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Bears interested in WR Jackson?

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Coaches have spent the offseason raving about their young receiving corps. Evidently, that doesn't mean the Bears wouldn't consider adding Vincent Jackson to a group that includes Devin Aromashodu, Devin Hester, Johnny Knox, Earl Bennett and Juaquin Iglesias.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported via his Twitter account that the Bears are among three teams --- the Redskins and Seahawks being the others --- that have "debated making a run" at the restricted free agent, who is currently mired in what looks more and more like a lengthy holdout with the Chargers.

Let's stop right there.

"Debated making a run?"

It's impossible to know what that means. Maybe someone overheard new personnel man Tim Ruskell kicking around the possibility during a brainstorming session with other scouts. If so, this report could mean nothing. That's what personnel guys do during the offseason, look at available players and discuss whether they would upgrade their roster.

For example, it was the policy of one NFL team I once covered to inquire about every free agent on the market, so reporters could always accurately write that "the general manager had been in touch with the agent for star free-agent running back John Doe." But that didn't mean there was fire behind the smoke.

That said, Jackson is coming off two straight 1,000-yard receiving seasons in which he also led the league in average yards per catch. He would be a terrific addition to any team's roster.

He wants to get paid for his production, and may sit out the first part of the season if he doesn't get a new deal.

The Bears would likely have to surrender high draft picks to land a player of his caliber, which is something general manager Jerry Angelo has said he no longer wants to do after trading back-to-back first-round picks to the Broncos for Jay Cutler and a second-rounder to the Bucs for the late Gaines Adams.

Then again, considering what's at stake for Angelo and Smith this season, nothing they do this offseason should surprise you.

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Before Martz was hired, this would have been a much better move. Jackson is a big, fast receiver, and can outmatch most CBs in the league. But he is not especially sharp in his route running, and less quick than fast. In a west coast offense, or a straight downfield passing game, Jackson is a beast, but Martz does a lot of deep square-ins and outs, which means sudden stops and timing out of the break to get separation.

It would be good if the Bears were interested in a premier wide receiver coming into his best years, instead of well after them, like we did with Muhammed. But the amount of money he would cost would make it seem problematic, unless they trade a big-salary guy for him (Urlacher, Briggs, or Tommie Harris). I don't see San Diego in the market for any of those three.

Granted, in the long term, Lovie and Martz might both be gone after this year, and having a target like Jackson for Cutler over the course of his career would be a good thing. But that is precisely why the Bears would pass on the opportunity. It makes too much sense from a long term standpoint, and Lovie and Co. are all about this year, and this year only.

The Chargers have had some DT problems the last few years. Maybe it is time to try and unload Tommie Harris and a mid round draft pick from 11 and 12 to land a guy like Jackson.

He really is not that old and should be a good receiver for 3-5 more years.

I say go for it JA, it is now or never time for you and Lovie.

Joe that is pretty much right on. Something ot consider though, if Jackson does not fit this offense, which we both agree he does not. Then how does Olsen fit this offense? Olsen who as a reciever is a less talented version of Jackson. I would like to call Olsen a TE but he can't block and has time and again said he would like to be split out a lot more and put in the slot a lot more.

These are similar players, which is why I alwasy said Olsen should cut weight and move to reciever back in the Turner days. But now in the Martz offense he does not fit as a blocker and does not fit as a reciever.

By the way if they were going to make the trade it would be a draft pick. Probably a number one, which would help insure the future of the the three stooges as not a lot of coaches want to take over a team, that does not a have a first round pick.

CMON this is the perfect opportunity to take the championship all the way. Our team lacks the WR slot and V. Jackson is bound to be solid for at least another couple of years. It would fill the missing position the Bears lack and would give great depth, as a compliment to Cutler, to both our offensive and defensive side!!

If the Bears where going to go after this guy, why didn't they go after Anquan Bolden when he was available. This would make no sense to do being that the Bears already have five or six wide receivers on this team already.

Austin Lee, so ALL the Bears need is a WR and we are heading to the Super Bowl? Have you even watched the Bears the past couple of years?

FIRST, WRs are extremely OVERRATED and this Jackson fella won't do anything special that even gives the Bears one extra win. SECOND, our O-line is going to struggle a lot this year (except Chris Williams who will be a stud), and finally, our defense is OLD!!! The young draft picks haven't stepped up enough to start counting on them. Ok, maybe they will this year, but I haven't seen anything yet to tell they will. If Coach Smith's & Mr. Angelo's jobs are on the line based on a trip to the post season, than fire them now.

I do think Aromashodu (that's a cool name) will be good and enjoy a breakout season. Bottom line, if the Bears win the opener against the Lions, than they will go 6-10, if they lose that game, it's 5-11.

The WR is one of the last things this teams needs to address.

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