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Bears have a "lot of things in store" for Peppers

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Lovie Smith knew Julius Peppers was a good football player. But he's been even more impressed after seeing him in person.

"A 300-pound man, that moves like a defensive back. That's what you're dealing with," Smith said. "He's done everything we've asked him to do. It's hard sometimes for a guy to move into a leadership role, that quick, but that's exactly what he's done.

"We can't wait to take the next step with him."

The next step could be something new, because of the defensive lineman's athleticism and versatility.

"We have a lot of things in store for him, that we haven't done in the past, when you have a special player like that," Smith said.

"I think Chicago Bears fans will love what they see from him."

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All of this sounds terrific, and I border on neuphoria, but then remember that I felt about the same way regarding Pace, and that did not turn out too well. All signs seem to indicate that the Bears' defense will be much better this year, and I am optimistic.I thought the last few years that the Bears needed two things : a pass rush and an offense that kept the other team's offense off the field. Perhaps this year they will have both of those elements and maybe even an offensive line that opens a few holes for running backs.One can at least hope all the changes add up to a powerhouse on both sides of the bal;l.

no recievers in a passing offence spells last place.

Paul, Peppers is not Pace, Pace was older and his knees were shot. I don't know if their is a lot they can do with Peppers that they have not done before. They will probably flip him from left to right to try and get him his best matchups.

He's an all Pro Defensive end I am not sure their is much he has not done in the league at his position or that the Bears have not tried at that position, perhaps he is refering to Sacks? Maybe Lovie means that Peppers will get double digit sacks, that would be something that has not happened in recent years for the Bears.

Its intresting Lovie wants to talk so much right before single game tickets go on sale. He does this every year, not sure why, the Bears tickets sell themselves. Not sure why the Bears have always used Lovie as a sales rep, I will never forget his comments on the Alternate Jersey and how great they look and how every fan should get one cause they look so good. I don't see many other coaches doing this type of selling. A good team sells itself.

Aw, come on, Creighton, be at least a little optimistic once in a while.At the price these players command, obviously big bucks are needed. How those bucks are generated can be problematic. I do not drink beer anymore and mostly think drinking at sporting event games causes considerable trouble, but without doubt it is a big money-maker. Someone has to pick up the tab. Maybe the Bears should follow the Mariners' lead and sell beer at the price of how many yards the Bears lose in a given game.Even at Bradley's average I would not buy a beer at that price, but others doubtless would.

Julius Peppers is a great athelete, and will add strength to any team he plays for. If he plays...meaning he doesn't sit out plays while being on the field. He is not a "leader" as in team captain or amoung his team mates. He has always been quiet and keeps to himself, for the most. As long as Julius is a happy camper, you will see why he has been a pro bowler so many times. If he is not happy, then you will see why I feel he isn't worth the money that the Bears invested, and trying to figure him left to guessing on the most part.

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