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Shoulder injury makes Smiley a risk

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Dolphins guard Justin Smiley is one player the general manager Jerry Angelo may be interested signing if and when he is released by the Dolphins.

The problem is, his fragile shoulder may be the reason why the Dolphins asked him not to show up for offseason workouts, according to a Miami Herald report. If he blows out the shoulder working out, the team would be responsible for paying his $2.9 million salary for next season. According to the Herald, the Dolphins believe his shoulder is "shot" and his playing days are near an end.

Smiley has changed agents, by the way. He is now represented by Drew Rausenhaus.

To read the Herald's blog entry on the "Sad Tale of Justin Smiley's Shoulder Injury," go to:

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If, indeed, ... "his shoulder is "shot" and his playing days are near an end." ..... Sounds like Bears' Bait to me!

I wouldn't sign Justin Smiley if I were Angelo. Smiley has actually had durability problems since 2007 when he was a 49er, he only started 8 games that season, and then in 2008 only started 12 games for the Dolphins. And now their saying the guy's shoulder might be shot, and theres gotta be some truth to that because why else would the Dolphins be considering cutting him? I say go with one of the younger guards already on the roster, like maybe second year player Lance Louis or John Asiata.

I think the reason the teams even considering Justin Smiley is because of his athleticism, and the fact he'd be a great fit in Martz's scheme because of that. If thats the case, why not Lance Louis? Louis actually has a lot of traits similar to Smiley. Both Louis and Smiley are 6-3 and around 300lbs, and both linemen are athletic for their size. Louis runs a 4.8 40 at 300lbs, and has a 30-inch vertical jump. The guys got power also, he put up 30 reps on the bench press coming out of college also, and you know the guys gotten stronger working in an NFL gym for a full season. Louis ran with the 2nd team at left guard last pre-season as a 7th round draft pick, and beat out veteran Dan Buenning for a roster spot as a 7th round draft pick. I'd go with Louis, the only way your ever gonna develope a line is by playing your young talent like Louis, not signing stop-gaps, thats not how you build a line GO BEARS!!

Indeed...bears bait.

Watch angelo give up next years' number one draft pick for this crippled player. Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

Kevin I have 3 problems with what your saying, first you are asuming Louis is a talent and a good one at that. Second saying a guy beat out Dan Buenning doesn't help your argument, when the Bears traded for Buenning you thought this guy was a major talent, he has been playing for the Florida Tuskers sense he was cut, thats the UFL, so not only did the Bears mis-identify Buenning as a talent when they traded for him but so did you. Louis has played TE, RG, RT, in college and OG, and LT for the Bears. 3rd when you talk about developing a line who are you talking about? I know Williams and Louis, but Shaffer, Kruetz and Garza are all at the ends of their careers. As for Omiyale he is in his 6th year and third team and has never found a spot on a line. At some point a guy stops being prospects. This isn't the first time someone has tried him at tackle either. I get you want them to develop a line but they really only have two young guys to work with. I know your a Beekman fan but the guy has been bad and while you think he may be a better Center, that is a harder position to play than guard. Please don't say Webb either that guy is a two or three year project at best right now.

Angelo's history, going all the way back to head of Pro Player for the Bucs was to build an O-Line through trades and stop gaps, so the team could invest more in the defensive side of the ball. Thats why the Bears O-Line is what it is. At best this year he will have two draft picks starting on it. Thats at best, cause the don;t really have anyone, and you can't develop whay you don't have. Your not going to develop 9, 10, and 12 year vets into different players.

When the Bears brought in Martz I thought for sure they would use Louis as the blocking TE, he and BM are very similar players, but like several players on the Bears he is more of an athlete than a football player. I would rather see Louis at RT along with Shaffer so that someone is competing with Omiyale. Not sure why Tice and the Bears are pushing him into a spot and so sure he will be great there, they have zero footage of the guy every playing there and the last time they where sure about him at a positon he never played, it didn't work out real well. That leaves Louis and Beekman at LG and Shaffer as a swing player who will probably be playing RT before the year is over. Beekman isn't even going to get a real shot at the position though. So basically its Louis by default unless something happens.

Kevin I posted this question a few weeks ago and I will ask it again, when ws the last time the Bears took a interior linman on offense in the draft?

Last year I said they would go D-Line and I made the Iglesis pick. But that like I said last year was what I thought the Bears would do. I said I wanted O-Line help, this year with Wootten and Moore and that guy they got from the Colts makes the pick picks of Gilbert and Moore look like wasted picks again and Iglesis was considered a slot reciever comming out. So throw him in as well becuase the Bears are loaded at the slot. The Bears could have drafted Loadholt or Unger last year who we were both high on or Levitre, also Vasquez or Lugis in the 4th or with the comp pick. This year it could have been Petrus instead of Moore or Chris Scott, just to add depth and have some options. It's not like they have a lot of depth or talent and its not like these guys are locked in. Not taht any of these guys would have worked out but at least your giving your line a better chance to be good.

Its also not like we would be missing much with Gilbert and Melton. But again the Bears choose to draft D-Line even though they where set at all 4 positions last year and had some depth. You bring in Peppers and it really becomes almost pointless. You get a lot more value in general with mid round guards than you do mid round ends.

I can't imagine Tice would be going "oh no not Loadholt and Vasquez, you know how I hate really big linemen." Or Unger and Vasquez, pick your poison. I mean isn't Unger a 6'5 guard who is really athletic and a strong pass blocker who can play every positon on the line. Might be nice to see him trying out for the RT spot this year, he would seem to fit the bill, not much of a run blocker though but he is a really good pass blocker. Loadholt strangly enough was a really good pass blocker last year as well.

**Indeed...bears bait.

Watch angelo give up next years' number one draft pick for this crippled player. Wouldn't surprise me in the least.**

Gotta disagree, Val. If it was an injured DT, though, then Jerry would trade the first two picks for him.

Lol! And then there's Creighton above bothering people with facts. Mean, mean, mean.

Beekman was bad? Which Beekman were YOU watching? Dude was only in for fewer than 300 snaps and 6 games, and he was STILL better than Omiyale at LG.

Creighton makes good points. The Bears do not draft for the line (like Jim Finks once did). Yet, they expect this cobbled together menagerie to protect their star quaterback -- which they gave up two #1s for. And, even when they do draft players, Angelo and Smith are more often than not a poor judge of talent.

If the Bears by some miracle put together a decent season, this will only prolong the life of a regime that should have departed years ago.

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