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Questions, please

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I've been slacking the last two weeks, as Neil has handled the Q&A. But I'm ready this week.

Send your questions here, and I will answer a bunch.

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Who do you see making the roster at the WR position? Hester, Knox, Aromashodu, and Bennett seem to be locks. That leaves Davis and Iglesias and possibly Barnes to fight out that last spot. I can't see them keeping 6 WRs on the roster.

What do you think are Lance Louis's chances of starting at left guard? I understand that his draft stock had originally plummeted because of his legal issues, but with that now out of the way (as I understand it) he seems to have the size and athleticism for the position. I know Mike Tice has said that there is going to be an open competition and I think last couple of years showed that Beekman doesn't have the size for the position. Thanks, and I've always enjoyed your columns.

Who is the early favorite for the dreaded "medical redshirt" season? I would think smart money is on Webb.

Do you think the bears should trade brian urlacher, lance briggs, and devin hester, for calvin johnson. The bears offense would be much better and the bears would not lose too much on defense.

This really has nothing to do with football but, the "C" the Cinncinnati Reds use as their logo looks just like the Bears "C". Isn't that a copyright infringement? Wouldn't the Bears have rights to it because they are older?

I really liked Alex Brown and wish they kept him, but he wasnt a sack machine. Do you think that we can expect either Anderson, or Izzy being the starter and have the same type of production with 6 sacks maybe more? I mean 6 sacks is an adverage season for adverage players in my opinion

We drafted Major Wright to play free safety and got Chris Harris back to play strong safety. Are the coaches stupid enough to play Harris at free safety and Daniel Manning at strong? I mean we all know how they love to shuffle players into spots they are not suited for. Major and Harris need to start and if they need to get Manning on the field then put him at nickel. I still think they could get some value and trade him as a return specialist. With Knox and Hester, Manning won't be returning kicks either. So why not trade him?


Sean what are your thought on Major Wright right now as we speak does he have the inside track to start? what are your expectation the defense during this mini camp this weekend?

Since the Bears have made no significant moves on the offensive line how can you expect an improved offense and who is availible or will be availible soon to help?

Who will become RFA and who will become UFA next year.

Who will become RFA and who will become UFA next year.

Do you think Webb has a chance to start at left guard between cDub and good ol' Olin? Mike Tice talked about his strength and the lack of a good push in the interior contributed to the decrease in Forte's rushing yards. 3 Hawaii boys Chi-Hoo

If Nick Roach, Hunter Hillenmeyer, and Pisa Tinoisamoa all perform equally well during training camp and in the pre-season, who do you think will enter the season as the starting strong side linebacker?

What do you think the Bears record will be this year? Im going 10-6 if no one gets hurt.

I loved the way the Saints played D last year! They were super aggresive and some even called them dirty. I didnt think they were dirty, I thought thats the way D should be played! Can we expect Marinelli to get the Bears D to the same type of aggresive play or are we going to have a soft Lovie D again? And what do you think the Bears record will be? Im going 10-6 if no one gets hurt

If the Vikings become the L.A. Vikings would they still stay in the NFC North?

Speaking of the Saints, what are the chances of Mike Martz taking a look at their playbook and using some of the stuff they have for Reggie Bush with Devon Hester? Not the running plays per se, but more specifically those swing passes that gets Reggie out in the flat alone with everyone on the defense winding up chasing him to the endzone.

I got a question....wheres the answere to these questions? Had to look in the archives to find this

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