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Questions, please

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Fire a few my way, folks.

Not a whole lot going on. But, I'm sure you guys have some solid questions.

I will post the answers on Friday.


NOTE: I am getting your questions, I just am not publishing them. The ones I answer will post Friday.

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What's the scoop on Quentin Scott? Pre-Draft he was a guy with absolutely sick measurables and some questions about his college competition and technique. Still, with such impressive numbers and elite size he was a guy that had many people drooling, myself included. When he signed as an UDFA with the Bears I got pretty excited about his potential.

Where's he stand now that Harris is back on the team and the Safety position is starting to clarify itself? How's he looked in OTAs? What are his chances of sticking with the team? Is he going to stay at Safety?

Any word on Quentin Scott? I'd like to think he has potential for developing into our next MLB.

Sorry 2 part question. How does a down field passing attack have enough time to throw with the guards we have not giving Cutler enough time to make a 7 to 9 step drop? After all the TE and RB will have to be in the backfield blocking which negates any dump-off pass. So it also begs the question as to when Shaffer is moved to RG and when we will pick up a true LG as Beekman is not going to cut it.

Plainfield, Il

Good morning! I was wondering what is up with the Defensive Backfield meaning the way they have been lining up position wise. I know it is very early but wouldn't D. Manning be better suited to play nickel and let C. Harris play SS while everyone else battle it out for FS? I hear Steltz has been taking a step and M. Wright is picking up very well. Saying that I just believe that keeping a player where you intend to play him as early as possible can only help growth while shuffling ones position all over can only be negative. Thoughts? Do you really think C. Harris will be a FS this year?

Who has the best chance for playing time this year, Henry Melton or Jarron Gilbert? Also, what position are they most likely to play this year?

My Question: I know that depth charts are not posted as of yet, and the talk about the O line being improved...however, who are the backups for the offensive tackles? Are the Bears looking for more help in this area? Remember, the games are won up front, having depth is key in a 16 game season.

I noticed in the posting regarding the training camp schedule, there are no 2-A-Days. With the Bears implementing a whole new offensive scheme (and having young receivers to boot), don't you think that they may need all the practice they can get? I can understand altering the schedule due to extreme heat, but do you think they will be ready?

With the offseason underway, I was wondering who you think has a chance to make the team this year that wasnt on the roster last year and which players that were on the 53 man roster last year is on the bubble or is likely to get cut by the end of training camp.


Who are looking like the 2nd team CBs this year and how do they look? Peanut most likely will get dinged up again and we need some depth behind Bowman and him.


We all heard how Lovie talked about how pour the Safety play was last year only having 1 interception all season. Manning ( who i believe has no instinctive play to his game) was demoted from Starting FS to nickle back. Why is it that Harris is playing FS when he should be strong and Why is Manning Playing SS. I think the starters should be Wright or Steltz at FS and Harris at SS your thoughts?

Are the Bears interested in Terrell Owens?

Dallas, Tx


Considering the use of the shotgun formation in this offense, is not being able to practice and work out going to set Kreutz back too far? He has never been very good at the shotgun snap, and we have a much greater risk of turnover in the Martz offense as it is. If we can't manage the snap, we are in for a long season. Martz uses more under-center passing, but our offensive line is going to struggle in pass protection again, so there will end up being a lot more shotgun formations in my opinion to preserve Cutler's life.

Conversely, how does Beekman fare in the shotgun?

I have seen some recent comments regarding a CBA being potentially reached prior to the start of football next year. Assuming it does get reached and the league is in fact capped effective 2011 (and also assuming an average increase in the cap from the 2009 cap), how would the Bears be cap-wise come 2011? And who would likely be the cap-casualties?

Josh Moore only put up 2 reps of 225 at the Combine. What are the Bears doing to work on his functional strength? Same question regarding Webb, who I believe only put up 18, which is amazing for a normal person, but not so hot for an NFL offensive lineman.

On that same subject, how quickly and aggresively do the Bears put rookies on a weight training program, and how do the specific exercises change? Many colleges have made huge strides in their weight training programs, so are players more prepared for what they do in the NFL, or is it still a huge change in how they work out?

Why bother playing the OTAs with Chris Harris at FS and Danieal Manning at SS. It just doesnt make sense. Manning is a good nickel corner and Harris is a good SS. So why don't we play to each of their strengths? I just don't understand why we have to keep playing our DBs out of position.

What will it take for Robbie Gould our kicker to make the Pro Bowl?

Neil or Sean who would be your personal choice to replace Adewale Ogunleye as a team caption.Logic says Charles Tillman will take his place?

Who is the key to the defensive this year? I think its Tommie Harris because Peppers will be double teams every down. How will will we fill the void left by Brown and Ogunleye

Were the Bears just desperate in starting Afalava at the beginning of the last season or is he a piece that they are still counting on to contribute?

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