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Montana thinks Martz can help Cutler

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Don't count Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana among those who thinks Jay Cutler can't thrive under Mike Martz.

"Mike's done a tremendous job on the offensive side of things, especially with quarterbacks having success under him," Montana said on Waddle & Silvy on ESPN 1000. "His offense kind of plays right into Jay's strengths.

"I think it will be fun to watch how the two of them will develop together," Montana said. "How he gets Jay to mold into his offense. He likes to throw to ball down field a little bit, and that's one of Jay's strengths."

Montana said he likes Cutler's arm strength, but he said that can be a double-edged sword.

"Sometimes you think he can just fit everything in there instead of taking something underneath because you think the window's a little small but, 'I can get through there,' " Montana said. "And you just have to let the offense play a little bit. You have to remember there are other guys around you and just try to find the guy that's open."

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Umm thats nice Joe thanks for your opinion. Now please go sit in a corner so the adults can talk.

I think Ive pretty much ;laid out how this offense wont be as great as everyone at Halas says it woll be.

1. Our line is pretty much the same as last year (terrible) and now were switching to a n offense that likes to pass even more. Cutler didnt even have time for a 32 step drop and now they want to do 5 and 7 step drops? Its a disasster waitin gto happen. Oh no what I am saying we brought Tice in this line will be super all pro just like the dline last year when Marinelli came in.

2. Lets see Forte, Taylor, Wolfe...nope dont see a Faulk there sorry.

3. Hester shopuld be in the slot not the Z. He is not a flanker. In fact we have no flankers. Hello tearth to Lovie.

4. Olsen will be forced into some spot sense he is an Angelo 1st rounder. MArtz has no use for him. None whatsoever. He will be a liability.

When will people start listening to me?

To me, Joe Montana was probably the greatest quarterback to ever play the game, name me another qb that put up 40,000 yards plus passing, and has 4 Super Bowl can't.

I agree with what Montana is saying, Cutler does need to hold back sometimes and take the underneath stuff or simply throw the ball away. His arm does get him in a lot of trouble much like a Brett Favre. I do look for a lot of picks early on from Cutler, not all because of Cutler either, its gonna take time for his receivers to grasp this offense also, hopefully by mid-season everyone can get in sync. I do however look for Cutler to be the first Bear quarterback to put up 4000 yards, its gonna be fun watching Cutler and his wideouts run Martz's offense once their in sync GO BEARS!!

Creighton, it's sad the way you think, always trying to find the bad in everything. The Bears will be just fine, Jay Cutler will make the Probowl and the Bears will make the playoffs. You will then say "I knew it all along."..... People would start listening to you if you had something constructive to say!

Creighton, I agree and disagree with your 4 points.
1. Agreed. They gave us the same crap last year that Marinelli was going to change the D line. Didn't happen. Guess we'll give Tice a shot before we shoot him dead though.
2. Just becuase we don't have a carbon copy of Faulk (no one does), doesn't mean our RB's cannot be successful in this offfense. That's very narrow thinking.
3. Yes, Hester would be good in the slot. But, Steve Smith seems perfect for the slot too, and he does just fine on the outside. You say we have NO flankers. How would you classify Aromashodu?
4. Olsen is not a direct fit for Martz. Its up to Martz to find away to use him. I'm not saying Olsen is Tony Gonzales, but if Martz was given Gonzales, he'd find a way to get him the ball.

"When will people start listening to me?" Seriously?

