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Urlacher discusses future

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ESPN's Jeffri Chadiha is a great writer and an old friend who got Brian Urlacher to talk about his future, which was a subject the Bears middle linebacker didn't want to broach during a recent minicamp.

"I'd like to think I could play as long as I wanted," Urlacher said. "But I also know that there aren't many players who get to make that call."

Urlacher also admits this will be the most critical season of his career. Great read. Here's the link:

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Urlacher has no future in fact he was never taht good to begin with. Remember he was voted to be the most overrated player in the leauge and now he has an arthritic back. Im willing to bet he wont even make it threoguh this year. Lovie needs to put him at safety with peanut at free like ive been saying i dont no sense forever.

Oh yeahI was a marine I served my time in the cops. I've been to more places in the world then you loosers could even dreem of. Ive seen it all and done it all so anytime brano/tripper or any of uyoui other clowns feeli like making fun of me no who your dealing with.

Creighton out.

Brian Urlacher will go down as one of the greats in a long line of great Bear middle linebackers. Its to bad he had the injury problems the last couple seasons, hopefully he can get back on par this season. Chicago did miss him in the lineup last season, especially his ability to cover. Urlacher has had some great seasons for Chicago, especially 2002 when he had 214 tackles, which was the most by a Bear player since tackle totals became recorded in 1971. Urlacher's best game, in my opinion, was the "we know who they are" game vs Arizona. The guy had 25 tackles and straight up took over the game for Chicago on defense. It was one of the best games by a linebacker, or a defender period I'd ever seen.

The Sporting News called him overrated back in 2004, when he was conveniently injured, hence making it easier to knock em while their down so to speak. So what did the guy do, he came back in 2005 and won the defensive player of the year award. Its funny, the scheme Urlacher is in right now is the main reason a lot of media people, like the Sporting News, get down on him. Had Urlacher came out in 2000, and been drafted by a 3-4 team, I bet he would have been a rush linebacker. The guy would have racked up the sacks (a pretty stat) and the Sprorting News would have probably been calling him defender of the decade. Brian Urlacher is far from being overrated, I think he's underrated GO BEARS!!

Gotta agree with Kevin on Urlacher's talent and he is a leader although hasn't used the best common sense with the press and in other arena's.

Butkus, Singletary and Urlacher for hall of fame middle linebackers and I would rank them in that order.

Kevin Brian took over that game, or Urlacher and Hester on special teams took over that game? Cause I am pretty sure Devin had something to do with it.

By the way it was not in 2004 that the overrated tag got stuck on Brian. It was in 2006 when SI polled 360 nfl players and the nfl players voted him the2nd most overrated player in the league. They never said he was bad, but that was at the peak of his hype machine. They did vote him a 4 time all pro so some players think he is pretty good to. I think in most cases overrated means overhyped.

By the way Kevin you are wrong about him playing outside in a 3-4. He has never been a great pass rusher. Back when tricky dick tried him at Sam, which is very similar to a rush LB, in that 2 gap scheme Blache ran, Brian failed at it. He is an amazing coverage LB, with sideline to sideline speed. He is really bad when placed against a linemen and has been for his whole career. He has also always struggled against the run. He doesn't break off of linemen well. No Urlacher is what he is, an outstanding coverage MLB, who makes most of his tackles on the outside and defends the middle zone. Oh and Kevin Brian was drafted in 2000, did you mean to say 99, or did you mean to say when Urlacher came out in 2000, instead of had? That is probably the case. Also when did he have 214 tackles in a season? I know he had 151 which is amazing, but 214?

You know what Urlacher said about playing outside. "One time, the Bears gave me Rosie's job, then Rosie took it back." ' I'm a MLB." Brians sacks have usually come when he has come at the QB unblocked.

I see someone is pretending to be me and trying to flirt with me again. No means no!


Are you serious? You don't win NFL Defensive Player of the year by being "No Good" as you say. The players in the league will tell you how good he is. I don't think an ex-marine who can't spell is the definitive answer on his skill set.

Also, he hasn't played Safety since college because he would get abused. He is fast for a LB and too big and slow for a safety. I'm sure you think you could do better than Lovie, but believe me if he could play safety he would've had an opportunity.

Please keep your ignorance to yourself.

I don't know if Urlacher will ever reach his goal of winning a Super Bowl, I just hope he gets to leave the game on his own terms. I hate seeing a team turn its back on a great player at the end of their career.

Who cares anyway? The Bears will not win until they get Kyle Orton back! Or trade for Aaron Rodgers. GO PACKERS!

It's really sad that Brian Urlacher gets any flack from fans in this town. After all what has he done for us? Only keep our team competitive from the moment he put on a helmet for us. Where's the proof, why don't we check our defensive statistics when he isn't there taking away large parts of the field on each play.

