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Cutler talks about receivers, Forte and Favre

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Jay Cutler was a guest on the "Waddle and Silvy" Show on WMVP (AM-1000) on Wednesday morning. He was promoting a charity event to benefit juvenile diabetes. The event is July 22 from 7-10 p.m. Go to for more info.

Here are his answers to the most pertinent questions:

"It's something different for all of us, the receivers, the quarterbacks, the running backs and the offensive line. The guys have responded to it and it's really encouraging to see the transformation and how guys adapt to the system, going out each and every day and working hard on it."

Cutler didn't hesitate when asked whether ex-offensive coordinator Ron Turner's offense is more complicated than Martz's, as former Bears receiver Muhsin Muhammad claims: "No."

On which receiver is showing signs of breaking out in the new system:

"[Devin Aromashodu] is having another great camp, I think. Juaquin [Iglesias] has definitely stepped up his game from last year. He's shown some great improvement. We've got four or five guys that are really battling it out and doing well in this system. The more guys we have the better off we're going to be."

On whether Matt Forte is a different player this season:

"He is. His second year last year he wasn't the same person he was his first year. Much of it was due to some injuries and stuff. That's fixed and he's really explosive. He's catching the ball well out of the backfield. This system is really going to fit well to his skills."

On whether Terrell Owens would be a good fit:

"That's up to upper management, obviously, but I've said since I got here that I think we've got a good stable of guys right now."

Cutler and Brett Favre share the same agent, Bus Cook. Cutler on whether Favre will return:

"I have no idea. I've talked to Bus a few times but it never came up. I'm sure it will come down to the wire though."

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Good that your receivers are stepping up their game Jay. From what I hear your receivers on other teams are stepping up their game too. Should be a lot of completed passes!

Well Cutler still likes DA, at least someone on the team does. "Devin is our number 1."

Intresting that Cutler didn't talk about Forte running the ball, he talks about him catching the ball out of the backfield. Thats the Martz offense for you. I wouldn't be surprised if Forte had close to 100 passes thrown his way this year.

Moose claimed Turners offense was more complex? Hahahahahaha, he should post on this board, he would fit right in with some guys around here. Moose is still making excuses. Moose is just used to that very simple offense the Panthers ran, run the ball, run the ball, pass it to Steve Smith.

Glad Iglesias is showing some signs, not sure how he will get a shot unless Bennett is hurt, or someone gets hurt. It's funny both Bennett and Iglesias were considered top slot recievers for the nfl coming out of the draft. I wonder where they are lining both up.

Neil, the website is and the info is on the bottom half of the screen.

No reason to give the haters any more ammo...

I don't care what event he was at. He's not the only ILL person in the world so why is his any different. Wade Wilson played for years and didn't bring it up. Now, on to the receivers...what was he supposed to say? Bring me Miles Austin! This is what he's getting so he has to deal with it. Stop bringing up diabetes all the time-let it stay private and let the bears deal with it.

Response to party Up comment... Cutler is trying to help raise money and awareness for a huge health problem for kids Don't be a moron....Go Bears

Your upset at a guy for raising money for diabetes? Are you an idiot, about 70'000 people a year die from this disease, including kids.

'Damn you Cutler how dare you raise money to help cure a disease."

You actually just said Cutler should stop trying to help the cause, and shutup and just play football which is what is important.

Go step in front of a bus tard.

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