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Rosenhaus hopes to strike another deal with Bears

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Agent Drew Rosenhaus may not be popular among his peers. But neither they nor anyone else can dispute his ability to promote his clients and himself.

In responding to my request to comment about the Bears proactive approach to signing rookies, Rosenhaus dropped an interesting nugget at the end of our conversation.

"We've never had any gripes with working with them (the Bears)," said Rosenhaus, who represents Lance Briggs, Kellen Davis, Tommie Harris, Israel Idonije and Greg Olsen.

"Hopefully, we'll continue that, and talk to them about an extension for Greg Olsen, and we've had success with big deals for Lance, and Tommie, and Adewale (Ogunleye).

Just last year, we did an extension for Israel."

Later, Rosenhaus added, "The next deal on our list will be Greg Olsen, at some point."

I wrote in January, shortly after the season ended, that the Bears might be wise to try and sign Olsen to a long-term extension.

The 31st pick in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft, Olsen has increased his production in catches, receiving yards and touchdowns in each of his first three NFL seasons. In 2009, Olsen was tied for fourth among NFL tight ends with eight receiving touchdowns, and he was 10th with 60 catches.

Olsen has produced, despite the steady play of veteran Desmond Clark.

He's currently scheduled to make a base salary of $550,000 in 2010, a very modest amount for a player with his credentials. In addition, in 2011, the final year of his rookie deal, Olsen has triggered an escalator that will bump his $650,000 base salary between $1 million and $2 million.

From his perspective, Olsen has to weigh the risk of waiting two more years before he get a chance to land a new, lucrative contract.

But striking a deal could be a challenge.

In April 2009, Rosenhaus negotiated a six-year, $36 million contract for Kellen Winslow after he was traded from the Cleveland Browns to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The deal is the richest ever for an NFL tight end and includes $20 million in guarantees.

Another deal of note was the six-year contract Philadelphia Eagles tight end Brent Celek signed in early December. The deal is worth about $30 million and includes about $10.5 million in guarantees.

Just a guess on my part, but Olsen probably is looking for a richer deal than Celek because he has more catches, yards and touchdowns over the last three seasons.

Rosenhaus, naturally, didn't provide a timetable. And I'm not sure the Bears are ready to go there. But it'll be something to keep an eye on in the months to come.

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The Bears need to make some decisions this coming offseason, and not just about the potential work stoppage.

They have Kreutz, Garza, Tommie Harris, Dez Clark, and Urlacher all aging and making pretty good money. All of them could be on the list for trimming salary. Kreutz is the only one who will be a free agent (maybe Clark, but I can't recall), but likely they will not bring him back. Add in all of the restricted free agents (Roach, Anderson, Manning to name a few) who may or may not be part of the future plans, and you have a pretty significant roster turnover coming for 2011.

Paying Manumaleuna as much as we are is a huge mistake, because we just amped up the value of a player like Olsen, who can actually run routes and catch the ball. Olsen is not in the class of Tony Gonzalez or Antonio Gates, or Jason Witten for that matter, but he is probably in the same range as the next group of guys, so the money could be in the $30-35 mil range over 5 years. If I were the Bears, I would wait until after this season, and see how things go. If the regime changes, Olsen could return to being a focal point in the passing game, and he is already one of Cutler's favorite targets, so market value contracts are fine. If it stays the same, then Olsen's value is not as high to the team, meaning we overpay giving him a market contract.

If you look at Owen Daniels as a comparable example, he got hurt going into a "contract" year, where he was coming up on RFA. The Texans tendered him rather than giving him an extension, to ensure he makes it all the way back from the injury. The Bears should take a similar "wait and see" to determine whether Olsen can take the next step and become a complete tight end, or remain a red zone threat who doesn't necessarily threaten the entire field.

Contrary to popular belief, Olsen does produce, he'll give your team 50-60 catches along with 6-8 tds a season, which aren't pro-bowl numbers, but are solid nonetheless. The knock on Olsen is he never developed into the deep threat Chicago envisioned when they drafted him back in 2007. Thats whats stopping Olsen from being in the upper echelon of tight ends, and probably from a major payday. If Olsen can come in this year and stretch the field on a consistent basis, you pay him, if not, you pay him a little more than Eagles tight end Brent Celek got. If Olsen is willing to take a payday a little above Celek's, I'm all for it, thats probably what he's worth. I would definitely try and get Olsen inked to a deal a little above Celek's. Even if Olsen isn't among the elite in tight ends, he's still a very good one and worth having around GO BEARS!!

