once every seven games.

bob w,
Actually I think there are some similarities between Ogunleye and Wooton. Didn't Wale have a knee that knocked him way down in the draft when he was at Indiana? He was a good consistent player but not explosive with the Bears. However, early in his career he was one of Kevin's beasts.

I'm going from memory and should probably go look it up, but I like that comparison. Wooton isn't some kind of tribal prince is he?

Corey Wootton is going to end up being very important to the Bears this season. We will need for him to be a solid contributor in the rotation from very early on. The reason I believe this is that I think Tommie Harris is going to break down very early on, and that will mean we will need Izzy to move back inside to fill that hole. Counting on Gilbert or Melton is not going to be a solid proposition by any stretch, so Wootton may be our only hope to be the third end in the rotation.

If Harris by some miracle stays healthy, then a rotation of Anderson, Idonije, Wootton, and Peppers would be pretty imposing. We could do a lot to upset the quick slant lane with three guys that are 6'6 or taller, and Anderson no slouch at 6'4.

I don't know that I would pencil him in as a starter this year, but he needs to be in the rotation (and not just by default) for this defensive line to have a chance. Trusting Tommie Harris to be the player he was for 16 games is a huge gamble, and the odds are not good that it will happen. We need a contingency plan.

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