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Bears and QB Teel agree to terms

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The Bears have agreed to terms with former Rutgers quarterback Mike Teel, according to Teel's agent, Neil Schwartz.

Teel will compete with Caleb Hanie and Dan LeFevour to be starter Jay Cutler's backup when training camp opens on Bourbonnais on July 30.

When current Bears director of player personnel Tim Ruskell was general manager in Seattle, he selected Teel in the sixth round of the 2009 draft.

Teel broke all of the major passing records at Rutgers during his three years as a starter. After being released by the Seahawks, the 6-foot-3, 224-pounder was signed by New England. The Patriots released him three weeks later.

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Teel second string and lefevour 3rd get rid of that haggg Hanie

YESSS!!!!! SUPERBEAST this Mike Teeel is!! Can you imagine him with Mike Hass??? Unstobable they would be! Moss/Brady and Montana/Rice would have notthing on these two! Nine thousand comibed pro bowls they would make together sense they are bears!


So much for a veteran back up. I'm glad the Bears management is listening to their coaches, as usual.

So now we're trusting the draft expertise of Ruskell? He might be the only talent evaluator in the league with a worse track record than Angelo...

I thought Teel was halfway decent as a college QB, but only watched a couple of games over his time as a starter. I was more watching Ray Rice when I did watch, or Zuttah on the OL. I do remember him being billed as a smart QB.

They need a 4th QB for all the reps in camp, so they don't overwhelm the arms of the guys they are going to keep. Not much future there. But there seemed to be a pretty strong sentiment among the national media that Hanie wasn't grasping the offense. Then again, these are the same guys who think Afalava is the leading candidate for starting at free safety, don't remember Earl Bennett is on the roster, and think Dusty Dvoracek is still on the roster. So take that for what it's worth, which is very little at best. But if Hanie is not a good fit for Martz's offense, finding a few young players for Martz to tinker with would make him happy, and keep his ego in check for the season, so Lovie can stay front and center, and keep providing the bland, emotionless banter that we all know and anticipate....

This move is pretty stupid. I guess Ruskell missed him. Even Hanie has more experience than this guy. He is also a WCO QB. Martz must be so excited now he has another QB to ignore while he talks to Cutler.

This is a good deal. Teel was an exceptional QB at Rutgers and will be a commendable 2nd string to Cutler. Then LeFevour can carry the clipboard and absorb on the sidelines the entire season. Caleb Hanie is a Smith-Angelo favorite. He needs to be let go or signed to the practice squad.

Hmmmm, Creighton, Hmmmmm.Knock(nock) the players now(know) but remember this is he NFL.1st and 2nd rounders dont make a team but 52 players do...

So we have a cadre of wideouts who can't run routes and a stack of QBs with no experience in the NFL behind Jay Cutler. Let's play the old favorite I Predict: Cutler, with 50+ interceptions, will never leave a game unless he has a ruptured kidney, and maybe not even then.

I doubt this guy is much more than an arm for training camp. Probably be cut in the first round of cuts.

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