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Angelo's comments draw union ire

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Admitting that the offensive line as "the team's biggest question mark" wasn't the only thing Jerry Angelo said when he was the featured speaker at the City Club of Waukegan on Tuesday. In fact, what the Bears general manager said about NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and the ongoing labor negotiations drew fire from union reps and could possibly result in a fine from the league.

"I have some concern that the new Players Association chief might not recognize a good deal when it's on the table," Angelo told the crowd. "Not that he's not competent. But he's so new."

NFLPA assistant executive director, external affairs George Atallah fired back Friday, via "Any deal that takes players back to the 1980s in terms of all-revenue, increases their risk of injury, decreases their ability to get post-career health care and makes them pay for their own training facilities is a bad deal regardless of how 'new' you are. Maybe Jerry Angelo should try to sell the owners' proposal to the Bears players. That would be a new experience for him too."

Angelo went on to say that "owners are just looking for the players to share in costs of infrastructure and all the new stadiums being built around the league," which drew the following response from Atallah: "Players have contributed to stadium costs and infrastructure improvements for years. That's not new. For the new Meadowlands and Cowboys stadiums, players invested more than $1 billion towards financing those stadiums through the G-3 program. Players expect to invest in the growth of the NFL business and be treated as business partners by the owners. That's not a new concept for players."

Here's the link to the ProFootballTalk report:

And here's the link to the original "Lake County News Sun" story that included Angelo's comments on a variety of topics:,5_2_WA24_ANGELO_S1-100624.article

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Get ready folks. Enjoy the 2010 season since the 2011 season is just a pipe dream. If these comments by Jerry are going to get the union all riled up {as well they should. Mr. "round peg in square hole" should be more concerned about his secondary and wide receivers than anything to do with labor negotiations.} then wait until the big guns {issues} come out. Those being revenue sharing and the potential rookie salary cap.
The owners are in between a rock and a hard place. With some newer stadiums around the league having been built in the last 2-3 years they really can't afford a work stoppage, but if they can squeeze out a rookie salary cap and in the process get a couple of % points back from the players it might be worth it in the long run. This is going to get nasty before it gets resolved and soon to be unemployed JA should stick to pontificating over how well his new free agent signings are looking during OTA's and leave the labor talk to those above him.

The owners are sitting pretty with TV revenue guaranteed for the 2011-2012 season regardless. I think a lockout is going to happen and the main reason is the tv contract. Stupid networks.

Actually, Mr. Angelo should worry more about the O-line, not the WRs. Our WRs are fine and much more of a strength than the O-line. God, WRs are soooo overrated!!! You want a great offense, than build a great O-line!!! WRs are worthless without them.

I'm impressed with the owners, however, getting guaranteed money regardless if their is a season or not. Amazing.

I so hope that idiot DeMaurice Smith pulls his head out of his ass and realizes that he doesn't have much leverage. If he can't do that, and we all know he's a moron, than say bye to the 2011 season.

Oh well, ownership/management still gets paid and I still have MLB!!! BASEBALL is the superior sport anyways. Although I'm sad that it's Chipper's last year.

Unions were originally meant to protect poor, hard-working, uneducated laborers from being subjected to slave wages for back-breaking work and life-threatening working conditions by robber-baron employers. Aside from the uneducated part, I don't see why millionaire affaleetes need a union. And stop helping up opposing players on the field; just because you're in the same union doesn't mean you have to date the enemy.

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