He makes everyone on the defense more effective. It's so much easier as a LB or Safety to cover areas when you know the man in the middle is able to cover sooo much ground. I even think that Lovie's scheme is not the best scheme to use him in. It seemed he was even more of a monster when you had those big boys up front taking on blockers---but does it matter much? no, b/c when you have a guy of Urlacher's talent on the field, schemes just don't seem to matter. He just plays.

Now is anyone surprised by the back n forth between sayers and urlacher? you shouldn't be. Over the years, Gale has always been a bit of a surly gent. But, you know what? good. just like Brian's comments last season when he was watching our team stink, it hurts guys who love the bears like they do. Is it surprising the Urlacher shot back? no. He's always been a bit of a grump at times and i like it. He's our middle linebacker for crying out loud. You think Butkus would be forgiving if he were on the team today and some former player said anything?

It's been an absolute joy watching the bears defense since his arrival and I really hope he can maintain his health this season---if he does this team is playoff bound.

And all you haters out there quit raining on my parade, its the offseason---this may be the only time i get to enjoy this team.

Thanks Bri

Gee Creighton, thanks for taking me to school......yeah?

Creighton, first off, when I said, "had he been drafted in 2000", I meant in the past tense. Stop trying to make me look like I don't know what I'm talking about, I know he was drafted in 2000. All I was saying was had a 3-4 team drafted him, they would have probably put him at rush linebacker, especially for his ability to cover. Rush linebackers gotta be able to cover as well as rush the passer, why do you think a player like Aaron Kampman is having trouble in Green Bay's new 3-4 scheme?

Also Creighton, back in 2000, Urlacher's rookie year, before Chicago was a cover-2 base defense. Urlacher had 8 sacks, and 5 in 2001, you don't get 8 sacks as a middle linebacker in the NFL and not have any ability to rush the passer. Once Chicago changed schemes, and went to a cover-2 base, Urlacher was asked to drop back in coverage more, there by taking away a lot of his opportunities to rush the passer. Again, had a 3-4 defensive coordinator got a hold of Urlacher as a rookie, he'd have been a rush linebacker.

And yes Creighton, the Sproting News called him overrated in 2004, look it up. Also Creighton, when I mentioned the Arizona game, I was talking about a great game by a defender, last time I checked, Hester doesn't play defense.

One last thing Creighton, I disagree with you on Julius Peppers, you were the guy that came on here and told everybody Chicago wouldn't sign Peppers because he doesn't fit Chicago's scheme, you said he was a 2-gap end? Here we are in May, and what do you know, Peppers is a Bear. I even read where Chris Harris, who played with Peppers in Carolina said, and I quote, "He's a heck of a rusher, I got to play with him for three years in Carolina, so I got to witness what he could do. HE FITS IN THIS DEFENSE PERFECTLY." So yes Creighton, as far as Chicago will not sign Peppers because he doesn't fit in their were wrong GO BEARS!!

I didn't see any fans down Urlacher. I saw a poser pretending he was a regular downing Urlacher. Urlacher has been a great player playing with injuries and we all hope he gets back to being a great player with decent health..

Jesse Jeff which Creighton are you speaking to? There is more than one these days. Its pretty common on this board, its like Mike these days.


Actually Kevin I was not trying to take you to school. I just asked you some questions, which you have not answered, and tried to clerify the overrated comment and where it came from. You where mistaken about it. Giving wrong information does not help anyone. If it is an opinion that is one thing, but giving dates and making staments and claiming them to be fact, when they are are not only leads to mis-information and bears fans looking stupid when they may quote from it. Personally I want Bears fans to be the best, and to know more about the game than any other fan out there. So I will push them if I have to, and that includes you.

This is what I wrote
"Oh and Kevin Brian was drafted in 2000, did you mean to say 99, or did you mean to say when Urlacher came out in 2000, instead of had? That is probably the case. Also when did he have 214 tackles in a season? I know he had 151 which is amazing, but 214?"

You see Kevin where I ask you if that is what you meant and suggest that it probably is. I was asking you something, nothing more. I also asked you when he had 214 tackles as you claimed. Still waiting for the answer. You wrote this "The Sporting News called him overrated back in 2004,when he was conveniently injured" That is not true they didn't do that, it was in 2005 when he won defensive player of the year and was fully healthy. It was the SI player poll the folloowing year that started the big overrated thing because it was a player poll. But if you actually look at the poll and vote percentage, you realize that Urlacher comming in 2nd at 8% is not a big deal. Ray Lewis and Manning where also on the list.

