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Chris Harris inquires about Larry Fitzgerald's Minneapolis workouts

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On his Twitter account, Bears safety Chris Harris asked Arizona Cardinals Pro Bowl receiver Larry Fitzgerald Jr. about his workouts at the University of Minnesota.

Fitzgerald responded by saying, "all u gotta do is just get here and show up ready to work..."

Fitzgerald, a Minneapolis native, has hosted a series of July workouts at the University of Minnesota for NFL, college and even high school players, inviting luminaries such as Cris Carter, Michael Irvin and Jerry Rice to offer their insights.

Notable receivers such as Brandon Marshall, Greg Jennings and Sidney Rice have participated. Former Notre Dame receiver Golden Tate was on hand Thursday.

This year, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson accepted Fitzgerald's invitation to throw to players. A few defensive players have also shown up, including Vikings starting safeties Madieu Williams and Tyrell Johnson.

Fitzgerald will continue the workouts next week and all the way until players start to report to training camps.

UPDATE: Harris, in a later exchange with Fitzgerald on Twitter said, "Okay I'm gonna have to come out there n get a week in."

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Pretty sad to base a story on some mindless twitter nonsense. Shameful. I was a reporter for ten years and this would have been knocked back over the net to me by editors.

Get used to it Mr. Gray...

This is Sean Jensen we're talking about.

Love gutless people who send in comments anonymously. At least be man -- or woman -- enough to put your name and email on it.

LOL! "Michael Gray," is that you, Brando?

To be fair there's not a lot of Chicago Bears news happening right now. I as a fan appreciate any new information regarding the team or the players especially during the slower parts of the off-season. Thank you and I think you're doing a fine job.

Take it easy, Sean. If anyone has a right to be ticked it's Gale Sayers and the millions of Bears fans who believer that what the Bears have going for them most is t-r-a-d-i-t-i-o-n. Want an oxymoron? Imagine Brian Urlacher and Doug Atkins together. Doug would step on his toe.

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