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Angelo: O-line "the biggest question mark"

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Bears general manager Jerry Angelo addressed several key positions this off-season. But he acknowledged Tuesday that the offensive line is "the biggest question mark" going into the 2010 season.

Angelo covered a lot of different topics on Tuesday as the featured speaker at the City Club of Waukegan. The Lake County News-Sun, a part of the Sun-Times Media Group, highlighted some of Angelo's comments:

* On the offensive line: "New offensive-line coach Mike Tice likes the group." Angelo added that the younger group is going from "long in tooth to long in diapers."

* He said the new Mike Martz-led offense will be an "attacking offense."

"He (Martz) has a big ego... he will constantly be looking to score. We're tired of sitting back and waiting. We've got to score."

* On NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith: "I have some concern that the new Players Association chief might not recognize a good deal when it's on the table. Not that he's not competent. But he's so new."

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The OL has no significant changes for the good from the total failure of last season. Cutler, like all pro QB's needs time and this OL is a joke, yet you are quick to blame Cutler, who's running for his life. He couldn't even do a 3 step pocket drop without being crushed and he gets the blame for unloading to keep from being slammed? I must be missing something! The Bears had the opportunity to pick up several different experienced OG's or OT's but passed on the $$$$$$. This is simple, if Cutler has time he will be golden, if not he will be a bum, like all QB's in the league. Good bye Lovie and Angelo, with the Bears doing no better this year then 6-8 wins and no playoff's. I didn't even discuss the pick up of Peppers and the equal payroll dump. Go Bears (to the bank)

"He (Martz) has a big ego... he will constantly be looking to score. We're tired of sitting back and waiting. We've got to score."

Oh, so that's why they took so long to fire Ron Turner. LOL!

It's going to be fun to hear the silence as all the gloom and doomers on the O-line slowly shut up this year.

It's really simple to assume this year is going to be just like last year. Simple and usually wrong. I remember last year the biggest question mark was the wide receiver position. It was all gloom and doom in the off-season. The Bears focused on that position, without elite draft picks or big signings, and they really improved. They went through a lot of growing pains, but I think their young crop of receivers are going to be a team strength this year.

They also focused on the O-line last year, but the O-line takes longer and they paid a real price for their growing pains. They thought Pace had some tread left on his tire, but he didn't. They thought Omiyale was a tackle who could play guard, but he wasn't. They corrected these mistakes as the year went on, but it was too late. That doesn't mean the problems still exist. We started to see the improvement in the last few games of the season.

OK, the O-line sucked last year. But I think a lot of that was paying some dues for the years of neglect. They have a good new coach, a healthy Kreutz, an answer at left tackle, and some very big, very athletic young players that now have had some time to develop. I look for this group to take a real step this year.

Since they are on the O-line, when they do play well you will be able to tell by the silence. Gonna be sweet to hear.

Wow. ... Angelo is one sharp cookie!

Most of the rest of us knew about the reeking O-Line two years ago.

Actually, "the biggest question mark" is a euphemism for "they are crap".

I say calm down and let Chicago's young offensive linemen play before saying they suck. Mike Tice likes the group, that has to mean something. I'm sure Tice knows a thing or two about what it takes to be an NFL lineman. I think the unit may surprise this season.

I like the direction this line is headed in right now. I've always liked left tackle Chris Williams, he looked really good toward the end of last season, sometimes it just takes getting some games under a players belt before they come on. With a season of NFL play, Chris Williams will probably be a better player this year vs last. And who knows, maybe Frank Omiyale will pan out at tackle, a position he's more adapt to playing. If not, Kevin Shaffer could hold the position down till someone is brought in, or until a young prospect like James Marten or J'Marcus Webb is ready. Angelo drafted in Josh Beekman, he's not an all-pro but he's solid, and could turn out to be a pretty good center. I still think Olin Kreutz has one more good year left in the ol tank.

As far as not spending a 3rd rounder on a lineman, I admit, I was also disappointed in april when Chicago went in a different direction. I wanted Chicago to use their 3rd rounder on a lineman, preferably a guard. But if Chicago's choice in the 3rd, safety Major Wright pans out, a huge need was fixed at safety. Was the answer to Chicago's left guard dilemma sitting in the 3rd round or lower, maybe? But I can't see a 3rd round or lower prospect coming in and being the answer during his rookie season. As a fan, I have no idea how certain prospects look behind closed doors, maybe this Johan Asiata is the real deal, the team and Tice obviously likes him. He's got nice size at 6-4 300lbs, and as a senior at UNLV at left guard, Asiata didn't allow a single sack. And I'm sure Asiata is probably a lot more NFL ready than any 3rd round pick or lower would have been, Asiata could surprise. For all we know this Asiata could be a gem, maybe even better than any prospect coming out of the draft, especially 3rd round or lower. Chicago also has another young guard prospect in 2nd year lineman Lance Louis, I say give these guys a chance before saying Angelo didn't address the line GO BEARS!!

