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If you're looking for a blast of NFL football after the Stanley Cup Finals and before turning your lonely eyes to the Cubs and Sox, Devin Aromashodu caught a touchdown pass from Jay Cutler on a short post route between Craig Steltz and Zackary Bowman on Wednesday. Cutler talked up his receiving corps in an interview on the "Waddle and Silvy" show on WMVP (AM-1000) that I posted earlier, but it was little-known Rashied Davis who was most impressive at a Bears offseason workout at Halas Hall on Wednesday afternoon.

The backup receiver and special teams performer caught two touchdown passes and would've had three if not for juggling one in the back of the end zone.

"I don't know," Davis said when asked how much of offensive coordinator Mike Martz's offense the team has learned thus far. "I'm not in that man's head. You have to ask Mr. Martz. I don't know how many plays there are. We have a lot. I don't know if that's half of the playbook or what."

Learning Martz's offense was once again the topic of the day. Devin Hester seemed especially enthusiastic.

"It spins every day," Hester said when asked if his head was spinning. "There's a pop quiz every day. We go home and study and have a test coming up the next day."

More from Hester on Martz: "He has got 50 to about 100 different formations and you can run five or six plays out of each formation. It's a lot of plays."

There's never a lot of report from a OTA. What was most interesting the team asked the media not to report. There's not some big conspiracy going on or anything, just some things they are working on that they don't want the Lions knowing about, even if it is only June. As a general rule, teams ask the media not to report or specific plays or formations that are being run during a practice. We were reminded of that after practice Wednesday.

Johan Asiata continued to get snaps at left guard with the first team. Josh Beekman was playing center for Olin Kreutz.

One of the more interesting things to watch was Brad Maynard attempting to punt footballs into a garbage can. The veteran was 50 yards away from the blue plastic container and dropped ball after ball amazingly close to his target, although he failed to bury one. Then he moves the can to another spot on the field and starts over.

I wish I were as accurate with a golf club as he is with his foot.

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Ok, OTA check list.

Maynard is punting the ball at garbage cans. Check!

Hester figured out that Matz has a lot of plays in his 700 page playbook. Check!

Steltz and Bowman had trouble covering DA. CHECK!

Neil what is up with Olin, he was suppose to be back already according to the Bears? This was minor surgery, are they just letting him stay frash for Training Camp or is he still recovering?

That said how is Beekman doing at Center? Is the exchange going well between him and Cutler? Does he look better at Center than at guard? Is his shotgun snap any better than the Olin ankle bitter?

Creighton asked a few good questions, and I hope you answer them,either Neil or Sean.I have not been a Kreutz fan the last two or three years because his snaps cause problems for the quarterback , and his blocking (or lack of it) allows just about anything up the middle to be stopped at the line of scrimmage or nailed for a loss.If Beekman is doing a decent job, maybe some general manager living in the past would be willing to take Olin off the Bears' neck.

Its starting to look like 2nd year guard Johan Asiata might be the guy for the left guard job. I'd like to see him make it, Chicago needs to get younger up front, Asiata would be a great start. I like the idea of bringing in these young prospects and letting them play. Chicago needs to get out of the stop-gap mode they've been in for awhile up front and start going with younger players they can develop and actually have around for awhile. Players like left tackle Chris Williams, guard Johan Asiata, g/c Josh Beekman, and Lance Louis are all young and could develop into a solid offensive line for the Bears. I like whats going on inside with Asiata at left guard, Beekman at center, and Louis at right guard. Along with tackle Chris Williams, the Bears now have some young prospects to develop up front.

Devin Aromashodu will probably have a breakout season at receiver for Chicago if everthing goes right. Hopefully Aromashodu and Cutler will be hooking up for a lot of tds this season GO BEARS!!

Brad Maynard is the man. For a guy that is his age he just seems to get better with age, kinda like fine wine. Maynard might just be the defensive MVP this year. Stupid term but Im using it with confidence. If he has a year like he did in 2008 there is no question Maynard is gonna set up the defense to make some play close to their endzone.

Brad Maynard for President :)

I would not write off Kruetz just yet. He is a leader in the locker room and on the field. Kruetz is the leader of the offensive line as well with directing the line as to blocking assignments etc.

Kruetz had a pretty bad injury, lets cut Kruetz a break he is a warrior and will leave it all on the field of play. I say Kruetz is going to come back big this year once his injury has healed. Pro bowl caliber once again.

Maybe in two years or at the earliest next year we will see a new center starting for the Bears but not in 2010.

Dahli Lama(dont feel write speeling it without a space) I agree 100%. Offensive lineman count on a leader and the olny leader on this line is Olin. Yes he needs to be ready and crisp. This year will be the year we the fans, will see Olin for the last time so lets enjoy and watch the best offensive lineman that the Bears have sence Jame "Big Cat" Williams.

Kreutz we could give a wait and see to but a short leash, that said my concern is Garza. We can't wait long on him either loyalty is one thing production is another the Bears have a tendency to wait to long as experienced last year at LT same witha unproductive Miller and a one-armed Brown. Inside it's alot easier to play an aggressive young player than anywhere else. Lovie don't wait too long your job depends on it.

Timmer: I agree lets enjoy watching Kruetz as we will miss him when he is gone.

Have people been watching the same Olin as me the past 2-3 years? The same guy who gets his butt handed to him time and time again. The same guy who can't seem to get the ball up off the turf with shotgun snaps and the same guy who gets into shouting matches with Bears fans on the road? I saw this first hand in Cincy last year. Nothing said was personal. Just some Bears fans in the first row getting on him because he was getting beat like a drum and this guy turns around and challenges a grey haired man to a fight. Zach Z. from WSCR was there. He saw the whole thing as well. He's above average when it comes to getting out and leading on a sweep, but that's usually against a smaller linebacker or safety. I say good ridance and let Beekman have the job. Save some salary and lose a moron. And where did this leadership thing come from? How many "leaders" hit another offensive lineman in the head with a barbell weight? Maybe it's that kind of leadership that has gotten us 3 straight years of missing the playoffs.

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