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Weekly call for questions

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Let's try to avoid the "How is so-and-so looking during OTAs,", if possible, especially when it comes to linemen because it's impossible to tell. I know you all want answers to those types of questions but they just aren't available until the season starts.

Otherwise, let 'er rip.

The answers will be posted around lunch time on Friday.


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I know that Martz's offensive system is based on the old 'Air Croyell' scheme. Is this in any way related to the offense that Tom Moore runs (or used to run, before his retirement) in Indianapolis? I know that both rely on the qb throwing to a specific spot on the field, rather than to the receiver himself. If not, what are the differences? Thanks, Chris

How's it looking for the competition between Nick Roach, and Pisa Tinoesomoa? The Bears are pretty lucky to have the choice between the two

Do we expect the Bears to blitz more or less during the season given personnel changes?

How many sacks can we expect from Peppers this year?

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