I love all these Bears haters that always complain about how cheap the bears are. The Bears spend more money than most of the teams in the NFL. Theyre just not stupid like the redskins and they don't throw money at players that won't significantly help the team. They didn't address the position because they didn't see anyone they felt could step in right away and help them.

How dare Angelo question the talent and ablity of this offensive line. Tripper, Brando, Kevin A, sick emmm, nobody is allowed to question this team. Angelo must not be a fan of this team. Destroy him my mighty hearlds of Bear fandom.

How are they going from long in the tooth to long in Diapers?

Omiyale is in his 5th season
Olin is his 13th season
Garza is in his 10th season
Williams is in his third season
Shaffer 9th season
Beekman is in his 4th season

Granted Pace is gone but only one guy who didn't start on the line last year may start this year. Thats it so unless Pace was all the age and everyone else was a rookie, I am not sure what that means.

I agree with Creighton that the comment does not make much sense, and I hope all the Bear fans caught the sarcasm of his first sentence( which should have ended in a question mark or exclamation point ), but anyhow, the sarcasm is valid. I do think the line will be better this year, and they did improve toward the end of the season last year. Maybe Olin K. will actually show me why he was ever an all-pro. He certainly has never done so in my memory over the last thirteen seasons.

I have stated many times in the past 3-4 years that Angelo is the worst GM the NFL has seen in roughly 40 years. He makes Matt Millen look like a rocket scientist. From idiotic statements to horrible talent evaluation, to being out foxed by teams in his own division and to top it off, drafting players 2-3 rounds before they were projected to go. How this guy still has a job is beyond me.
He has got 5 total draft picks this past year. With pick #1 he gets "pantsed" by the Packers who move up past the Bears and take the better of the safety prospects. But according to "Moe Howard" and "Larry Fine" {Jerry & Lovie} they were targeting Major Wright all along. Then with pick number 2 we hear about the great "value" in the DE from Northwestern. It's of no value if it prevented you from taking an O lineman who could have competed for a job. Wait, it gets better. In a division with at least 2 beast WR's, 2 potential all pro RB's {Peterson and Grant} and the fact that cornerbacks for the Bear's are expected to be major factors in run support, JA drafts a guy who put up an impressive 20 reps...wait..hold on a second, one too many zeros there...2 reps of 225# at the combine. In all the years I have followed combine results (since the late 80's) that may be the worst I have ever heard of. Peterson is going to run over him like he was a tackling dummy. And let's not forget that with the 6th round pick Jerry goes for another "value" pick and drafts a {How could we forget that his new offensive coordinator undermines him 1 month after the draft by saying he would like a veteran QB.} Then with the last pick, he decides to draft a weak OL prospect. Now, exactly 2 months from when they drafted, Angelo says the OL is the biggest question mark. Come on Jerry, you make this too easy.
And can we cut it with the Mike Tice "I like this group of linemen" garbage. Do you expect anything else from him? It's sort of like listening to D. Drake brag about the stiffs at WR all those years with the company line of "we don't really need a #1 WR." Or the "D. Hester is turning into a #1 WR." They are all company lines. Williams has played less than 1/2 a year at LT and if you're panning your hopes at OG on Lance Louis and Asiata, then we have some problems. I hope they pan out. But both are listed right at 300#. In 1997, that might have been a good size for a guard. In 2010, OG's are 315#+. And here we go with season #2 of having Omiyale force fed down our throats. Garza has been solid for a few seasons, but how long is that going to last? As for Olin, he's been below average at best since 07.
"Paging Dr. Moe, Dr. Larry, and Dr. Curly."

I believe that Fred Roberts might be a bit of a fair weather fan. He probably gave up when the Bears mathematically fell out of contention in week 13 because anyone who watched the final 4 games would know that the o-line significantly improved once Pace was benched in week 14 and Chris Williams was moved to his natural left tackle position, the side that he was drafted for. Both offensive tackle positions instantly improved. The running game immediately improved and Cutler spent less time getting knocked around. It was heartbreaking to watch games with zero playoff hopes but this is the Chicago Bears and their fans watch every game despite the circumstances. I do agree however that Cutler should not be a scapegoat for last season. The o-line was bad and didn't improve until it was too late and Ron Turner was a week coordinator with a system that was unfit and weak for the NFL. Cutler was dealt a lousy hand last year. Martz is unconventional and a gamble but a huge step up from Turner. Lets face it, Lovie and Jerry don't have clue about offense and they didn't have a consultant like Bill Walsh did for the 49ers after he retired from coaching. Ron Turner had no one to seek help from when it was needed. Martz doesn't need help. He can handle being the highest authority of an NFL offense himself. It's great that Mike Tice, a great o-line coach, is aboard too...that is if they can get along with each other of course.

