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Briggs covers many topics on Comcast

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The folks at Comcast SportsNet forwarded snippets from an upcoming interview with Lance Briggs.

Pat Boyle's interview with the Bears linebacker will be featured on "Inside Look," the network's new monthly interview series that debuts on Monday, July 5, at 11 p.m.

Briggs on his relationship with his father:

"I haven't spoken to my Dad in a couple of years or so. Last time I really spoke with my Dad was when I brought my son down to see him for the first time. It was good. I mean it was a good trip, it was a good visit. He was excited and happy, but contact with my Dad was just ... we haven't ... it just hasn't been there. I mean things have happened in the past that we kind of grew apart and I kind of respect the fact that he hasn't pressed in my life. think that he, in my mind, I think he feels that if he does, I'd feel it wasn't genuine. So you know, he kind of decides to stay away."

On when he said he "played his last game for the Bears":

"It's hard man when you play for a team for as long as I've played, you want to feel ... you want to be wanted, you know. You want to feel like there's some loyalty there, and your team's going to keep you there long term. And when that doesn't happen, then you don't feel loyal, you don't feel like you have to be loyal if they're not being loyal to you as well. When a lot people where saying 'I'm selfish' and 'let 'em go, we don't need that type of player', it did hurt my feelings, but I flew to Tucson, Arizona, and worked out there where I was away from it all and it wasn't right there in my face. That was how I dealt with it."
On the Alex Brown's departure and Julius Peppers' arrival:

"When I first heard it, I was pissed. I was pissed off. I was hurt. I thought bringing in Peppers was one of the greatest moves that the Bears had made, and then you get rid of you know, the other side. I mean I just saw Alex having the highest sack total he's ever had. But when I sat down and thought about it for awhile, I understand the move. I don't like it, but I understand the move."
On his well-publicized car accident in the summer of 2007:

"I lost control ... I crashed it good. I didn't have any injuries, I feel very lucky. It kind of hit more when I got a call from my Mom and she kind of talked about that if I didn't live through that, I would never have gotten a chance to see my kids grow up. That kind of really hit me.
"I don't really look at things as regrets. All the decisions that I have made haven't been the best decisions, I've made poor decisions, but I think everything that you do is something to learn from.  And everything you go through makes you a stronger person. So for me, I don't regret a whole lot."
On retiring as a Bear:

"Do I want to? Yes. Will I? I don't know. If we're finding success and continue to be successful ... Lovie's here ... there's a good chance. I could and it depends on how many years I can play. I feel good right now, I feel great right now, so if I can play for six more years, how many more of those years will be in a Bears uniform, you know? At some point as an organization, you have to decide to move on...and we're already getting a lot of younger players in here now that'll get to decide 'Is Lance the guy we need for now or for the future, or can we do without him?'"

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Wow, one thing you gotta give Briggs, he's pretty honest. Thats to bad about him and his dad though. As far as the car crash, thats pretty cool how his mom put everything in perspective for him. Other than the off-season show he put on when his contract was up, Briggs hasn't really been a huge off the field problem type for Chicago. The guy became the fourth linebacker in Bears history to be selected to five straight pro-bowls last season, joining Hall of Famers Bill George, Dick Butkus, and Mike Singletary. If Briggs keeps up his play on the field, he'll be joining them in a certain Hall in Ohio GO BEARS!!

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