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Questions, please

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Answers to your questions to appear on-line Friday.

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I think its shocking how a proven SS that we have in Chris Harris, is being put under pressure by a player as versatile as Danieal Manning. Although I like what Manning can bring to the Bears table, he's best served as a nickel cornerback and therefore leaving Chris Harris as the Bears 3-down SS. If, in the strange scenario that Manning did play at the SS position, what would this mean for other safeties like Harris, Major Wright and even Al Afalava?

Who is John Asiata? I have heard Mike Tice rave about this guy as a possible starting left guard, but I know little about him. Do you have any impressions of this guy? Is there a scouting report on him from college? Who is the most talented guard on the roster?

With Oshiomogho Atogwe becoming an official free agent do you think the Bears have any interest. I'm afraid if we might be in the same situation next year at free safety.

Haluk, I was going to ask the same question. Great minds think alike. My question now is, Aromashodu proved that he is a worthy #1 receiver on the Bears last season. So why is it that the Bears still think that Hester is their #1 receiver? Aromashodu outperformed Hester in the limited time he was on the field and was one of Cutler's favorite targets. Would it not make more sense to have 1) Aromashodu 2) Knox 3) Hester? Is it me or do the Bears lack common sense? Even with the Chris Harris situation that Haluk talked about, clearly Harris should be our SS. Why in the world are they so high on Manning? What has he done that has been so special besides return kicks? The guy is an athlete but that means nothing without consistency! It seems that the Bears rely too much on potential rather than reality.

What's the word on Khalil Bell? I thought he did a great job of running the ball last season, at times he looking better than Forte. What do you think the Bears will do with him?

I was looking at roster spots 54 through 80. Do teams always carry that many wide receivers? Do they need that many to run a training camp? If wide receivers are a strength of this team, why carry so many?

What would be the odds of the Bears getting Vincent Jackson, Miles Austin or trading for Patrick Crayton?

With Asiata getting rave reviews at LG, should James Marten be worried about keeping his "8th lineman" roster spot?


It is June 2 and as I had predicted several times on here in the past 2 months, OJ Atogwe isn't signed by the Rams. They can still sign him to a 1 year max tender @ 7 million or release him. If he becomes available, would the Bears be interested? And please don't let the Bears hit us with the "we're happy with the safeties on our team" line.
Chris Harris: Yes, an upgrade, but that's like being the tallest midget.
D. Manning: Great athlete, but he's not a defensive minded football player.
Major Wright: Yet to be determined.
Steltz, Afalava: Backups at best.

There is salary to be moved if the Bears wanted to make a play on Atogwe. I have been a big proponent of cutting Olin. You could also cut Maynard and Dez Clark. No matter how they line up Olsen, you're not leaving training camp with 4 TEs. And yes, Maynard is good at inside the 20 kicks, but when the Bears need him to get them out of their end of the field, he can't do it any more.

Dont you think with the Bears stacking their roster with talent this season and staying within their budget, that they should realize it is an uncapped year and give Atogwe a one year contract for whatever it would take to get him here? Safeties still a need on the roster. Wright could use a year to devolope.


What are your thoughts and what is the common belief among NFL pundits as to the Bears defense in 2010, Marinelli as the D coordinator and the style of play the Bears defense will have in 2010?

My thinking is that because they have a proven pass rusher in Peppers, and Urlacher is back roaming the middle with pass coverage ability, Harris in a safety position hopefully strong safety, that Marinelli will call a more aggressive defensive game plan. I would like to see more of the type of defense where the corners are left one on one and the d line and others gets creative with the blitz package and start planting the QB in the ground like grandma plants tulips in the spring.

Please Lovie just stay out of the way this year, quit moving all of these players back and forth like so many chess pieces and let em play ball, let your coaches coach and lets see what happens?

How has rookie WR Freddie Barnes been performing? Do you think he'll make the team?

How about Haynesworth?? Get OJ and Albert and shooot what a sweet D we would have....Thanks!

Looking at the bottom half of the linebacker roster, where do these players line up when they get time on defense in the offseason?

Mayberry was a MLB in college, but is that where he lines up in drills?

Shaw, Malast, and Iwuh are the guys I am wondering about as well. If they play well enough to make a mark on special teams, we should be able to build a solid foundation for the future on coverage units and depth.

Also wondering what Gilbert and Melton look like so far, and where they are lining up?

Marcus Harrison sat out the recent mini-camp because he was "ill." Is that code for "fat and out of shape" or did he really have the sniffles?

Hi Neil,

I keep reading that Corey Wotton will be part of the defensive line rotation. I wanted to know how have last years draft picks Jarron Gilbert and Henry Melton looked so far in camp? Are they making any progress and do you see them being contributors this year?

Shouldn't the coaching staff be teaching Cutler to pump-fake? With his arm, and the fact that he has not used the pump-fake, I believe it would be very effective.

What is the best mix for SS, FS and Nickel Corner with and without Otogwe?

I like SS Wright, Nickel Danielle Manning and FS Otogwe...but without Otogwe I think I like Chris Harris at SS, Wright at FS and Manning at Nickel Corner.

Do you think Jay Cutler will lead the NFL in interceptions again this year?

Why have we done nothing in the draft (nothing significant) or in free agency to address our offensive line? Mike Tice comes off as this year's Rod Marinelli and could you give me a break down on how that worked out last season? Seems to me that the Bears are approaching very similar issues at the line(s) with the same old-same old approach. Any reason what-so-ever for optimism?

How has Chester Taylor looked so far this offseason? Is there a chance he steals the starting gig from Matt Forte?

Yeah like Giskard said ... have u heard anything about Freddie Barnes besides that he fell down a lot at rookie mini camp? It's hard to believe that a guy with those kinds of numbers in college doesn't have a ton of talent - which is something we seem to be lacking on our current roster at WR, or so the popular opinion goes. What's wrong? Is he too slow? I remember a slow guy (#87, one of my favorite all time Bears) back in the Ditka years that when he finally made the team after getting cut several times, refused to drop a pass (well I guess he did drop one when he almost got knocked out in a playoff game I think against the 9'ers).

Has Dave Toub had any offers to be head coach some where? I think he'd make a great one! What are your thoughts?

With last years short yardage issues Brandon Minor was a hardnose runner who runs low how is he viewed and your thoughts on making the roster.

What is Mike Tice looking for in the left guard position? Is there something tangible we can look at and say that's why _______________ won the left guard position?

How is the special teams return unit looking like. Is it gonna be a season with multiple looks with Knox and Manning on Kick Offs and Devin Hester and Earl Bennett on punt returns?

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