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Cutler high on the offense

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Jay Cutler is about to take a break. But after the Bears final O.T.A. session, Cutler continued to rave about the team's new offense.

"I love it. There's a lot to like about it," Cutler said. "The ball's in the air, and we're doing some great stuff in the run game.

"It's personnel-based, so we're trying to get guys open, trying to find spacing for them and create matchups for them."

Mike Martz's offense is more taxing mentally, Cutler said, because it's new to him and everyone else. But he said Martz has done a good job of communicating with the players.

"But Mike did a great job of getting everybody ready in meetings, doing enough walkthroughs and things out here so everyone would feel comfortable," Cutler said.

"You've got to be happy with where we are. It's something to build on."

Cutler said Martz "makes you want to come to work every day."

"He's so creative, he's doing fun stuff and he's finding ways to win, and that's all you can ask for as a player, to have a coach that loves football and is going to do everything possible to put you in position to be successful," Cutler said. "That's what the great coaches have been able to do, that's how Mike has been in the past, and I don't see him changing his ways at all."

Despite the perception, Cutler said Martz's offense actually makes things easier for the quarterback.

"Once you understand it, it kind of simplifies itself."

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Hearing all this positive feedback on Martz and the offense greatly arouses my eagerness to see all this stuff in action. With Peppers impressing everybody, and the defense in general heralded as much improved, the Bears seem destined to return to the Super Bowl and maybe even win it this time around.Too bad we have to watch them play so many games before competing in the big one. I truly am anxious to get the season started to watch this team in action. One hopes all the positive vibes are not just a matter of hype.

Simmer down Manter. The Vikings, Cowboys, and Giants will all have a strong say in who finally gets to play the endgame.

Really good to see Cutler upbeat after last year. We all know he was not happy with the offense last year. Good to see Martz has him intrested again. Is it me or does some this seem like an indirect slam on Turner? This little part right here "Cutler said Martz "makes you want to come to work every day."" Maybe, maybe not but he was not a happy QB last year, and I kinda think he thought Turner was an idiot. Which not many people would argue with.

It is true the Martz offense does make things eaasier for the QB, but whats it do for everybody else? The line scares me, none of the coaches really know anything until the pads are on and the blocking starts.

Well Paul either way it will be intresting, the Bears are throwing around a lot of hype right considering its just OTA's and Mini Camp. What that means I do not know and I am not sure why they are doing so much of it. Even Webb got hype for a little while and now he is a ghost. Shaffer got hype at left guard for a week but that is done as well. Major Wright got more hype then any third round safety coming out of the draft than I can remember, but signs are pointing to Harris and Manning as the starters this year.

Last I checked Lovie and this organization tend to use smoke and mirrors a lot, but Lovie usually keeps his real feelings about the team, within the organization. Doesn't really click wit hal lthe hype. That does not mean what they are saying is false, it just does not make it true.

I temd t olisten to the players more than the organization or the coaches. They tend to be a lot more honest. You still got to pick the right players to listen to though, the QB is a good source and Cutler is pretty honest, but a guy like Harris, you just got to ignore because he may very well be insane.

@Lionel - I would ammend your list slightly to be the Packers, Cowboys and Saints. I don't understand the hype with the Giants and believe that the Vikings are too cocky to actually put it together. (Reference 1999, 2009)

I hate the Vikings....grrrrr!!

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