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Sweetness and the Wildcat

| 2 Comments | No TrackBacks has posted vintage footage of Walter Payton running the Wildcat formation in a 1984 game against the Packers. Many of you are probably like me and remember virtually every play vividly.

The website posted the 10 minutes, one second of footage to prove that the Wildcat "has been around a lot longer than Bill Snyder." The author of the post also notes --- correctly, I may point out --- that Payton is a "beast."

Given his running and throwing ability (he displayed remarkable touch while throwing eight touchdown passes during his career), Payton may have been the best Wildcat option in NFL history.

Regardless, check out this link for nothing more than the pure pleasure of watching No. 34:

I promise. It will make your day.

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Payton was always so cute. He ouyld be the best running back in the history of NFL forever.

Fantastic downtime gem Neil.

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