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Benson busted again

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The running back once dubbed "Cedric the Entertainer" by a former Sun-Times columnist is up to his old tricks.

The former Bears first-round pick was arrested early Tuesday morning for assault after allegedly punching a bar employee in Austin, Texas, on May 30, according to a report at

According to the report, that punch came after Benson had already been involved in a fight inside the bar.

Here's the link to the story:

Benson seems to self-destruct when the light is shining most directly upon him. The former No. 4 overall pick failed on and off the field after the Bears handed him the title of featured back heading into the 2007 season. After resurrecting his career with the Bengals, he was angling for another big contract.

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Hahahahahaha, what a D-Bag. He can't just stop himself, I bet this will be the Bears fault, or the cops fault, everyones fault but him.

This comes as no surprize, but I still wonder why he performed so well for the Bengals and so miserably for the Bears.Was it the O-line, poor coaching, injuries or what? Another of life's mysteries remaining unsolved.

What was wrong in Chicago? It's called no motivation, no desire to work hard. He's a lazy, immature bum that continues to make bad decisions. He worked really hard for a while after he was out of work for an extended time.

My dad said this to me after running around with a kid who had supposedly "turned over a new leaf." He said "you can roll a dog turd in powdered sugar over and over, but it will never become a jelly donut." My favorite is "You cant polish a turd." Thank God he is not back here....he was always the victim. Maybe Tank, T.O, Pac-Man, Big Ben, and Ced should hang out some.

Police at the scene instantly recognized Benson. As they pulled up he made a run for it. He made it 3 yards before falling down without being touched ... a passerby recovered his keys.

As they sang on All in the Family, "Those Were the Days." And of course it was that great defense that kept them in that game.

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