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Broncos' McDaniels rooting against Bears?

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If the Bears make the playoffs it could be one of several factors that could conceivably cost Josh McDaniels his job with the Broncos, according to Mike Klis of the Denver Post via ProFootballTalk.

Klis writes that McDaniels will likely have this season and next season to make the playoffs before his job will be in jeopardy. If the Redskins, coached by the man McDaniels replaced --- Mike Shanahan --- and the Bears, led by the quarterback --- Jay Cutler --- McDaniels traded away, make the postseason instead of the Broncos fans could be clamoring for a change, which might prompt owner Pat Bowlen to do just that.

Klis isn't predicting that this will be the case, but just acknowledging the possibility. Here's the link:

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No, being a mediocre coach who sold himself hard when his stock was high yet who possesses terrible skills at talent evaluation and development will be the factors that cost McDaniels his job. He'll have two more seasons (read: ten total wins) before he's jettisoned, unless he can turn his little Gator project into the next Steve Young (promo tag: "Like Steve Young Without the Rumors!") and turn his team into the second coming of the LA Express. Yea!

Shouldn't the title be "rooting against bears"?

as in if bears win, he loses his job

Trading off a young franchise quarterback, who might have one of the strongest arm of any QB to come out the past 5-6 seasons, plus great mobility on top of it, will come back to haunt anybody. I still to this day cannot understand how or why Josh McDaniels wanted a career backup in Matt Cassel vs a young franchise type in Jay Cutler who he was handed in Denver?

Then there was the draft this past april. Denver went with Tim Tebow in the 1st at #25, this move will also come back to haunt McDaniels. Denver should have went with Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen, who went in the 2nd at #48 to Carolina. The only thing saving Denvers quarterback situation is the fact they have Kyle Orton, who is better than Matt Cassel, the QB McDaniels wanted, and Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow, the QB's McDaniels is stuck with. Like or hate Orton, he is a legit NFL quarterback, the guy put up 3802 yards last season, and would have likely gone past 4000 yards had he not missed almost four full quarters with an ankle injury. I think Orton is a nice fit in McDaniels offense, he's the QB McDaniels should stick with and his best bet to stick around as a head coach. Throwing in Quinn or Tebow will be the end of Josh McDaniels as an NFL head coach. Just an opinion as always GO BEARS!!

My Gosh Josh, losing two top level quality players like Cutler and Brandon Marshall, well lets just say your EGO got in the way of your tiny brain.

You deserve to be sent packing, hopefully you and Lovie can find work after the great depression. You might try another vocation however like fishing off the gulf.

Gale Sayers is a god. Brian Urlacher is a boy.

I don't see it.
There is nothing to root for on the bears. Until lovie and angelo are gone, this team is nowhere. McDaniels wins no matter what.

Wishing and hoping don't make it so.
Living a fairy tale doesn't make it either.
The bears will trade places with the lions this year. That's a fact.

Oh how I hope McNugget isn't fired, the guy gives me limitless material.

Can't leave Lovie out either, he may get canned to. So in honor of Lovie. Turn the sound up for the first one.

You forgot a total lack of people skills, and an inability to play well with others.

The Tebow thing is just one more bad personnel decision. He gave up 3 draft picks to take a guy who is at least 3 years away from even having a shot at being an NFL starting QB. I don't think he will ever become one, but stranger things have happened. He also gave up a 1 for the CB he drafted last year, who likely will not even be the nickel back this year.

All of that Belichick arrogance, very little of the talent...

Go bears... Anything to get him out.

D.J. Moore was a terrific SEC defensive back in college. Do the Bears have any plans for him? PB

If Pat Bowlen has shown anything about how he manages relationships with his coaches it's that he's loyal to a fault, sticking with guys longer than he should, which he did with Reeves as well as Shannahan. It's luidicrous to believe he'll fire what he considers a brilliant young coach after a couple of rebuilding seasons just because of how some other player or team is doing. I've been a vocal McDaniels detractor but he's not losing his job any time soon. As for Tebow, the guy is an incredible leader who runs better than any current QB in the NFL, has played in a spread offense much like the one in Denver and he will work his way into a starting spot within about two years. The Tebow pick was gutsy and I give McDaniels credit fot it...yeah this kid has "it" and he'll be a stud when he starts figuring out the NFL.

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