I just want to start by saying I read this inside the bear more than I read the main headlines now b/c of the intersting points that people make Creighton included. I believe that Lovie Smith could ruin the teams chances of winning it all due to his inability to pull the trigger and make half time adjustments that said the bears should be better inspite of him. Surprisingly b/c of at least one reason u mentioned the offensive line. I watch football all day every sunday and watching the bears last season I was pissed watching Jay Cutler run for his life and everyone kicking him under the bus. Then at the end of the season when lovie finally pulled a trigger on pace I saw the line start to jell and actually resemble a real professional O-line Against solid teams. Thats what you have to do in this league to have success. You have to be kicked in the mouth to learn things at times and they did now its there turn to do some kicking. Forte healthier who was surprised about his break down last year considering the year before but chester taylor seems to be a very stable running back considering he could get time on the field backing up AP that says alot to me. Who watched the bears and Knew without a doubt when u saw certain packages what they were running. I did. I'm assuming so did defensive coordinators and even the defense I mean norv turner was absolutely dreadful I think all agree Martz is an improvement. So with all that going wrong last year We still had a shot at playoffs. You have to be kidding me when u look at the changes made and cant be happy and optimistic inspite of Lovie Smith. A more experienced O-line, A better backfield, A better defensive line I mean Juluis still has to be doubled who had to be doubled last year, A better linebacker core our younger cats got much needed exp and actually are pushing for starting spots now, A better secondary yes a better secondary with the return of harris over payne come on no way u can disagree, A more relaxed Jay cutler after all the hype of his arrival you have to think he felt an immense amount of pressure when things were going bad and he was more calm at end of season no doubt,A coordinator I'll go one step further anyone but TURNER calling the plays. I've taken a look at last season and did the how could we have almost made playoffs last year with all that against us. In my opinion we shouldn't have even been close. If we could battle through all of that and almost make it how can anyone ANYONE not be optimistic that i dont get

Please pay no attention to Crayon. cutler and martz will get aong just fine and the offense will put up a lot of points just like they did when sexy rexy was the qb in 06.

Good stuff Creighton, but seriously you spell worse than Creighton. It must also be noted that a Creighton devided cannot stand. Creighton would never say anything like that to Joe Montana Creighton. Creighton I also must point out that me Creighton has never heard of a 32 step drop.

Now I must give you cudos because you got Tripper to fall for it, so golf clap to you. But Tripper thats just sad, you can't tell the difference between Creighton and Creighton. I am a little hurt, but more disgusted with you. How could you be that simple? You gotta be pretty slow to be a regular here and to fall for that over and over again. That's just to sad, just go sit in a corner and scream Bear Down over and over again, and Bandwagon, and eat crow, maybe it will make you feel better about yourself.

Creighton I can't really give you credit for the new guy cause he is new, or Jerseyshoreboy. I mean its him, fooling him is like fooling the kids in the special class. I think its actually easier. Look he is still hung up on Rex. Even worse he keeps calling Sexy. Really?? You know I am right too. By the way Jerseyboy hows the Sitch You know What I Sayin Man? Do you use spray on tan too? Now member man da weekend starts tomorrow so Izzz gonna lay it down for you. When yous hits the clubs its like dis. Yous beatin’-up-the-beat, that’s what yous say when your doing your fist pump. First, you start off by banging the ground(hardcore), your banging it as the beat builds ‘cause that beat’s hittin’ yous so yous fightin’ back, it’s like yous beat up that beat. Anyways dats the Sitch.

Now back to you Creighton, you did forgot to mention bad drafting, the other recievers, Omiyale and the LG position. I would never forget those things. You need to step up your game. I mean come on, if you want to be the Creighton you need to beat Creighton and Baby I am the Creighton.

Ok creighton time for me to come in and shut you up once more, seiing that everytime i comment you never have anything to say afterwards.

1. your right about our line but you must remember it is a young line. last year they were bad but it takes up to a year for a line to solidify... which im sure they have done over the entire season and this offseanson, so they will do great

2. Matt Forte is still a great running back along with chester taylor. this tandem wil definitely perform well in a martz offense.

3. Marts offense does alot of motioning esspecially with the Z reciever (Hester) and if you are a wideout where will you motion too?....... oh yeah thats right... the slot!!!!

4. Greg olsen is just as good as a slot reciever so im sure mike martz will have no problem placing him on the field. think of the mismatches before you speak. he will most likely face linbackers and safeties, which he has proven he can beat many time before.

final thought... how about you sit on lake shore drive and have a coke and a smile and let the big boys talk football.. the bears have very high potential this year, you just have to think befor you speak against them

and to the 2nd creighton i just wanted to touch on one thing.... Bad drafting.... how you gone draft bad when you dont have good picks in the first place bears have not had a decent pick oportunities for two years now.. so how can you have bad drafting..they di the best with what they had and think abt it it like this look at who they got out when sacrificing their picks jay cutler atleast... and if you know football so well you would notice that many nfl coaches say that their best athletes come along in the later rounds... the first round produces alot of busts and we both know that... should i start naming them?

