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Cutler not planning to take much time off

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After today's final Organized Team Activities session today at Halas Hall, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler plans to take some down time. But, he said he planned to spend most of July in Chicago, continuing to prepare for the 2010 season.

"Most of July, I'm going to be here, working out," Cutler said on the Waddle and Silvy show on ESPN 1000.

But, Cutler also sensed that his teammates are looking forward to taking some time off.

"I think the guys are getting a little burned out," he said. "We've been going hard since late February. It's been a high pressure situation. A lot of stuff mentally. Its good to get a break, before we really have to grind."

Cutler said new offensive coordinator Mike Martz continues to add new plays.

"We get new stuff daily. Today is the last practice, and we got 10-12 new plays," Cutler said. "He's always got new stuff. It's a lot of pressure on the guys to learn."

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You'd better get new stuff daily! And you'd better be paying attention. I wanna see some action. Work hard men. I'm not paying 250.00 to Direct TV for my health. Step up and fullfill you're promising stature Jay.

Its nice to hear that a player like Jay Cutler cares enough to stick around and work out. But what would make me happy is to hear that a couple of his top receivers like Hester, Knox, and Aromashodu are also gonna stick around and work with Cutler. The wideouts and Cutler have got to be on the same page to make Martz's scheme work. If not, theres gonna be a lot of picks and incomplete passes. These guys make a lot of money, and this is a very important offseason. I don't think it would hurt the wideout's to cut their vacation a little short this offseason to come back and work with Cutler. These receivers have got to know their routes inside and out as does Cutler GO BEARS!!

High hopes for number 6 this year. Hopefully it will mean many touchdowns in 2010 and not a pick for 6. I believe we may be pleasantly surprised by more stellar play and particularly better decision making from Cutler.

Jay Cutler will make the pro bowl this year. Mark it down, NOW!

Kevin I wouldn't worry about that, if Cutler is going to be here working on the offense he will not be doing it alone. Most of the offense will be in chicago working with him. They will probably take a week off or two off, comeback to Chicago for 2-3 weeks then take a week or so off before training camp. All of them need time off to let this stuff sink in, and just to get away from the game.

Besides you will know who is starting by the company Cutler keeps over the next 5 weeks. You will also know who is really putting some effort into this by who shows up for Bears study hall.

Dahli, its not his TD's that where a problem, he had a good year throwing TD's. It's the picks. I actually think he will have fewer TD's throwig the ball this year. I don't think anyone will ever see the 41 TD to 13 int's 99 season that Warner had. I also don't think we will see a 26 TD season for Forte which was something Faulk did.

The Bears offense will most likely see between 25-30 TD's throwing the ball. Which is really good, but if they don't up about 15-20 TD's rushing, I don't think they have a shot. Either that or they are going to have to kick a heck of a lot of field goals. The Bears had 6 rushing TD's last year, including one by Cutler. The Bears need to be able to punch the ball in in the red zone. If they can't do that then teams will just sit on the pass in the red zone again and that is never a good thing. You don;t want the defense dictating what your offense can do and teams did that to the Bears all of last year. The Bears where forced to pass and everyone knew they were going to pass and teams just sat on that.

The only thing Cutler could have done last year is thrown the ball away more often. To many reporters in this town where writing about the choices he made, but most of them pointed out things that only person watching on a TV could see with a birds eye view and replay, while Cutler is trying to do it at game speed on the field with a new team and bad offensive line, along with no rushing attack. Thats not exactly the makings of a great offense. Problem is the only thing I have seen change is Martz and Tice. But its the players who play. I actually think Cutler did a good job given the situation.

Tripper what does that, mean? Did you see who went to the Pro Bowl for the AFC last year? It was all alternates, none of which made the playoffs. 10 guys threw for over 4000 yards last year.

It would be nice if he did go, and he may. But what does that mean for the Bears? I know you said they are a lock for the Super Bowl are you still standing behind that claim? If so could you give some support to that claim rather than just making an open ended blank statement.

Pro bowl i hope so honestly!! I do agree with creighton, we have to punch the ball in with our running game. alot of cutlers picks were in the redzone, even plays ending in a field goal all season resulted with our bad redzone offense. we abandoned the run last year and that made the bears predicatable. this year the bears should utilize the pass to open up the run and the run to open up playaction pass. and when we are in the redzone, get big on big body on body and punch the ball in with our running attack.. I beleive martz will help our running game just as much as the pass. we dont know if forte could be a faulk or not but we have to wait to the season starts to determine that.. all things are possible given the talent this bears team has on offense.. possibly 3 of the most dangerous recievers in the nfl, 2 very talented, 3 talented running backs, 3 talented tightends, and a very talented qaurterback. and if the offensive line continues to perform like they did in the last few games of the season and a offensive genious asyour offensive coordinator. this offense will be dangerous..

All he was doing was expressing his excitement about Cutler in this offense. He doesn't need to support his argument, its a "leave a comment" section at the bottom of a blog post, not a published piece of literature. Chill out.

hope jay makes the pro bowl but i hope he cant play in it.... because the bears will be in the Super Bowl the following week

Hester is spending July hanging out with Isaac Bruce working on routes.

"Hester has plenty of questions to fire at Bruce, but he isn't going to rush through them all. The two plan to hook up for ''most of July,'' Hester said."

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