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Bears unlikely to pursue Jackson

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I've gotten some questions for the Q&A regarding San Diego Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson.

Since ESPN's Adam Schefter mentioned it today, I don't see the point in waiting until Friday to address it.

I liken the Bears interest in Jackson to the club's interest in safety O.J. Atogwe. Sure, the Bears could see the value in adding a player of Jackson's caliber.

But, the reality is, the cost is simply too great.

In regards to Jackson, the Bears would have to compensate the Chargers with draft picks. Bears general manager Jerry Angelo has reiterated that he's not inclined to do that. Besides, the cost is prohibitive: likely at least one first-round pick.

For argument's sake, though, let's assume the Bears did come to terms with the Chargers on compensation. The next challenge is to get Jackson to agree to terms on a long-term contract. He would, at minimum, want to get something similar to the four-year, $47.5 million deal Brandon Marshall got from the Miami Dolphins. Jackson, after all, has as many touchdowns (16) as Marshall has in the past two seasons, and he hasn't been dogged by questions about his character.

Given the team's signing of Julius Peppers to a monster contract, it seems completely far-fetched that the Bears would add another high-priced player.

Jackson is a huge target (6 foot 5), and he's got very good speed. But, I also wonder if he's ideally suited for Mike Martz's offense. You can always fit a good player into any system. But the Bears have insisted that they are pleased with their depth at receiver.

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"But the Bears have insisted that they are pleased with their depth at receiver."

Sean allow me to correct you there. That quote should read "the Bears are thrilled about every single position on the team and feel that they have at least 53 All Pro's, and that this is the greatest team ever assembled in nfl history, that never has such talent by seen on the face of the earth, that god opened up his hands and gave them Webb, Wooten and Wright." Or as Lovie said and this is an actual quote "We improved at every single position this off-season." The Chicago Bears seem to be using the Willie Wonka sales pitch, "its the most Scrumdiddlyumptious team ever." Someone tell Harris not to drink out of the choclate river, and keep Cutler away from the bubble gum that taste like a 3 course dinner.

Jackson don't fit the offense anyway, to big, to strong, to fast, to talented. He actually doesn't fit the offense, but if the Bears could get a Reggie Wayne type in his prime that would be different.

Maybe Knox will make the jump Jackson did in his second year. Hester on the other hand, took how long to be average to below average in the dumbed down Turner offense, and after three seasons as a reciever still was getting lost and pulling up off his routs. Now I am expected to believe he will understand the Martz offense easily and finally become a breakout star because he is now is a more complex offense which requires a much higher level of precision timing, pre-snap movment, sharper routs.


Thanks, Debbie Downer. Can't we Bears fans be allowed at least one day to delude ourselves?

The Bears Need New Owners!PERIOD! Get Wide Receivers you stupid Backword franchise! IDIOTS!!! ON TOP OF THAT WE HAVE TO PUT UP
WITH JERRY RIENDORK! Both the McCaskey's & Riendorfs are not
suitable owners. PLEASE SELL YOUR TEAMS! Bears-WhiteSox-&-Bulls!!!!

Yes Creighton this is the greatest team ever assembled. I hope your not being sarcastic?? We dont just have 53 All Pro's we have 53 HOFer's. Oh and dont forget the soon to be legends on the practice squad.

Now THAT sounds like our Bears. Phew! For a second there I though the Org was going to go common sensicle.

"Jackson, after all, has as many touchdowns (16) as Marshall has in the past two seasons, and he hasn't been dogged by questions about his character."

You mean the same Jackson who has had multiple violations for drunk driving and is going to serve a 4 game suspension for breaking NFL rules on multiple occasions?

Yeah, plenty of character questions, especially given his recent holdout.

Talent unquestionable, character about as questionable as you can get...