I really like Olsen and I think the Bears/Martz need to find a way to utilize his talents of receiving during the upcoming year.

Olsen still needs to improve dramatically with his blocking and YAC to be a great Tight end.

I really like Olsen and I think the Bears/Martz need to find a way to utilize his talents of receiving during the upcoming year.

Olsen still needs to improve dramatically with his blocking and YAC to be a great Tight end.

Brent Celek can block.

Greg needs to live up to his 1st round draft pick potential, and earn the bonus money he got off the top.

Celek was a 5th round pick, and has played his way into earning more money.

I'll I've seen from Greg is turnstile blocking, and dropping critical catches.

Intresting little note on Greg Olsen and his amazing recieving abilitiies. He was thrown at the 8th most among all TE's. His percentage of caught passes was 56.2 percent, which was 5th from the bottom. Compared to msot TE's decent TE who catch the ball about 65 percent of the time it is thrown at them. In fact over half the TE's in the nfl caught the ball over 70% of the time with guys like Witten and Clark catching the ball 77% of the time they are thrown at.

What is really sad is Olsen was the primary reciever for the Bears last year, in most cases the TE is not. He was the main passing weapon in the offense last year and he came up very short. Yarsd per reception ranked him 31st, yards after catch per reception 49th.

Olsen does some things well, he is fast for a TE. But he isn't even a top 25 TE. Which is fine, you can have a guy like that on your team, you just don't want to pay him like he is a top 5 player. He is another Scheffler or Fred Davis another John Carlson and thats how he should be paid. Of course Rosenhaus will go for a max deal which pays him as a top 5 TE and the Bears may cave. He is making pretty close to what he should be making.

uh-oh is is also kinda right, Olsen tends to choke a little when the game is on the line.

Greg Olsen should get something maybe a one year extension added onto his rookie contract? Olsen has seen alot in his short career. He has seen Rex Grossman, Kyle Orton, Brian Griese and now Jay Cutler. Fact is Ron Turner never knew how to use Olsen. What Ron should have done is call his brother Norv and asked how they use Gates.
***For your information CREIGHTON and anyone else this may apply to, I am not saying Olsen is as good or better then Antonio Gates.***

Antonio Gates and Olsen have identical game style. They dont block much, both have speed to create mismatches and both have speed to get up field. Their size and jumping ability makes them great for endzone use.
Lets hope with the news that wednesday's OTA's hade a Tight End focused outing, that Greg Olsen gets his chance to prove that he can be a game changer.

Creighton and Timmer you posted 17 minutes apart.... You must be the same people with mutiple personalities!

I got a question was Greg Olsen even the best TE in his division? It is easily argued that Finley and Shiancoe actually had better years while not being the primary recieving targets on their respective offenses and taking fewer snaps. In fact both guys where probably the third recieving option in their offenses, yet they played better and performed better than Olsen.

So in a division with no pro bowl or all pro TE's Olsen is about the third best TE. With a healthy Pettigrew and Sheffler now in the divison, and Olsen having to deal with a offense that does not favor him, he could very well be the 5th best TE in the divison next year.

So what is he actually worth?

Timmer I don't get you man, you say Olsen and Gates are not the same and then say "Antonio Gates and Olsen have identical game style." So you don't want us to think you are comparing them but then you go and directly compare them. Come on man, seriously?

They actually don't compare, Gates is not much of a run blocker but he is a pretty solid pass blocker in fact he was rated 7th among TE's in pass blocking. Gates is one of the best TE's in YAC, Olsen is one of the worst. In fact gates was number 1 in the nfl in yards after the catch last year. He is also very clutch and has better hands. I get the recieving comparison but really they are not very similar. Gates likes to hit and Olsen likes to flop. Gates will go up for a ball and Olsen almost never leaves his feet unless he is falling down.