If anyone watched the final four games of last season, it was clear that the o-line was significantly better once Pace was benched and Chris Williams was moved to the left side which is his natural side. It was also the side that he was specifically drafted for. I was bitter when Lovie and Jerry (the clowns) kept on preaching how Marinelli was going to be the magical answer to the d-line problems last year because it was never going to happen without any added talent. Mike Tice is a great o-line like Marinelli is on the d-line, but Tice does have some relatively new weapons between the late season shuffle last year and some youth with promise (including Omiyele being moved back to right tackle, although Schaffer is solid too). I have more concern about the d-line. We only have 3 NFL-caliber DT's and one of them is Tommie, the often injured and unmotivated, Harris. Idonije could've been a 4th DT but we will be desperate at the DE position opposite Peppers by halftime of week 1 because Mark Anderson will get flattened on the run as he always has. The wild card is Corey Wooten. If he can step in and be solid at the least, then we have flexibility for Idonije to help at DT. Wooten is possibly capable of being a huge help as a rookie. Also, we still don't have a FS with instincts and speed. Chris Harris and Steltz have the instinct but not the range. Manning has the speed but he's clearly lacking instincts on passing plays. Major Wright definitely has the speed and maybe(?) the instincts too, but he might not be ready for live NFL games yet. Our CB position might have some added depth with Corey Graham stepping up big-time this offseason and finally regaining very good speed after a lingering college injury is finally gone. Our WRs might not be strong enough to get past opposing cornerback jams at the line of scrimmage and Hester's (Knox kinda too) height scares the crap out of me because if Martz's system calls for him to meet the ball at an exact spot and he's not right there, the ball will easily sail over his head and get picked by the opposing DBs.

Maybe Cutler needs to buy Joes QB Coach APP

I think speculation at this point is a waste of time. None of us know exactly how the O-Line will or will not meld together this year. It's pretty much the same guys, they are just moving them around a bit, and sometimes that works wonders other times it fails. The offense as a whole may or may not succeed in a Martz style offense, but only time can tell. Personally, I think anyone is a better OC than Ron Turner, so I hardly see how the offense can get any worse, it can really only get better, a 4 year old could call a game better than him. I think you will really have to wait until the 3rd pre-season game before anyone will even have a clue if the offense has a grasp on things or not.

We will see.......

I will root for the Bears every week obviously. But I want a certain style of play.

Sure they might go anywhere from 6-10 to 10-6 this year, but I want a physical team. I want a defense that makes the opponent look over their shoulder on every play for fear of being decapitated. I want quarterbacks to be knocked down 20+ times per game.

Winning starts with an attitude to beat the other team's butt so bad they usually lose the following week because of being worn out, and injured.

I want a crushing O-line with a nasty streak. I want opposing teams to look at their schedule, and be like " damn... we have the Bears next week. We might win, but we will have some losses."

Ditka started that attitude in '82 and '83. Eventually, the talent caught up, and the attitude to demoralize and dominate pushed them to greatness.

Stop the scheme talk. Stop the goal setting. Put a chip on your shoulder and don't take it off till January. Have the goal be week to week. Every week, get mad, and motivate yourself to physically punish the other team because you want to.

That is all.

Go Bears.

Oh boy! Creighton has LAID it out. And unbelievably people HAVE listened. He's nothing but a lying, cheating, thieving Packer fan.


Right on that is exactly what the Bears need is their mean and nasty streak back. The other teams need to think that the Bears are all a little demented like they used to think of the 80's Bears under Ditka and Ryan and how they always thought of Ditka and Butkus as players.

Even when the Bears in the 70's and 80's lost, the other teams knew that it was going to be a real fist fight and it always was, the Black and Blue division was for real.

Guys, love to come and read the humor. Just moved this week (still unpacking) and needed the stress relief!

Thanks! BTW, GO BEARS!

By tgnewton89 on July 23, 2010 12:16 AM
"Ok creighton time for me to come in and shut you up once more, seiing that everytime i comment you never have anything to say afterwards."

Well considering I have never heard of you or read your post. I am gonna say your full of it. What do you do post on a blog two weeks after an article has come out.

Which Creighton are you speaking to? There is more than one. As for bad drafting I have listed every draft Angelo as ever done on this board over 2 dozen times. Jerry Angelo has stated he has done a bad job drafting. So that is the end of the argument on bad drafting. When the guy in charge of the draft admits to doing a bad job of drafting and fires his two direct subordinates. Thats it game over you argument is done, squashed, crushed, you should actually read something.

