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Front-row tickets available

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A front-row ticket at Soldier Field for the 2010 season can be yours.

Evidently, the team found some extra space in the south end zone and are offering the new "Touchdown Club Seats" to season-ticket holders.

The price?


But it comes with a free parking pass and complimentary Gameday program and roster card, among other goodies.

In a e-mail sent to season-ticket holders, the Bears urge applicants to act quickly because "a very limited" number of seats are available.

It's a ton of dough. But how cool would would it be to have front-row tickets to Bear games?

 Call (888) 79-BEARS x3 for more info.

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wish I could afford it!!

We don't score enough touchdowns for Bear Burst's (Lambeau Leaps).

Now if we had cheerleaders front row seats would be worthwhile especially with Honey Bear Hugs.

Unfortunately, it will be the opponents who will be scoring most of the touchdowns.

I received that offer a couple weeks ago and as nice as it was of the Bears to extend it to those on the waiting list, it is EXTREMELY expensive at $500 a ticket/ per seat.

ahhh..i never go to sany games as iam a scared to leave my house :(

but i NOW taht the bears will LOOSE every game so waht does it matter????

but you guys now me old crap-ton.,...just trying to be posative...

ps GEAUX SAINTS!!! ahh yes noe theres a REAL team sense they wom the superbowel! :)

What only 4 G's a seat. Let me go count the change in my cup holder. Sweet only $3998.23 to go, oh wait I need 4-6 tickets. Just gotta stop taking the tollway everyday. So in about 20 years I will have enough for 4 front row seats, out wait estimated cost of front row tickets to a Bears game in 2030 are $9000.00 a seat, but these will not include parking as we don't what the cost will be to park or solar powered hover cars.

What can your family of 4 get for $16000.00? You can go to 1 Bears game and sit front row, or make a deposit on an economicly cost efficient home in a rural area. You could by a new econmic car, or a 5 year old Luxery sedan with decent miles. You could go a on 10 day vacation to a tropical paradise and do it first class. Or for the kiddies you could go to Disney World for 10 days and actually stay in Disney world. You could by a 16 ft fishing boat. Get yourself a really nice Harley which your wife is sure to enjoy as well and your son will most likely steal once he is old enough to try and show off for some 16 year old cheerleader(which your gonna have to let slide). You can pretty much take a trip anywhere you want. You can have yourself one heck of a holiday season. You could invest it.

You could by yourself 4 cheaper tickets for about $2000.00 total, take the family to see the exact same game as the family spending $16000.00. Then you could leave for Disney World that week for a nice 5 day vaction and stay at a Disney Premium Beach Villia under the platnum package, which includes free golf a private beach, free total access to Diney World for the kiddies, a Daily trip to the Spa for you and your wife and free food and a car, plus first class Tickets for about $6000.00. Then you spend $2000.00 on Holiday gifts for the family, deposit 2 grand in the kids college funds, and Put $4000.00 down on a new Triumph T100 Bon Anaversary edition, which you will pay off by the end of the year.

Or sit front row to a Bears game once, get free parking for a day and a roster card, maybe even a coupon for a free Beer.

I don't know about the rest of you but I would rather live the high life. By the way if you are not married with a family, you can have some real fun with that money, or sit 75 feet closer to the field.

Or you could by Club box season tickets to all 8 home games. Either way I am not sure being 75 feet closer for 1 game is worth it.

A bit too pricey $$$$ for most Bears' fans.
My early prediction is 8 or more wins for the 2010
Chicago Bears. Mike Martz will work his magic with Jay Cutler.

$4k a seat?

Damn, I managed to get front row south end zone at the stadium the day of a game back in 2005. $55 a seat. No fees. They were extra seats from the Falcons friends/family group that didn't show up.

Of course, the game was pretty much played on the north half of the field, leaving us to watch it on the jumbotron above them, but it was a cool experience. But definitely not for $4k.

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