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Questions, please

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As Neil mentioned last week, this is the quiet before the proverbial storm. But I'm game to answer some of your questions. I will post answers on Friday.

Hope everyone is well.

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Sean I see wolfe as a 1000+ yard back if only the Bears give him a chacne! Remember how he led the nation in rushing in college? Total beast! Let him do his thing!

Sean do you think Brett Favre will be back in purple this season, if so will you root for Da Bears or the Vikings when they play twice this year?

Go Bears!

Chris Harris is projected to start at Free safety, since as a savvy veteran he is better at calling the plays for the secondary. Daniel Manning is projected to start at Strong safety (or perhaps Major Wright). However, Harris is better at Strong and both Daniel Manning and Major Wright have more range to play Free. My question is why can't the strong safety call plays for the secondary? This would allow all of them to play what they are best at. Does any team in the NFL have the strong safety call plays for the secondary?

I always read how the Bears safties are "interchangeable", but somehow Daniel Manning is supposed to be a better player at SS then FS or Nickel Back? Not sure I understand that...also Chris Harris best position is SS, but the Bears have him at FS to start? Love the Bears, but sometimes I scratch my head. What's the latest on Major Wright? How's he looking so far? How about Craig Steltz? I thought I read an article about how he's advanced his play so far this year. DB's are major question mark, especially if an injury hits...

What is stopping Danieal Manning from capably filling the free safety position (with Harries at SS)? We all know he has the range and athleticism. Word is he has bad 'instincts' but hasn't four years of nfl experience helped with that?

Since the Bears are technically "on break" before training camp, how many of the players are still at Halas Hall working out and having meetings? I know they are not supposed to have formal meetings or anything, but many teams around the league have informal sessions, especially when there is a new system being installed.

Sean, I always felt that Rex Grossman didn't get a fair chance and really took a lot of heat for no reason. I always felt that Rex had a lot of talent an truly enjoyed playing for the Bears besides some of the classless fans we unfortunately had. I always wondered what the team thought of Rex. I know Alex Brown publicly stated that "all Rex did was take us to the Super Bowl and all anyone wants to do is hate him." But I always wondered what was the teams perception of Rex? And why did he fail as our Quarterback? I always found it to be a mediocre running game, old and one route receivers(Muhammad and Berrian) and Ron Turner. Rex's play action fake was one of the best i've ever seen, and when we couldn't run that efficiently , I always felt that it took away some of his skills.



Sean, do you think Chris Williams has the potential to develop into a Pro Bowl LT this season? I thought he showed tremendous promise and improvement, once he was moved over from the right side to the left side...coincidentally, it seemed like the pass pro was much better in the last few games of the season while he was the starter at LT.

The Bears have never seemed to me to be a good screen team- how is Chester Taylor at running screen passes? What would it take for the Bears to be more successful in this area?

Looking at the whole of the NFL schedule, the NFC North has the toughest draw by far. They play both the AFC East, and the NFC East. Buffalo is the only weak team of the 8 in those 2 divisions.

The NFC West winner could be the 10th worst team in the conference, but still make the playoffs. The NFC South gets to "prey" on the NFC West. And New Orleans and Atlanta look strong. The NFC East has produced 2 playoff teams the last 6 years running.

Assuming Favre returns, and how strong the Packers appear to be, what are the chances of the Bears actually making the playoffs in 2010?

Also, regarding the league's thought of adding 2 regular season games.

First of all, I am against it. I think there would definitely be more injuries, and the quality of the game would suffer slightly more at the end of the season and the playoffs.

Would there still be only 1 bye week?

My suggestion is cutting off 1 pre-season game, and starting the season one week earlier. Keep it at 16 games, and have 2 bye weeks per team. This would, more than likely, prevent some injuries, and make the last month of the season that much better.

What do you think?

I know Quentin Scott's chances of making the team are slime to none. Do you think the Bears will be able to hang on to him and someone the likes of Freddie Barnes on the practice squad?

Please explain to all of us why everyone is so "high" on the Green Bay Packers this year. They benefitted last year from a third place schedule, their special teams rank near the bottom of the league, their offensive line gave up 51 sacks last year, their secondary is old and often injured, they have no linebacker depth, their receivers are old, they didn't have one significant win last year and lost twice to Minnesota with two "gifts" from the Bears or they could have been at .500, and their so called "great, young defense" got trounced in the playoffs against Arizona, showing us all what they really are. Help, I don't get it!

Now that the Bears have the new supplemental draft BYU tailback Harvey Unga what are your thoughts as to what if anything he will bring to the table for the Bears?

Is he a superb special teams guy, 6-1 and 244lbs is pretty good size he may pack a load when he hits someone, who knows with 4.65 speed he may be a good outside linebacker candidate because you know Lovie, he loves to move players around whether they can handle the position or not. What could be better than a running back that can maybe be a good running back and could play special teams moving into a linebacker or strong safety role, nothing could be better than that, simply priceless!

Has Daniel Manning ever been a running back, he has speed he has size, Lovie can you see it now, do you get my drift.

Do you think Unga is a lock to make the final roster? They need a back like him with size and power in the line up for those goal line stands. If so whos the guy that makes the practice squad? Bell or Wolfe?

Sean. Am I the only one that can not read the full page of the answeres? I really want to read them but I can not at the time. Could you please have the artical adjusted so we all can read the whole thing! The pages are cut off and theres no bar on the right to scroll down

Sean, I don't think Brian Urlacher belongs in the same company as George Connor, Bill George, Dick Butkus, and Mike Singletary.ftf What do you think? Maybe this will help. Can you imagine any of them saying what Brian Urlacher said about Gale Sayers?

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