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Smith downplays Urlacher and Kreutz sitting Saturday

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Many were alarmed when two Pro Bowl veterans were not participating in only the second practice of training camp.

But Bears coach Lovie Smith said it was his decision to sit Brian Urlacher and Olin Kreutz.

"We had a couple of guys we kept out," Smith said Saturday night. "They should be good to go tomorrow."

Smith said Urlacher was not held out because of his wrist or back.

Overall, Smith said he was pleased with the first fully padded practice.

"Set the bar a little bit," he said. "We have a long way to go. Thank God we don't have to play tomorrow or anything like that."

The practice wasn't nearly as action-packed as Friday night, when there were highlight plays made on offense and defense.

Running back Matt Forte slid to haul in a downfield pass from Jay Cutler, and receiver Devin Hester stretched out of bounds to bring one in from Caleb Hanie.

Defensive tackle Anthony Adams barreled into the backfield and would have either gotten a sack or a pressure on Cutler, who tossed the ball out of bounds (obviously, defenders are not allowed to hit the quarterbacks).

Meanwhile, Craig Steltz stepped in for Chris Harris, who tweaked his back in a light morning workout. It's unclear how long Harris will be out, but Steltz will get a chance to make some sort of impression with the starters.

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The "Days of Our Lovie" have begun and it's only day 2 of training camp {The first one in FULL PADS}. They practice 1 time a day and it's not even full contact. Did any of our fearless leaders in the sports media question Lovie as to why Urlacher sat out. There are only 2 reasons I can see sitting out. If you had some sort of injury to your legs or your back/neck. But when the grand Puba says it's ok, we take it as Gospel. This is the same management/coaching staff that told us that Chris Williams was ok and that Tom Harris was 100%.
And one more thing. Let's see how long a "tweaked" back keeps Harris on the sideline.
And this comes amidst a stream of blogs and articles about how they are going to be the "Monsters Of The Midway" again. Granted that statement did not originate with the Bears, but the guys in 85 picked up the slogan. You can't last a partial contact practice and want to be compared to glory teams of the past?

Lovie downplays loss of pro bowlers
Lovie downplays 1-4 start
Lovie downplays three interception performance
Lovie downplays defense giving up 48 points in first half
Lovie downplays impending divorce
Lovie downplays his house burning down

What doesn't Lovie downplay? Reading his interviews is like Chinese water torture. I'm really starting to hate the guy.

LOL BigBear!

Who isn't sick of that? Well, ok, besides Kevin Armstead and Tripper who eat that stuff up.

After a loss it's always, "We did some good things, and we'll go from there."

At the begininning of every season it's, "I like the team we have."

I want the bears to win, I really do. But if they fail to make the playoffs and Lovie gets the boot, hey, alright then.

Tell me, why else do the Bears bring in a whole slew of ex-head coaches to try and make Lovie look at least somewhat competent???

I hope Anthony Adams finally gets a chance to be a full-time starter this year. All the guy has done while he's been in Chicago is been a steady player when given a chance to start. Adams will never be a pro-bowler (Total Beast), but he is solid. Again, I hope he starts at the nose this season.

I read on another site that rookie Major Wright got some time with the ones, and that he broke up some down field passes. Wright coming on is gonna be key. If you read Wrights scouting report, he seems like your prototypical strong safety, but out of Chicago's current personnel, he's probably the best suited to play free safety because of his athleticism. I think with his 4.4 speed, he should have enough range for coverage over the deep half, and he did play free safety at Florida, thats gotta mean something. Wright being ready is gonna be key to Chicago's secondary GO BEARS!!

Kevin the FS in Lovie's defense calls the secondary, not a job for a Rookie, thats why they put Harris there, he knows the defense the best. Which tells you something about Manning actually too.

Chris Harris will probably be back in a couple weeks. He has a sprain so no contact for him.

By the way if your brining back the old monsters of the midway. You may not want to pamper your players as much as Lovie does. He gives two vets a vet day on the first real day of practice. Way to instill the Monster mentality.

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