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Beck apologizes to Urlacher

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What follows is Glenn Beck's apology to Brian Urlacher, as lifted from the Fox News website. Here's the link:,2933,597622,00.html

I've told you before that I lead with my mistakes, so let me start there. A lot of media have called for a comment on this so we know it must be important.

During a segment about myself being named one of the "blackest white folks we know" by the website, I made a few comments about some others on the list. Now, I know absolutely nothing about sports, so I didn't realize that one of them was NFL star Brian Urlacher.

Since then, I have been informed by my staff that Brian -- uh, Mr. Urlacher -- could kill me with his thumb in nine seconds if he wanted to. Although if we are talking about people in Chicago wanting to beat me up, he's going to have to stand in a very long line.

Anyway, I apologize to anyone who was offended. I just made a neo-Nazi joke based on the short hair and white skin; I don't actually think he has fascist plans to take over the Earth.

In the same segment I called James Carville an alien. Again I apologize. I am not a "Carville Earther" and think he was actually born on Earth and has absolutely no tentacles or ability to fire lasers from his eyes.

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Yeah whatever...

Here's a pretty decent article about T.O. from Yahoo! Sports:;_ylt=AplAK9m4FuD3_8OF3A4GaTTTrYZ4?urn=nfl-257708#comments

Personally, I think the Bears should bring T.O. in. The man has a 15 yd/catch average for his career, and hit that mark last season. He's a vet, he's talented and he's a playmaker. Having three mediocre to bad QBs throwing him the ball on a bad offense and still putting up 800+ yards is a good thing. Cutler, heck even Hester both want him.

See Ish no big deal, the guy is sorry and never meant anything buy it. James Carville does look like an Alien though.

The Chicago comment is funny, probably pretty true too.

I just think it is good to know that Brian Urlacher made the Roots list of Blackest White People. I keep trying to make that list but one guy said I was too Native American, and another said I was to Japanese. How can you be to Japanese?

Don't these people at the Root know I belong on that list. Don't they know "I'm White! I'm Entitled!" to be on the list of Blackest White people in America.

Such an intresting day a little clip to prove you can laugh bad things.

Creighton. The guy is a hate mongering fool who was most likely forced by his superiors to appologies. He runs his speil on such foolish mongering. I'm all for the First Amendment, but there are somethings you must keep out of a media loop. And calling people you don't know such deplorable things as Nazis and neo-nazis is unacceptable and offensive to the minorities and jewish population. Now, that having been said this is a classic moment of "open mouth and insert foot".

I think Urlachers favorite song now is "I want to be a billionaire" because if I was Brian thats exactly what I would sue their butts for.

Never said he wasn't an idiot Ish. Never said he doesn't put his foot in his mouth either. Point is, it was not a personel attack, he didn't even know who Urlacher was. Its different when someone attacks you with malice, then when a guy just says something stupid.

You know I don't anyone. Except that evil Jerry Angelo, he is so evil. Part of the Legion of Doom you know. Most of what I write is tong cheek but some people loose it over that.

I just think making more out of someones words than need be gives those words more power. Do you really want to give stupid people more power. Not to even say the guy is stupid, he just says stupid things sometimes.

I thought the whole list stupid. Still can't believe I wasn't on it, thats how you know it was bad.

If you don't like the guy thats fine, just if your going to let someone upset you make sure its for the right reasons. Like football, at which I am an expert at upsetting everyone without even trying.

See Mike has the right attitude.

Laurence Holmes posted this piece on the Coryell offense and Mike Martz. Its an SI article by Tim Layden from his book Blood Sweat and Chalk. Its really good and it will help some of you understand the offense and what to expect, and what the Bears are trying to do.


Now that I can see you trying to support Glenn Beck with coming up with all kinds of excuses....I now know that you are a moran, just like Beck.

A joke is a joke. Get over it people. Everybody is so tuned in to being offended at the slightest thing today.

Jeez, Ish, it's good to know someone cares so much about fascism. Try writing a reply in response to any other Sun-Times article and in it use the word "wife." You will be rejected for using the word "wife." You seem to think that by taking the tired old stand against Nazism you've done your good work. I can't call my wife my wife, for goodness' sake! While you rail against Nazism? Try reading Orwell.

It's funny how all of these people come out of the woodwork to blast Glenn Beck for a backhanded comment about someone he didn't know nor recognize. Has Urlacher done some pretty dumb and irresponsible things in the past few years? Of course. Is he a neo-nazi? of course not. But, could he be confused as one from a head shot photograph? Probably.
Where were these "righteous" few 2 weeks ago when the leader of the new black panther party said, and I quote, "we need to kill us some crackers. And if that means killing some cracker babies, then we need to do it." Look it up. Now maybe since it had nothing to do with sports, it wasn't commented on here, but still, the self-righteous bable and finger pointing is unreal. Or better yet, as was mentioned above, where were all these pontificators 2 weeks ago when jesse jack**s compared Gilbert to a slave master? You talk about an insult to anyone who's ancestors were true slaves. Basically jj slapped those people in the face. A slave who probably never saw a silver dollar in his life being compared to Lebron who is worth more than probably all the plantations combined in AL, MS, GA, TN, NC, & SC before the Civil War.
Yes there are neo-nazis in the US who hate the Jews, blacks, and any other ethnicity. And they also deny that the holocaust actually took place. And truly, how much credence is the neo-nazi movement given? Would the United Nations let a neo-nazi speak to it's general council? Highly unlikely, but a radical muslim who believes that there was no holocaust and who wants to wipe the Jews from the face of the earth is allowed to stand before the world and say these same exact things. A neo-nazi or a radical muslim? seems the same to me.
Beck is not perfect. He never claimed to be. And as it was said above, it was a case of "open mouth, inset foot." Something we all have done. There was one perfect man once and 2000 years ago he was hung on a tree.