I gave you three guys who he really compares to, you don't need to compare every Bear player to one of the best players in the nfl everytime. If they where actually that level of player the Bears would be the most dominant team in nfl history. Gates is pretty much better at everything a TE does than Olsen is.

By the way Brando you posted 18 min apart from Timmer. So I guess you could be him to. Dahli posted 1 min apart from Dahli so Dahli may be Dahli. He could also be uh-oh. You really seem to have thought this all through. Is that your big come back from something I said to you like a year ago? Is that what you came up with? Thats it? I don't know how you ever became my Newman. Casting must have been desperate.

Anyway back to the show.

Hello Brando!

Creighton how much of a post do you read before you spout out some trash crap. Because if you can put 2&2 together I wasn't compairing their stats. I know this Captain Obvious, Mr.Compair players only by stats.

Let me put 2&2 together for you Crieghton. I talking about their(Greg Olsen and Antonio Gates) Physical Attributes. Not how good they are on the field but their physical tools that they bring on the Field.

And you wonder why people post under your name and poke fun at you. Here is a prime example.

Olsen may get 60 catches, but that is with over 100 targets. If you compare him to Daniels(4th round), Celek(5th), or Gates(UDFA), you should admit he would be easy to replace. TE is the lowest paying position, below kickers. Olsen is lousy at blocking, YAC, and his reception arc is small. Let another team overpay for him.

Timmer how much BS did you just spew? You where speaking about their physical attributes? I quote "(Greg Olsen and Antonio Gates) Physical Attributes" yes you compare their speed, but the other stuff is wrong. I pointed out to you Olsen is not a leaper, I also pointed out to you I get the recieving ability thing, but you did say this "Antonio Gates and Olsen have identical game style." That Timmer is not a physcal comparison. Game style has nothing to do with a guys build. So spare me the whole insulted thing, you where worng about their playing style and they are not physically very similar. Gates for lack of a a better word has a butt. While they have similar speed, Gates is stronger, thicker, more muscular, is great at breaking contact, hammers DB's, and can jump.

I already told you Olsen does not jump, he does not like to leave his feet very often, he does not hammer DB's, they do not have similar body types, they do not have a similar style of play. Gates knows how to lower his shoulder. In college Gates was a basketball player primarly, nobody in the nfl had any real clue who he was.

Your right Timmer I am all about stats thats all, thats why unlike you I actually know the how Olsen plays and how Gates plays, and the fact that they are not built anything alike and play anything alike. I have never heard anyone compare Olsen to Gates, if you had said Dallas Clark maybe, but Gates. I am sorry but you could not be more off. Guess what all recieving TE's try to play upfield, thats their job. Wow Olsen and Gates both turn up field, that was your observation. As opposed to the other TE's in the nfl who all run the wrong way or just stand there after a catch. Oh wait looking at Olsen's yards after the catch I guess he is one of the guys standing there.

This is Antonio Gates making a catch. Notice the large lower body.

Gates again, notice the powerful build

This is Olsen

Olsen again, showing his power

I doubt Olsen is even weighing in at 250 anymore. He looks about 235-240, and is tone but not ripped. Olsen is a softer less aggressive version of Todd Heap. Olsen is athletic but lazy. He has stated more than once he does not like lifting and he does not like blocking and sees himself as a reciever.

I think Dez Clark has better hands then Olsen, is more clutch, and is a better blocker. Brandon Manuleuana is clearly a better blocker. Olsen is the 3rd TE option on this team IMO. We should be careful not to overpay him. He's a decent player with a reputation for high football IQ, but not a top TE in the league yet. I hope he improves this year.

LMAO@Greg Olsen being a "leaper"....The man cannot beat a safety for the ball to save his life...


Let's be honest. Olsen was a terrible draft choice where he was taken. I agree he isn't a top TE in our division, I think anyone who says he is meeds to watch some more game film. He ism't a solid blocker, more of a speed bump really.

As far as paying him big money, why? If anyone would have given a 1st round pick, or a 2nd and a 5th, or something equally interesting, do you really think he'd still be here? No, he is regarded as another underachieving Bear. Honestly, I like the guys skills, but come on, who else overpays like the Bears do?

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