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Questions, please

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It's a quiet time in the NFL off-season, especially since the Bears have signed its rookie class.

But, I figure some of you still have questions. I will post some answers on Friday.

UPDATE: I'm getting your questions, but I'm not posting any of them.

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On the battle for the last TE spot, who and how many do you think the Bears will keep? Thanks!

Do you think Freddie Barns will make the roster or practice squad? He was ultra productive in collage, but people say hes slow? How slow? Jerry Rice was slow too and he turned out alright.

If the Bears go 9-7 which would be a slight improvement is Lovie and company gone then?

why dont the bears trade for Vincent Jackson?

I haven't been hearing much about a new CBA and was wondering what the major hurdles are in negotiations? Has anyone suggested draft money modifications more in line with what the NBA does? With Jamarcus Russell being the huge bust he was I can't see the justification for paying unproven players such large sums.

With Jamar Williams gone to Carolina, who has been getting the reps as the 2nd team weakside linebacker during the OTA's? GO BEARS!!

Are the Bears going to wear their solid blue uni's this year. I hope so those are the tightest unifoms in the leauge


We have heard many reports as to how Cutler is picking up Martz's system. And I understand that the starter gets the bulk of the snaps. But how has Caleb Hanie looked in the OTA's and mini camp? There hasn't been much talk in the past few weeks about bringing in a veteran QB like there was right after the draft. {Other than Lovie saying something a couple of weeks ago that bringing in a veteran is still a possibility. That was before Bulger went to the Ravens.} Has Hanie done anything to sway Martz one way or the other?

Any word on starting nickleback frontrunner??

I read a report on ESPN that the Bears are one of 4 teams interested in Vincent Jackson. How much truth is there to this rumor?

Everyone seems worried about our offensive line. How much of this is a scheme problem versus a personel problem? Last years' scheme left much to the imagination. Your thoughts.

What do you think the chances are Lance Louis may be played, at times, as a TE -- either with Manumaleuna for a strong run-blocking play, or for an injured Manumaleuna? Assuming Louis doesn't become the 4-down starting Guard, Lance played half his college games as TE, has very similar size to Manumaleuna, and with notable size/speed (6'3", 303lbs, 4.68 sec 40-yard dash), the Bears had planned to convert him to TE in 09'. Or would this year's training as Guard eliminate that possibility?

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