So, JA is worried about the O-line but did nothing to repair this dismal group!!!! Waited till the 7th round to draft one, didnt even look at free agency, and now he is worried? What a well prepared GM!!!!

No doubt the Bears do not have the OL talent to drop back play after play with simple 5 man protection. But not too many teams do. Hopefully Martz has learned from his past that he has to balance out his all out aggressive approach in order to keep defenses off balance and to keep his QB alive. They will need to mix in RB and TE help, but I think they know that because they went after one of the best blocking TE's in the league, and they now have two RBs who are both good at picking up the blitz. And they will need to run inside the tackles, which both RBs can do (when Forte is healthy). I also believe the last four games of last year, showed promise on the OL, once they made the position changes. And I believe coach Tice will help. But the key, besides health, will be play calling.


Give Kruetz a shot here, at one time he was the quickest in the NFL and held the respect of the O line with his line calls and the example he set, day in and out on the field and in the locker room. He is back from injury lets see how he does, I am betting he will be stellar this year.

As for the O line in general, yes there are some holes but there are also appear to be some solutions like C Williams on the left side tackle. Remember that to get Cutler which I think we have all have a consensus that JA made a good if not great move, the Bears gave up a whole lot, like 2 #1 draft picks. So tell me, how were the Bears supposed to just not have any holes on the O line. I believe many of us were applauding when Pace was signed. Next year and the year after the Bears have some draft picks again. I will bet dollars to donuts that the O line will be high on the draft list at Center, Guard and Right Tackle.

But, in the mean time lets give these guys on the O line a break, as the "Proof is in the pudding"! At mid season then lets be more critical of the group, if it is warranted?

As for the coaching, I am a OK with letting those guys have it for the past three years of "kiss your sister" mediocre football and not making the playoffs. Now that is the group that we should attack with a verbal vengeance, that includes all three Lovie, JA and TP, until they produce and the ownership too for failing to ensure a championship caliber commitment year in and year out like other cities such as Indy, New England, Pittsburgh etc.

Chicago deserves a Superbowl winner and deserves it far more than every 25 to 30 years!

I can fantasize with the best of them. The offensive line played much better at the end of last season when Chris Williams replaced Orland Pace. Additionally, Olin Kreutz should be better after surgery. Tommie Harris started looking better the last 3-4 games. But I've seen many teams and players play well at the ends of seasons when the pressure's off, just to play like crap at the beginning of the following season.

The biggest problem on offense last season was the line and the Bears did absolutely nothing to improve that group. On defense the biggest problem, as it has been for the past few seasons, was defensive tackle. Again, the Bears did nothing. Yeah, Tommie Harris looked better the last few games, but until he plays well for an entire season that means nothing. I think his legs are shot and he'll never be anywhere near as good as he used to be.

Without good defensive tackles and an offensive line, no team will be any good. Those, along with quarterback, are the foundations of a football team. Unfortunately, the cheapskates and clowns that run the Bears don't know and/or care.

So Jerry Angelo is stating ths same thing the fans have known for years now? Well at least we now know the speed of stupid.

Seriously I wonder how come our line could be questionable. I know let's check JA's draft history since 2003:

2003 G Bryant Anderson, 7th round, 261st pick ... Played 4 games as a bear out of the league
2004 No lineman taken
2005 No lineman taken
2006 G Tyler Reed, 6th round, 200th pick ... never played a down in the NFL
2007 G Josh Beekman,4th round, 130th pick ... Backup center and guard
2007 G Aaron Brant, 7th round, 241st pick ... never played a down in the NFL
2008 LT Chris Williams, 1st round, 14th pick ... finally a starter after sitting out his entire first year with a back injury JA knew he had before drafting him
2008 G Chester Adams, 7th round, 222nd picks ... never played a down in the NFL
2008 T Kirk Barton, 7th round, 247th pick ... cut in camp, played one NFL game, out of the league
2009 T Lance Louis, 7th round, 246th pick ... practice squad player who has yet to play a down in the NFL

Gee I wonder why our offensive line is a question mark, Jerry?

Da Church of Da Coach smoked Jerry Angelo like an eight hour brisket.
What better way to expose a so called GM than perfectly illustrating his historic level of draft incompetence? What's even more incredible is if the Bears do succeed and have a good season because of their free agent bonanza, JA will be retained and get another hefty raise.
Whatever. Just win baby.

I think that our biggest cause for optimism this year will be .... The Coaching Staff.

Tice, Martz, and Marinelli are not the types to put up with the usual Bear crap of using "owee's" as an excuse for not playing well.

If someone doesn't go "all out" this year, and "all year" I think that they're gone! This should include the usual suspects ..... including Harris and Urlacher!

Just watch how fast the slackers "get the message".

As someone who watched Butkus make the plays on knees that would have most of these wienies in the hospital, I get thoroughly disgusted.

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