You're probably not going to publish this because unfortunately I am going to light you up. Please stop being a Bear's apologist and excuse maker. If you have read the posts here for the past 3-4 months you know that #1: I am not a big believer in the Bear's receivers and #2: I was all for the Bears going for Brandon Marshall. When I mentioned the Brandon Marshall situation 2-3 months ago, I said that there were maybe 5 "Brandon Marshall's" in the league. Him, Larry Fitzgerald, Sidney Rice, Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, and maybe a healthy Randy Moss. I never mentioned Jackson in that conversation. Those guys above are receivers that you can not cover one on one. They are difference makers. And look who's not on that list, but decidely better than Jackson. Boldin.
Now having said all that, there is no way Jackson would go for a 1st. Look at what Marshall went for. He was traded for two 2nds and probably the one next year is going to be low. {Assuming the Dolphins are at least a 9-7, or 10-6 team.} And Boldin went for a 3rd and 4th. Marshall is younger than Jackson and in the past 2 years has caught 7 more passes than Jackson has his ENTIRE career. And as for the "character issues". I guess 2 arrests in less than 1 year doesn't do it for you, huh Sean? Now maybe a trade moron like Angelo would be taken for a 1st or 2nd, but if Parcells, Belichick or Polian were making the deal, Jackson could probably be gotten for a 3rd. Heck throw in a 5th if you have to.
I have seen posts on here talking about how WR is a Bears strength. Thats like saying late round drafting is one of Angelo's strenths. It might be better than his early round drafting and his trading, but that's like being the tallest midget.
You have Hester who, by all accounts, is average to above average at best. Knox is good at 9 routes, but last year cringed every time a crossing route was called. Then you have Bennett who is a "dime a dozen" possession receiver. Do I get excited watching Aromashodu? of course, but that is tempered by the fact that he's been in the league for 4 years and I want to see the results of a full year. Jackson is a good receiver who seems to be getting better with age. And if you could bring in someone who would consistently demand a double team, it can't do anything but free up the other receivers and the running game as well.
With regard to money, as I have stated before, there is money there to be had. Dez Clark is a mil. {You're not going to keep 4 TE's.} Then you could cut Olin and free up some money there. Also, if Tommy Harris comes into camp out of shape or nicked up as his track record has been, and the Bear's want to get their younger guys on the field, you could free up some cash there. The Colts have Manning signed to a Pepper's type contract and about ready to sign him to another. Then they have Freeney who I think signed a pretty big contract a couple of years ago. Along with Wayne. Fact is, Sean, if the Bear's wanted to make this happen, they would.

And one more thing, Creighton. Mike Hass could eat Vincent Jackson's lunch any day of the week! TOTAL BEAST!

@Creighton - Dude, the Willy Wonka references were hilarious...

On another note, VJ is enticing but I would rather give these guys a shot with Martz... Perhaps we could actually draft a tall receiver and a good O-lineman next year?

Guys, we're talking about a guy who is going to miss the first 4 games of the season because of multiple drunk-driving arrests. That's one of the reasons the Chargers are willing to let him go in the first place.

The other reason is that he wants a ton of money, and the Chargers don't think he's worth it. That should tell us something, right?

The Martz system really does work. Remember when Mike Furrey caught 100 balls up in Detroit? Mike Freakin' Furrey! Give Knox a chance, and see if DA or Hester can step up. Then, when there is a wave of legitimate free agents next year (assuming the CBA gets done), spend the money on a talented player that doesn't cost you high draft picks, too.

Bears are doing the right thing.

It makes zero sense to pursue Jackson. In a West Coast yes but chew on this....The most glaring need of The Bears is a G or RT, why worry about signing a player to a huge, monster contract who isn't an OL?

For all of those who believe Jackson is the greatest thing since sliced bread go get some tape(Sometimes I think people on this board don't watch the NFL) and watch Jackson againt the JETS in the Playoffs. He disappeared. If you are saying Da Bears should pay over $7 million a year to a player who was vanished and TR wasn't even on him the whole time fine. But I'm willing to be that if you think that is a good deal you think Cedric Benson should get a huge contract too.