No one with half a brain could disagree with anything you pointed out so well, Gearheadboy, very well stated points, I might add. You are the kind of rare individual who offer people like me a glimmer of hope that not all adults have seemingly gone stark raving mad these days.

By val on July 24, 2010 10:33 AM

"Now that I can see you trying to support Glenn Beck with coming up with all kinds of excuses....I now know that you are a moran, just like Beck."

Speaking of hate mongering. Hahahahaha, I know you hate me Val but could actually support your comment. Oh and While I may be Irish that doesn't mean you get to profile me as a Moran, there are many different Irish names and I am a Creighton not a Moran. Your racial profiling has offended me. Hahahahahaha. Are you serious with that? Just try to act like your older than 12 and support your claim. It's the most basic thing you can do in an argument.

I will ask Ish sense my post was directed at him. I thought I was being nice and supporting a blog regular and trying to get him to calm down over something that was really nothing. Ish did I offend you with any of my posts?

No offense Val but considering your blind hatred of me led you to write something that off the mark, maybe you should take a step back. All you wrote was a blind personal attack that had nothing to do with what I wrote. People in glass houses should not throw stones, and right now you are living in a green house chucking bricks.

You made a blind personel attack for basically no reason. but I forgive you. By the way if you ever want to get that stick removed, let me know. I know great doctor.

I don't even think you watched the video clip, I don;t think you even know what you are talking about. I think you hate Beck and you hate me and pretty much hate anything that disagrees with you. How very PC of you.

Even a drunk lawyer (like me) knows that when you are a public figure in this country (not other nations like the UK, though...) most anything can be said about you and it falls under protection against defamation action. But not this. Beck came straight out and called a prominent public figure with an image to maintain for his corporate sponsors (I know, I know, talk to Paris Hilton about Brian's image...)a slanderous word that cast aspersions on that image. This is actionable. I liken it to when Chevy Chase called Cary Grant an unpleasant word two decades ago, resulting in a $100,000 settlement for defamation. It is not beyond reason that Brian could hit Beck and Fox News reasonably for $2-5 million, citing literally thousands of examples of the networks character assassination as evidence of an ongoing contempt for public decency. And he would win. Democrat, Republican, or Independent, you have to agree that the network has very low standards when it comes to their employees waging personal attacks on individuals. You pay your dime, you take your chance.

Santa Barbra: So a little paranoid that the govt is going to come and take your freedom/guns/religion,etc? Afraid that the Dems are in fact the smarter party? I'm personally grateful to have the teabaggers and present-day neo-cons and rethugs out there reminding the truly sane Americans where their legions lie: big business. I rail against Nazism, Facism, Communism and RETHUGlicanism because they are all forms of government that don't care about the people, and bring forth harm to the people. By the way, Animal Farm is a perfect example of the Rethugs and neo-cons taking over. There! Am I not merciful?

Creighton: No, you did not offend me. I was just stating my point that certain things that embark hatred, and stoke the flame of violence should be kept out of major influential media orgs such as CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc. because it doesn't take much motivation to create damage.

Then again that is only my opinion.

As a Bear fan its difficult to admit that Glenn Beck is more entertaining to watch than the face of the Chicago Bears. Either Glenn is that good or the Bears are that bad. I'll let their play of the last couple of years determine the answer.

Mostly juvenile comments today, which is appropriate because Beck's comments were also juvenile. At least in his apology, he showed a degree of maturity, which is mostly more than one can say about today's comments. I'll give Ish a bye on this comment because his comments showed some good sense and thoughtful, if a bit erroneous, reasoning.

Hey Ish- If you dems are so smart, why did you spell the word apologize "appologies"?

That's one of the reason the vast majority of Americans detests liberals, because you're all condescending twits who think you're smarter than everyone else. Trust me, you're not.

At least Beck did what was right and apologized to Urlacher.

You libs call everyone whom you disagree with fascists or Nazis, like you did numerous times above. That's right out of the lib playbook.

When you can't win the argument with facts, start calling those with superior intellects to yours names.

Urlacher was the best cheerleader the Bears had on the sidelines last year; hope MR. limp wrist can play and we bring back the HoneyBears. Was he even in pain during the 2nd half of the Packers Game or just worried about his career? Gale Sayers played through it and Butkus relished in it.

"Gosh, I didn't THINK. I just said something based on a person's hair and skin color."

If Glenn Back had a nickel for every time he's done THAT.

Oh, wait, he does!

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