The Bears have been in the nfl for more than 2 years. Yes this may shock you and yes it takes more than two drafts to build a team. By the way trading away draft picks counts as bad drafting as well, because you are using your draft picks. Yes their is no difference then a draft pick traded on draft day or a week before draft day. Its still a traded draft pick.

Now considering I have been on this board longer than anyone else I can think of, and considering this is the first time I have ever read you posts, I will say you are full of it.

Scott was the O-Line better. Define better, what were they doing better? So week 14-17. Packers, Ravens, Vikings and Lions. Well they should look better against the Lions because the Lions had no pass rush last year.

Ok Packers game. The Bears rushed for 59 yards and had a 3.5 yards per carry average. And Cutler threw for 200 yards. The Oline had 6 penalties including 3 by Chris Williams. They gave up 1 sack and 5 pressures.

Ok Ravens, 1 sack, 5 pressures and 1 penalty. 122 rushing yards, 4.1 average, we will just skip the passing game on this one.

Vikings game, 2 sacks 6 pressures, 3 penalties, 105 yards rushing on a 3.8 average.

Final game the Lions. 2 sacks, 2 hits, and 13 pressures, 3 penalties. Bears had 150 yards rushing on a 5.4 average. Only problem is this is the only team they really ran well against all year. They did it the first time they played them two. Big passing day again for Cutler.

The biggest difference on offense to me was not the line it was DA. He had great numbers in 3 out of 4 games. 2 out of those three games where wins.

Last but not least.

By JC on July 23, 2010 1:01 PM
"Oh boy! Creighton has LAID it out. And unbelievably people HAVE listened. He's nothing but a lying, cheating, thieving Packer fan"

I am? Hmmm, could you point out all those lies, all that cheating, and thieving. Please point out the lies, and please use actual Creighton quotes and links to support your claims. Until then, you would be the one lying.

Actually I am really intrested in the cheating, and thieving thing on a blog. How exactly does one cheat and steal on a blog? Also you believe I am a Packer fan? How do you know this, I like Sean could be a secret agent sent here from the Vikings organization to destroy the Bears.

Now personally I think I wrote something really funny, I think I wrote it about you, and I think you are really upset because you like to make personal attacks, but don't like it when people defend themselves. You got slammed you have no comeback and now it is temper tantrum time. Goo Goo Ga Ga, grow up. Stop being the blog brat that runs around kicking people and then when someone levels you starts crying about how its not fare.

"I never did give anybody hell. I just told the truth and they thought it was hell."

Harry Truman

you cant draft bad if you dont have draft picks.... how many decent first round picks have we had? oh thats right we traded them away...
so bad draft pick produced thmost electrifying athlete on the bears team.. devin hester johnny knox jay cutler brian urlacher who else shall i go on.... oh yeah that right other than the draft we get a player like julius peppers, chris harris back come on now... shall i go on, you right bad draft pick... and i see you havent said anything about my projection for the season you only referred to the bad drafting.. come on this argument far from over

Creighton's right. Read him, especially the part about the drops.


1. Our offensive line got better from week 14-17 with Pace's dismissal, you just didn't list the stats from when pace was in, which would have defeated your argument entirely, simply because you are so smug you can't stand to even read that you're wrong let alone admit it in printed words.

2. Give Forte Faulk's blocking back then, and I guarantee you he'd be just as good. Faulk is so overrated it's outrageous. Forte is also a great receiver, which is a perfect fit for the martz offense. You also forget that Forte started and carried through injuries last year after his badly timed injury in OTAs.

3. Aromashodu

4. It's not that Olsen is a bad blocker, he just didn't block much because he was utilized for his recieving skills, and you're incredibly dumb if you don't think Martz is going to use receiving tight ends.

I think with our improved o-line, and yes it will be vastly improved compared to last years, Cutler will limit his picks, and that will stop him from going red in the face and acting like a little kid. The improved passing game will lead to more time for our defense to rest, and our defense will rebound nicely considering Tommy Harris has attended all OTAs and minicamps for the first time since 2006 (no injuries and he's not being a fat asshole). With a better d-line comes a better Tampa 2.

If you really think the Bears don't have the potential to be a great football team this year, you just don't get football.

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