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Forbes ranks Bears as world's 13th most valuable sports team

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The Chicago Bears are the 13th most valuable sports team in the world, according to the 2010 valuation by Forbes magazine.

Eight other NFL clubs were ranked ahead of the Bears ($1.08 billion), including the Dallas Cowboys at No. 2 with a value of $1.65 billion. The world's most valuable sports team is the English soccer club Manchester United ($1.83 billion), which is currently owned by the Glazer family. They also own the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12th, $1.09 billion).

The NFL dominates the list of top 50 franchises with 19 of the league's 32 teams valued at $1 billion or more, according to Forbes.

In the past, teams have taken exception with the magazine's valuation. But Forbes is a well-respected publication that takes numerous factors into account.

In its brief comments about the Bears, Forbes said the team's revenue was $241 million. The magazine also highlighted the club for "successfully" marketing to season ticket holders via emails with video and personal delivery.

The NFC East remains the richest division in the NFL. All four clubs were ranked in the top 11: Cowboys second, Washington Redskins ($1.55 billion) fourth, New York Giants ($1.18 billion) seventh and the Philadelphia Eagles ($1.12 billion) 11th.

The Bears NFC North opponents weren't valued so high. The Green Bay Packers ($1.02 billion) were 22nd, the Detroit Lions ($867 million) were 36th and the Minnesota Vikings ($835 million) were 40th.

Locally, the Chicago Cubs were ranked 46th, with a value of $726 million.

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First off, who the heck are the Manchester United? Oh well.

Dallas at #2 is interesting, a big part of that is probably due to their new stadium, same for the rest of the east, Washington, Philadelphia, and New York all have fairly new stadiums. That probably plays a big part in a teams overall value.

The Packers are worth 1 billion? I wouldn't give 10 cents for em GO BEARS!!

Imagine what they would be worth had they spent the $20-30 million to clear out the current regime and install Bill Cowher.

Imagine what they would be worth had they never chosen Jerry and instead gone with Tom Modrak or Ted Sundquist as their GM almost a decade ago.

Imagine what they would be worth if they had not located their HQ on acres and acres of tony lakefront North Shore community real estate and instead located themselves in, say, Harvey.

Imagine if the McCaskey family had an ounce of business sense among the thirty of them and sold the minute the new stadium contract was signed and allowed a real organization to run the team.

I think you can file Forbes' whole story under "sometimes even a blind squirrel finds a nut."

Given the fact that the Bears are in the second largest NFL market and are the only team in the state, I think 9th place is a pretty poor showing. I mean really Tampa Bay is worth more than the Bears. Thats a joke, throw in the Texans and Eagles. The Eagles split fans with the Steelers, and Texans are a baby franchise that is in a market that already lost one NFL team. And they are worth more than the Bears? They are basically tied with Baltimore and Denver. Way to go Phillips you took a team that should never be out of the top 5 and came in 9th. Then again it was his idea to build the smallest stadium in the nfl. Brilliant. Plus they aim to be mediocre. Or according to Angelo, "We are not going to be one of those teams that wins all the time, we will have some down years and then maybe make a run." A bigger stadium and maybe more than 4 playoff apperances in 18 years would have helped. To late now, with nfl teams building larger and larger stadiums the Bears decided to go the opposite direction while building the Saucer on the Lake shore. Lets go smaller. This seems to be a common habit with this organization. 21,000 fewer seats than New Medowlands stadium.

Oh and Kevin Man U is most popular Soccer team in the world. And their name is a clue to where they are from Manchester England. The real question should be why does England have three names. England, Great Britian, The United Kingdom.

Oh and Kevin its not how new the Stadiums are its how many they seat. Most of the Stadiums in the NFL are newer. Although I can't explain the Bucs but in no Universe should the friggin bucs be worth more than the Bears. Lambeau is the oldest stadium in the nfl, FedEx is in the middle and the Bears have one of the six newest stadiums.

The top three teams in the NFL are always the Cowboys, Skins in Pats in terms of value and the Bears are always around 10th in the modern era. Sense Houston came back into the league they have been in the top 5. Even the Browns have been rated more valuable than the Bears in the last 3 years, Denver, Tampa and Baltimore as well.

Creighton, I usually agree with your analysis as opposed to the Axis of McCaskey (Brandope, and company), but England doesn't have three names. U.K. includes northern Ireland and Great Britain includes Scotland and Wales.

Creighton, a while back I told you to "get off your high horse," and questioned your understanding of American idioms. Yes, I am the one. After reading your letters since, I am more and more impressed with your acumen. More importantly, with a letter like your one below, I see you are really a Bear fan. I retract my past statements. When you retorted to me that, yes, you were on a high horse - and wasn't apologizing for it - I could see that you were no ordinary blogger. Inside the Bears would sorely miss you. Again, my apologies. You have my respect.

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