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Glenn Beck called Urlacher a ... what?

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Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck called Brian Urlacher a "neo-Nazi."

Why would Beck be talking about Urlacher in the first place? The Fox TV host and Urlacher shared something in common: They both made's list of "The Blackest White Folks We Know."

When Beck started pointing at photographs of the others on the list. Not recognizing Urlacher, he referred to the Bears linebacker as a "neo-Nazi," presumably because of his shaved head.

I don't want to get too deeply into this because I think folks like Beck and his Fox buddies --- as well as their liberal rivals --- distort reality for profit and make it more difficult to have rational conversations on important issues. But here's the first thing that pops into my mind when I read a story like this.

Why would anybody who earns his living speaking in public ever use the word Nazi or Hitler to describe someone while attempting to be flip?

I'm sure Beck was going for a laugh. Guess what? Not funny. Those words --- just like the N-word --- never are --- ever.

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This from a message board nazi?!? LMFAO

Hey Neil,

Can you give us the actual context in which it was used? I agree with you that both conservatives and liberals tend to stretch things a bit, but I'd sure like to know what the exact context was that he was referring to.

Thank you, Neil. I really am curious as to why Lonesome Rhodes even brought Urlacher into his show. Even if it was for a "laugh", as Neil said: not funny. Beck should stick with his political views and lstop prentending he knows what others are. Just like he "knew" that the pres is racist without proof. Proove Urlacher is a Neo-Nazi, moron!!!!

You called it pretty spot-on Neil. The mainstream media is definitely there to distort reality, and keep the general public from ever discussing what matters in an intelligent way. That was such a profound statement you've made. I hope you don't get fired for that one. The only thing that holds this world together is pure, unadulterated, bullshit.

It's very depressing that people think that Glen Beck is a real patriot. Ha, he's no more of an American patriot that Benedict Arnold!

Ish, Lonesome Rhodes is a perfect fictionalized example of someone like Glen Beck. The first person I thought of while watching A Face In The Crowd was Glen Beck!

I heard Beck going through the list, but did not hear him mention Urlacher. I'm guessing that Beck has NO idea who Brian Urlacher is, so he saw the shaved head and picked a stereotype. If so, pretty stupid. If not, even more stupid.

Unless of course Brian espouses radical viewpoints. He's done dumb things in the past (Paris Hilton). (That was humor, folks. I don't think he's a radical)

I just watched the video. Beck says "I don't know these people", then while pointing to Urlacher's photo, he says, "I think he's a neo-nazi."

I'm convinced Beck had absolutely no clue who Brian Urlacher was.

Please don't give that "idiot Beck" any time on the BEARS blog,I heard he has an eye disease that may cause him to go blind in the future, hopefully he'll come up with a mouth disease that will shut him up forever!

You are quite right Brian, Glenn Beck has no clue.

Is this a bad joke? Ish cool your jets its just Beck. Also watch the clip he didn't even know who Urlacher was. People say stupid stuff all the time when they don't know what they are talking about. In fact thats pretty much the reason blogs exist.

Whats worse saying something stupid. Or getting upset when someone stupid says something stupid?

"Why would anybody who earns his living speaking in public ever use the word Nazi or Hitler?"

Your kidding right? Context is everything, your a writer you know this. Name a political candidate who has never used the word Hitler or Nazi. JFK used to do it all the time. You got Jackson talking about the Cavs owner being a slave owner. Another writer at Fox saying infering that college sports programs are nothing more than Slave societies.

Most of the time the words are used for power or to grab some extra attention. When you give them that attention and that power you play into their hands.

You know what nobody seems to be thinking? How did Urlacher feel about it? Did he see the clip? After all he is the only other party involved.

By the way this whole thing was about a list. You know the blackest white people in America list. See that actually is a little offensive. What is a black white person? Is that like a black and white cookie? Or whats a white black person. I mean really a bunch of people were put on a list that uses skin color to label people. That's nice, glad to see we have come so far. Beck was on the damn list with him.

Sorry this is just all a little to PC for me. People are always looking for a reason to be upset at somebody else. I am not mad about any of it really just pointing out the stuff nobody else wants to. Everyone can point the finger, not many will point it at themselves.

"Oh I am so angry and offended by this"
"How dare someone say something or anything"
"He mad a bad joke, about a list, which in itself is bad joke, lets all loose it"
"I need something ot be upset about, someone say something stupid"

I am sure Urlacher will be ok and his public image of being a bit of meathead who likes strippers will go untainted.
Perhaps he can call Jay Cutler a P###Y again, or go through a very public breakup with a crazy ex, cause nobody ever says or does stupid things.

By JC on July 23, 2010 1:01 PM
"Oh boy! Creighton has LAID it out. And unbelievably people HAVE listened. He's nothing but a lying, cheating, thieving Packer fan."

I want public outcry, he called me the P word. I also need my own article. I have tears in my eyes Neal, tears. I am suppose to feel safe on a Bears blog Neal. He also callen me a "sniffle" lying, cheating, thief. If this was 1852 it would have been a shootout. Look at all the power he has over me, calling me a Packer fan. Cheese hats do not look good on me Neal, and green is a fall persons color, when I am clealy a Winter.

Neal as a favor to you I will find the inner strength to get over that post. So please do not worry about giving me my own article.



hey neil, can you give an instance where Glenn Beck "...distorts reality for profit..."? Keep to the sports section and leave the political issues to someone else.

Beck has apologized to Urlacher at fox news or just google Glenn Beck under news.,2933,597622,00.html

I've told you before that I lead with my mistakes, so let me start there. A lot of media have called for a comment on this so we know it must be important.