I'd go for Vincent Jackson if I were Chicago, but I agree, Chicago probably doesn't have enough ammunition left in the tank to bring Jackson in. The Julius Peppers signing pretty much sucked them dry. But, defensive end was a much bigger need than wide receiver. In the end, I don't see Chicago going after Jackson.

Myself, I would go after Jackson, especially with this being a make or break season for Lovie & co. I'd give up a 1st rounder for Jackson and see if that would be enough to bring him in, it would be worth it. Jackson is a 6-5 230lb receiver that has averaged 17 yards a catch in back to back seasons, thats right, 17 yards a catch. They don't give 6-5 receivers that avg 17 yards a catch away for free. As far as getting Jackson signed to a long term contract, let him play a season for Chicago, and if he continues to produce, ink him next season. He'd be worth it GO BEARS!!

Well it looks like Sean is right about Jackson, not mention he just got his second DUI, and is suspended for three games but is planning to sit out at least 10 unless he gets a big contract. Ummm so do you really want this guy in CHICAGO. We didn't know yesterday that he had been busted again. Its the week of football tardness, Benson, busted, Jackson Busted, Mike Vick oh god what were you doing on your birthday that got your friend shot a few minutes after you left the club, plus what were you doing hanging out with felons, you are on probation? Do football players really need to be this stupid? Throw in Big Ben who is making Pac Man look like a saint and it has been the summer of football stupid. Jackson just fel off my to get list for the Bears.

Maybe they think all the Lebron coverage will take the heat off of them which it actually has your hearing very little about this stuff.

By the way Miami has set up their Camp in Chicago to meet with free agents??? Chicago Bulls fans need to get down to where they are meeting and start a picket line. GTF out of Chicago and sell your own city to a player. What next is Riley going to walk LeBron down to the United Center and give him the tour.

I laugh each day when I read this blog. All I hear about is how awful the O line is, how terrible the recievers are, and how this team is destined to end up at the bottom of the NFC North.
The O-Line may not be the best group in the NFL....but Jay Cytler did throw 27 TD behind this line and yes he threw just as many INT's....1st year QB working with rookies and very inexperienced recievers behind a O-Line riddled with injuries. Yet this team managed to stay in contention for the playoffs until the last game of the season!
With the acquisitions made in the off season, the draft and free agency, this team will produce and win 10 or more games this year. They will make the playoffs and yes, they will be in the hunt to win this division. Mike Tice brings a set of training values and respect to this O-Line (something it desperately needed) the same way Mike Martz brings a definite winning scheme and set of positive scoring utilizing the speed of this reciever set and the strength of Cutlers' arm.
The Bears running game will be drastically improved due simply to the opposing defenses inability to constantly play 7 or 8 befenders in the box to stuff the run game. Watch for Forte to have another 1200 yard seaon rushing and close to 800 yards recieving. The surprise will be in the production abilities of both taylor and Wolfe or Bell in the Martz styled offense with yardage totals for Taylor good enough to put him close to a 1,000 yd season rushing and possibily 600 yds recieving. Wolfe and or Bell as the 3rd back in this offensive scheme will total around 500 yds rushing and 300 yds recieving.
hester and Knox will break open defenses with sheer speed and deep routes, leaving LB's to cover Aromashodu or Bennett, a polite mismatch in favor possession for the Bears. Aromashodu has the size and the ability to go over the middle and to become extremely effective inside the red zone. Anyone who does not see the quality in these recievers when in a Martz styled offense with a QB the caliber of Cutler is not looking very realistically at the true skill set these recievers displayed with inadaquate coaching last season. Mike Tice and Mike Martz will make Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo look like shinning stars this season!

You wonder if Jackson is suited for Martz' system but have no problem with Hester, Knox, Iglesias, Bennett - all of whom had issues remembering the playbook last year and leaving Cutler out to dry by blowing route ?

Andf Jackson hasn't been dogged by character questions ? What planet do you live on?

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