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Illini's Price-Brent impressive in workout

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Illinois defensive tackle Joshua Price-Brent had a "very good workout" in front of NFL scouts on Wednesday, according to's Gil Brandt.

The 6-foot-1 3/4-inch, 321-pounder worked out outside on field turf on the Illini's practice field, according to Brandt, and was clocked in 5.38 seconds in the 40-yard dash on two separate occasions. He did 22 reps on the bench press and had a 29-inch vertical jump, an eight-foot, 10-inch broad jump and finished the three-cone drill in 7.71 seconds.

In all, 18 scouts were in attendance, including pro personnel directors of the 49ers, Packers, Saints and Lions. It was not immediately known whether the Bears were in attendance.

Price-Brent declared for the supplemental draft after becoming academically ineligible. Before that, he had been suspended because of a DUI.

The supplemental draft is July 15. The Bears have bid on players in the supplemental draft before but have never acquired a player via the supplemental draft.

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The Bears have Tommie Harris as their under tackle at defensive tackle, who has been banged up the last couple seasons, but is only a 7 year vet, and is still probably young enough to turn things around. Chicago also has Marcus Harrison and Anthony Adams at DT to hold down the nose position. What they need at DT is another player to spell Harris at the three technique. Chicago has 2nd year player Jarron Gilbert, but I've been reading he's been getting most of his reps at left defensive end. Maybe another 2nd year player in Henery Melton, who was a college defensive end at Texas, is ready to spell Harris inside at the three technique? A big maybe. The bottom line here, Chicago could use another player to spell Harris at the three technique but there doesn't seem to be a clear cut answer on the roster.

If I were Chicago, I don't see the harm in putting up a 4th rounder for Joshua Price-Brent. The kid seems to have a academic problem, but come on, how many players already in the NFL can't say the same i.e. especially anyone from USC. The kid can play, as a junior he had 29 tackles, 7 for loss, and three forced fumbles. He seems to have some athleticism running a 5.3 40 at 320lbs, and has some power putting up 22 reps on the bench. Had he come back for his senior season and continued his solid play along with his impressive measurables at 320lbs, I bet he would have been a 2nd or 3rd rounder at DT. I say put up a 4th rounder, the kid is a talent and may be a better option to spell Harris than anyone currently on the roster GO BEARS!!

Anyone heard anything about Vanness Emokpae? I heard that more than 8 teams reps were in attendance during his workout a few days ago. I was going to go to sneek a view. Unfortunately, I had to work to suport my family. Anyhow, my understanding is that the kid was impressive and and many of the attendees liked him. Besides, according to the DMN online edition, he is the only one of those declared for the suppl that does not have any criminal record.

Kevin Armstead,

Yes...the bears have all of those bodies for DT but do they have anybody that has to be double-teamed? The answer is no.
When the season begins, you will see other teams double teaming our new $92 Million dollar man at left end. No one else needs double teaming. Therefore, our $92 million dollar man will be kept at check and the D-line goes no where.

The rest of your list of players at DT is just a body list. Nothing proven and surely nothing to get too excited about.
Tommy may be still young but with his leg injuries, he is clearly not the same as he was the first few seasons.

You got no one on the right end that needs double teaming. You may have had him in Alex Brown but he wasn't good enough to play for the bears anymore so the bears let him go and he now has an excellent chance to receive a superbowl ring with the Saints.

And finally...with blowing away $92 Million bucks on one player ($120 Million on the 3 players), the bears have no more funds to get good players. What you see is what you have.
The only thing that is good about this Bears season is that it is the last one for Lovie Smith, Angelo, and Phillips.

When this season is over with, the bears will be the door mat of the NFL.

Advice.......find something else to do this winter.

I'm on hold about almost anything until the season starts.There were so many changes with the Bears this year that it was hard to keep track of what was actually happening. Overall I think the Bears should be a greatly improved team both offensively and defensively. With their usually excellent special teams, I would be surprized, disappointed, and shocked if they do not make the play-offs and be a Super Bowl potential. Optimism costs nothing, and at least the baloon can float until it's deflated.

Why is it necessary to double team our tackles in order for Brian Urlacher to make plays?
Did Dick Butkus need that kind of support? Of course, Butkus didn't have any rings either, did he, Brian ?

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