During a segment about myself being named one of the "blackest white folks we know" by the website, I made a few comments about some others on the list. Now, I know absolutely nothing about sports
, so I didn't realize that one of them was NFL star Brian Urlacher.

Since then, I have been informed by my staff that Brian — uh, Mr. Urlacher — could kill me with his thumb in nine seconds if he wanted to. Although if we are talking about people in Chicago wanting to beat me up, he's going to have to stand in a very long line.

Anyway, I apologize to anyone who was offended. I just made a neo-Nazi joke based on the short hair and white skin; I don't actually think he has fascist plans to take over the Earth.

In the same segment I called James Carville an alien. Again I apologize. I am not a "Carville Earther" and think he was actually born on Earth and has absolutely no tentacles or ability to fire lasers from his eyes.
I also apologize for leading viewers to believe that Mel Gibson may be setting rules for companies on anger management and racial tolerance. That too was a joke. He actually would be quite a poor candidate for such a position.

And finally, I made another joke about our government being 15-digits in debt and still creating an office of financial literacy. Oh wait, that one is completely true.

In fact all 17 minutes on financial reform were true, but the media only called whining about what joke-y name I might have called a star athlete who likely could care less what I say because he can take care of himself.

And they say the media doesn't focus on the right things?

I love this guy so much that apology was so backhanded it was amazing. I mean he takes calling a guy he has never known a neo-nazi and spins it into me being a a-hole for not caring about the debt. This is what we need on the left, a guy who can turn things around I mean this guy can talk. This is why O'reily is still on the air, both of these guys are amazing talkers.

The clip's all over the web. I thought it was funny and Beck really had no clue who Urlacher was which made it even funnier to me as a Bears fan.

I don't watch Beck but really gentlemen, there's no need to act all upset over this. Ooh he said so and so looks like a neo-nazi because his head is shaved. Let's raise an eyebrow, cross our arms and frown. This society is getting way, way, way to politically correct. Hve some fun, laugh a little.

Naturally, someone like Ish is going to be all over it and pretend to be offended but, if Keith Olbermann or Ed Schultz said the same exact thing then it would be, "Oh boy! That was the funniest thing in the world! Teeheehee!"

Hey Neil and/or Sean, can I bring something to your attention:

By Michael Wolfe on July 23, 2010 1:08 PM
The only thing that holds this world together is pure, unadulterated, bullshit.

So ok, I haven't been here for some time but my posts would get rejected left and right. I never used profanity and in fact I have no clue as to what your guidelines are for allowing posts. For instance, I think I told Tripper to tie his shoelaces one time and that got rejected. How about some consistency? Better yet, how about you don't be so anal about blocking posts and let the speech be a bit freer around here. Whatever Brad Biggs did before was working just fine.

Dom - and I bet you would have loved the #ELL outta Goebbels too. gazoonie

Thanks Neil. You're right.

There's nothing funny about this. Calling somebody a Nazi isn't funny. And it has NOTHING to do with being politically correct; it has everything to do with MILLIONS of people being systematically murdered. That's not funny.

Glenn Beck admits he didn't know Urlacher. The question is: What nut calls somebody he doesn't know a Nazi? Kind of makes everything he talks about a little suspect, eh?

dear neil and others please realize that you may think that Beck is distoring news blah blah blah BULLCRAP!!! He tells you what CNN, NBC, MSNBC, Chicago Sun Times, etc. ( all left wing biased media outlets) refuse to tell you...
maybe he is using Nazi because of the way our country is heading... wake up EVERYONE and realize that we are losing our freedoms we are headed for communism..

Im not going to sit here and claim to know Glenn Beck. Today was the first time I actually sat down and watched his show, however the things he is saying makes much sense to me. If he is saying these things for ratings WHO KNOWS.

Im a patriot through and through and I would not hesitate to die for my country and what I bielive in like many others out there and probably most if not all of you that actually read these postings. If everything Glenn is saying is from the heart and sincere then god bless him for standing up for these TUFF issues that were dealing with today. As far as his comments about Brian Urlacher being a "Nazi Skin-Head" what ever get over it.

The only person to have a real issue with that comment would be Brian himself and lets be honest is he going to give two ***** NO. Oh and people at what point have we become this sensitive a society?

First of all, anyone that follows Glenn Beck is just as insane as he is. Someone stated that Glenn may have not known who Urlacher was.
I say that Glenn Beck doesn't even know who he himself is.
The GOP should be ashamed of having him as an ally. Beck represents the far right. This entire group of conservatives are just plain crazy. Too bad they have a big following...more crazies.

Luckily, this country isn't run by these crazies.

Anyone on this board that supports this fool is just as crazy as him.

This is a sports blog for and about sports anytime a self-righteous blowhard like Beck can invade this space it is time to re-think the purpose of this site. Once again this over-politicized nation brings its political dirty laundry to a safe haven and corrupts it. And we the sports fans allowed it to happen. Beck is a small insignificant part of our population who can fault find but have no answer to offer. So why don't you take this drivel Beck is spewing and put it back in the political crapper it came from and get back on the subject of BEARS FOOTBALL. Glenn Beck WHO YOU CRAPPIN?

C'mon guys it was a joke. Beck didn't mean any harm. Urlacher actually did look like a skinhead in the picture. Beck thought sister gaga or whatever her name is was Madonna and that James Carville looked like a space alien, which he does. As a die hard Eagles fan I personally think Urlacher looks more like a ballet dancer, but I would never want to tell him that too his face. If he ever gets tired of being in your dumb old city, send him to Philly, we'll take 'em, skinhead, ballet dancer or whatever. GO BIRDS!!

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