As for him being or not being a great pass rusher. Maybe you think he is but you tend to think everyone on the Bears is great at everything. Wow he had 8 sacks 10 years ago, so that makes him a great pass rusher?? How does that work? If you can't handle linemen which Brian can't then you will never be a great pass rusher.

Is Mark Anderson a great Pass Rusher? He had 12 sacks 4 years ago. Does that make him great? He still plays end, and thats his job. According to your logic Anderson is a great pass rusher because of something he did once a few years back.

"All I was saying was had a 3-4 team drafted him, they would have probably put him at rush linebacker, especially for his ability to cover. Rush linebackers gotta be able to cover as well as rush the passer, why do you think a player like Aaron Kampman is having trouble in Green Bay's new 3-4 scheme?"

I agree Kevin they may have tried him there. But he would have ended up in the middle. The ROLB in a 34 D do not have to cover as much as regular outside LB's. Kampman was never a LB, he was an end, so thats not really a good comparison. Urlacher played outside for a few games and then they moved him to the middle. Its that simple, he lost his job on the outside and he himself has said that.

As for Peppers I actually said he was a great player and may not fit the scheme very well. Which you have no proof that he does yet. I also pointed out he would be really expensive and sense they were targeting a Safety as well they wouldn't be able to afford both. Which they actually couldn't.

But if me saying I don't think they will get him makes you feel better. Thats fine. The difference between what I said and what you said is simple. I gave no mis-information, I just stated an opinion. Their is no right or wrong with that, it's an opinion. You were mis-quoting dates and stats. Those are not opinions those are facts and you where giving false information. My guess is by accident, I don't know you to have ever done anything like that on purpose and you where probably just taking information off the top of your head and didn't check it. Not a big deal, I just corrected the mis-information, or do you want people believing that stuff?

Back to Peppers, who played in a 1 gap system last year. Carolina switched to a tampa 2. You did know that didn't you? Peppers struggled with it. His DC actually stated I wish he would just give the defense a chance. He was also called out by his defensive captain publicly last year.

He had 8 games last year without a sack, 9 games without a hit, and 23 solo tackles. All his numbers where down from the previous year. So yes he is better in 2 gap than 1 gap. He had 10 fewer defensive stops in 2009, thats about a 25 percent drop from his average and that was in a contract year.

So I can already assume he doesn't fit a one gap as well as he does a two gap because of his history in it. Last I checked the season has not started yet, so how do know I am worng?

Also Could you give us a link to that article you got that Harris Quote from. I would like to read the whole article. Could you post that please? I do recall he said something along those lines, but would actually like to read article. You don't have to, I am just asking you too.

Enjoy your memorial day Kevin, guys, I have to go now, 1500 hrs local is approaching and I have things to do.

Urlacher needs to do a great job stopping opposing teams. Cutler's interceptions are going to keep him busy, and we can't depend on Cutler to put points on the board.

Kevin my last post didn't come up so I will post this. As simple as I can. First I never tried to take you to school, if you felt that way sorry but thats more on you than me. Second what I said about Peppers is just an opinion, and that opinion has yet to be proven or disproven. 3rd you gave some wrong dates and innacurate stats, I actually gave you a chance to correct those and asked you to do so in a suttle manner so you wouldn't get to upset. 4th Urlacher is not nor has he ever been a great pass rusher. You bring up stuff from a decade ago to try and prove this. But your missing one crucial point. Blitzing which Urlacher has gotten almost all his sacks on is not the same as edge rushing. When you blitz the idea is to flood a gap and for a player to come free to the QB. In edge rushing you play on the line, you are not coming free, and you have to beat a linemen. Urlacher has struggled his entire career against linemen, he was tried outside and he failed at it. He has stated he failed at it. So do you understand why I don't think he would be a great edge rusher. He is not a DE or 34 OLB, he has the size but he does not have the right style of play. He struggles against linemen and always has. He is an elite coverage LB, thats what he does best, he is like a giant FS. His play reflects that. Its not a knock on Urlacher, he is what he is and he has had a long enough career to show you that. Thats all I disagreed with you on. If your mad about the dates and stats that you posted, thats actually on you. If your mad because someone pointed out that you did that, again that is on you.

Piece of advice don't use the Bear report to get your stats, try the official stats at If you want more indepth stats try PFF or Stats inc. There is a reason teams are not allowed to be the source for official nfl stats. The main reason is teams kept lying about their stats.

Don't be so easily offended Kevin, it was not a personal attack. No offense but I usually expect better from you when it comes to stats and dates. Take that as an insult or a compliment, but again thats up to how you see it as well.

WRD thank you, at least someone still knows the real thing when they see it.

Are you the Creighton from Farscape? If yes, that explains a great deal about your comments.

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