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Bears don't rank high in ESPN's "Ultimate Standings"

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ESPN ranks the Bears 23rd in the NFL in its "Ultimate Standings," which supposedly measures how NFL franchises "give back to the fans in exchange for all the time, money and emotion the fans invest in them."

The Saints finished first, the Colts second and the Packers third in the rankings, in which teams are compared using several different methods, including bang for the buck, fan relations, ownership, affordability, stadium experience, the effort and likability of players and coaches and championships won and expected to win.

These types of lists are more often better suited to drive dialogue than be a true measure of where franchise stand but feel free to check out the link:

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Doesn't surprise and maybe ESPN is close to being right on with their ranking.

The history, fan base, city of Chicago, and massive revenue streams of this storied franchise, you would think that the fans deserve better and more than they actually receive.

Lets face it, the McCaskey family sets the tone, which is make money and if you win great, if not as long the Bears are ok the family is ok.

The city of Chicago deserves better, the history of the franchise deserves better, the past great players deserve better, and the Bears fans throughout the world deserve better.

This franchise does not insist on excellence and a win or else mentality, you see it in the moves they make or don't make,you see it in the acceptance of mediocrity of performance year in an year out, you see it in the budgetary efforts made by the family, Phillips,JA and Lovie.

Although most of the real storied history of the Bears was from the beginning of the league through 63 and when George Halas was alive except for a few years from 83-88 where they really could have been a dominant force with a few Superbowls instead of the one from the 85 team.

Would you not think that the Bears on this type of ranking should rank in the top 5 instead of 23rd. Nope the Bears owners and management don't care, middle of the road, mediocrity that is their last 25 years mantra, which I hope will change but I can only hold my breath for so long.

Please someone in Halas Hall and the family see the light, make a difference, set the winning tone that needs to be set and get the things done that need to be done or sell the team, get it out of the family because you do not deserve it anymore.

Time moves on and if the family can really start to step it up to where the Bears should be, then great but otherwise please do a favor to the city and sell the Bears to someone that will set the winner mentality once again in Chicago.

I just want someone who can draft better.

This is just all a matter of opinion except affordability. Im sure if they did the same methods in NHL I bet Blackhawks would be in first with the Flyers comming in second. After being in a super bowl everything tends to be good. Players look better, coaches look better, owners look better and as always there are bandwagon jumping fans. Ohh and affordability isnt so affordable anymore.

Winning cures all and losing well makes things look bad. It is no wonder that the Bears ended up 23rd with records of the past 3 years.

Really the methods should consist of winning, winning, popular coach and owners and of course winning.

Neil I would be interest to see at the same time next year what this "Ultimate Standings" looks like compared to this years list.

Timmer its a yearly thing but usually it is all PRO teams, the Bears were ranked like 69th last year and 81st the year before, so your theory that its three seasons of loosing does not seem to hold up after two seasons of loosing they moved up. Espn actually does a pretty good job of this. They include things like ticket price, parking, the stadium experience. The Fact that the Bears have one of the higher ticket prices around the league, the most expensive parking around the league and a below average team does not equal good fan experience.

Considering you became a Bear fan in 2006, I kinda think you are a bandwagon fan. I mean if you never disliked a Bears coach then you loved Dick Jauron and Dave Wannstedt and thought the Bears made a mistake in firing them, if you agree that they should have been fired and that they are bad coaches, then you rooted for a Bears coach to be fired and admit the team makes mistakes in hiring coaches among other things.

So which is it? Did you not like Jauron and then when Lovie was hired and they went to the Super Bowl you suddenly became a fan of his? That seems pretty bandwagon to me, so I guess we can agree you are a bandwagon fan. See no matter what you say at some point you stopped rooting for one Bear coach and started rooting for another.

But the truth is your not a bandwagon fan, nobody really is. The term bandwagon is considered a logic fallacy. It can actually be used to make an actuall argument it usually just an ignorant cry to popularity or emotion. The Bandwagon Fallacy is committed whenever one argues for an idea based upon an irrelevant appeal to its popularity.

I could never argue with Kevin on him being a Bears fan even though we argue about everything else. Same with Brando. Thats how they feel its not for me or anyone else to decide if they are fan, there is no test to take. I am a fan of NY pizza but that does not mean I like every pizza place in NY.

You can throw band wagon out there as much as you want, its just when I read it or anyone who actually knows what it means reads it, it just looks like an iggnorant statement and an emotional plee, for attention. Someone lashing out, I mean nobody on this post said anything bad about the Bears but you are sitting there juding people and acting like you are the person who decides who a fan is or what anyone is allowed to feel. Are you the guy that gets to judge everyone and tell them how they feel about something?

Timmer you may want to climb off that cross you are nailing yourself too, cause your not actually him.

Let me ask you something Timmer. You have called me a bandwagon fan maybe a couple hundred times. Since I am openly critical of the team, how does that make me a so called bandwagon fan?

In fact would even say you are a good fan? You are openly critical of my opinion and my opnion is very basic. I have always stated I want Better manegment, better coaching, better drafting, and better players. Which I believe will equal more wins and more Super Bowls. I am not sure how any of that is bad for the team. You as a bear fan seem to want one thing. For me to be wrong. To me that seems selfish you are putting your own hatred of me above the welfare of the team. Maybe your and Angelo and Smith fan and think despite all their mistakes that the yare good and the Bears should not try to improve their areas because that will make you wrong. Whatever it is you basically seem like a selfish fan to me, putting yourself and 1 or 2 guys above what is actually best for the the organization. Convince yourself of whatever you want if that is what helps you sleep better.

The team is as exciting as stone face Lovie Smith.
In the end, the responsibility of how this team operates lays with the McCash-kies. They also seem to be as exciting as Lovie Smith.
This team takes after them....dazed and confused....and BORING...oh...and lets not forget....going nowhere fast. Maybe mistaken about that...they are going the cellar of the NFL....will be trading places with the Lions this year.

We'll do better than 23rd if Brian Urlacher misses more time.

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