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Smith: "This is a good football team"

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After the final session at the team's voluntary Organized Team Activities, Bears coach Lovie Smith expressed confidence in his 2010 squad.

Asked if the Bears can compete for a playoff spot, Smith said, "Well, as far as compete, that's not our goal.

"We have the same goal we have every year, and that's win the Super Bowl. Win the world championship. It's early on. But I just like the look of this football team. We know what a good football team looks like, and this is a good football team."

Smith overhauled his coaching staff and added several players at key positions this off-season. Smith said Wednesday represented the team's 13th practice together, and he highlighted the strong attendance from veterans at the voluntary workouts.

Veteran linebacker Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs were among those absent Wednesday, but both were regulars for most of the previous workouts.

The Bears were encouraged to get Pro Bowl center Olin Kreutz back on the field Wednesday. Kreutz took some snaps at center, his first action since he had surgery in January to repair an Achilles tendon.

Smith said the only "downer" was not having new tight end Brandon Manumaleuna, who has been recovering from minor knee surgery.

"If there's a downer, it's that," Smith said. "But the next time we get together for training camp, we should have all of our players ready to go then."

Smith said the offense is progressing but that "we like where we're at, at this stage."

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So Lovie didn't say he had a bad football team??? How strange? Has he ever said he has had a bad football team?

So Lovie didn't say he had a bad football team??? How strange? Has he ever said he has had a bad football team?

Creighton you think Lovie is the only coach in the NFL that says stuff like that. Heck I hear Al Davis say the same things and Davis even knows that that is a bad team. Every coach evey year will say just about the samething about their team. Its called having a positive outlook on things.
Creighton your just part of the fandumb that will jump on a bandwagon if the Bears are doing good and just completely bash the Bears for doing and saying what every other team does in the NFL if there not up to your standards

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