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It's that time of week.

Send your questions. It's May, and there's not a lot going on, so don't be afraid to be creative.

Also, there were so many good ones last week I may recycle a few.

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I still think Garrett Wolfe can play a role somewhere in the offense. He may not be a Darren Sproles, but he really has some abilities that the other backs do not have. I know they have a package for him every year, but they never seem to use it. Will Martz find a place for him? Does Wolfe fit this style of offense?

Since the NFL season sports pubs are coming out in about 1 month how about giving the group of bloggers your thoughts as to how the Bears will finish in their division and whether they will make the playoffs, get to and win the Superbowl? The reason I am asking you Neil is because if I asked Sean he still may have some hidden sentiment for the ViQueens.

Let's say that the Bears do not make the playoffs but have at least 9 wins this year. How would you answer the following:

1. Does Lovie stay? If not, who would be the top 2 candidates to replace him and why?
2. Does Angelo saty? If not, who would be the top 2 candidates to replace him and why?
3. Depending on your answers to #'s 1 and 2, what will be the impact on next year's roster and draft, (assuming that a labor agreement is reached)?



How about a veterans on the hot seat list for the Bears roster?
By my estimation, the following guys are at least on shaky ground: Garrett Wolfe, Rashied Davis, Dez Clark, Anthony Adams, and Hunter Hillenmeyer.

Adams and Hillenmeyer may just be victims of age and young players that they want to test out. But Davis, Wolfe, and Clark all have battles to make the roster in my opinion.

Also, when is the last time the Bears had two players with more than 12 tackles in the same game?

The past two years Bears WRs Bennet & Igleases have sat the bench because they couldn't grasp Ron Turner's offense. It also looked like last year Devin Hester was lost sometimes lining up. Do you think Martz's scheme will be too complex for them? Also, Why don't the Bears have cheerleaders? It would be nice to have a Bears cheerleader calendar....

What's the over/under on Idonije's weight on opening day? I figure he will be moved back to the inside and then back outside 6 or 7 times before September.

D. Manning has the build, athleticism, ball skills, tenacity, etc. to be an ideal free safety. What is it about him or the coaching that prevents him from playing well at what should be his natural and best position? Would he be a top safety in a different system?

Despite all the hype about C. Wootton and how he is going to contribute this year, aren't we really looking at a "redshirt" season for him to get the knee 100% healthy while the coaches get a good look at J. Gilbert and H. Melton this year?

Look at the Bears schedule and tell me where you see them winning more than 7 games and that is giving the 2 wins against the Lions which is not for sure.

Questions for Neal:

1) IF the Bears have a break-even season, but fail to make the play offs, will the Bears likely keep Lovie Smith and his staff, or will there likely be a house-cleaning? Are the fans being unjust to Lovie and company, or is the criticism deserved?

2) What is your assessment of the Bears secondary after the recent changes? Will the Bears' hoped for improvement in performance be offset by other NFC North teams who are also getting better?

All of the Bears WR's gave significant contributions to the team last year. In fact, I felt that the WR corps was arguably the deepest and most improved unit on the team. With another year of experience for a young unit, and the assumption that Iglesias will be ready to see some field action, what do you think the depth chart will look like when training camp starts and on into the season?

Why is it the Bears can't find at least one solid starter at the safety posistion. Every year they draft at least one and bring in a free-agent. What is wrong with Manning that he can/will not play at a respectable NFL level with all the athelitic ablity he has.

Hey Neil, love the column and these opportunities to ask questions... I have a few.

While all positions are up for competition, it seems like it's Zack Bomwan's job to lose as our 2nd corner. Although I've been impressed with his athleticism and speed, I've also heard a lot of knocks against his coverage skills. All else being equal, how do you see him performing in that roll? Have you heard any inside opinions of him from last years game tap or offseason work outs?

Also, how do you see the competition shaping up on the D Line? Peppers and Tommie Harris are locks, but what about the other tackle and end? Idonije had been moved out prior to drafting Wooten, is it possible he competes at both positions? I heard Jarron Gilbert and Henry Melton both beefed up to compete inside at tackle, is this true? What about Anthony Adams, who I believe has been our best run stuffer in the middle the last couple of years?

Who do you like at the left guard position? Beekman's skills have impressed me, but the Bears seem to be leaning towards bigger guards. Does that make Schaffer the front runner? How much of a chance do Webb or Lance Louis have of cracking the spot?

Finally, the depth at TE and WR along with what I know of Martz's playbook could mean some interesting offensive packages this year. Do you think we'll see a lot of tight ends acting as slot receivers, or maybe even fullbacks? Do you ever see Forte and Taylor shring the backfield, or perhaps one of them lining up as a receiver for a mismatch? I feel like we have a lot of good young talent but don't know how everyone is going to see playing time in this scheme. Of course, there's a lot I don't see about the Mike Martz playbook, and that's not a bad thing in my mind.

I know Olin Kreutz is on the mend.Without a defined back-up at center I was wondering if the surgery he had could have any lingering effects on him to perform at 100% by the start of the season?

What does a player have to do during a physical to join a team? Is it more of a doctor checking them out or is it like a physical performance test?

How washed up is Smiley and do you think the Bears will sign him if he gets released?

Ok Niel I have a question, a good question, no a great question, totally original too, not even sure how I came up with it. I guess you could call it an epiphany. Alright, are you ready for it? Are you excited, are you worked up for this amazing question?

Rubber or Dirt?

Actually can you give some insight into why the Bears coaching staff suddenly feels Omiyale will be a solid RT? They felt he would be a great LG but that didn't pan out. They also were talking about this move pre-Tice, so I don't see it as being his idea. So when was the last time a 5 year career backup went from being a poor guard to a solid right tackle? I am sure moving him around will really help, maybe he can play Center next if right tackle doesn't pan out.

We've had some guys last year either show up out of shape or have many suggest they need to add muscle tone or quality pounds in the weight room. Can you give us a sense of how following guys look physically compared to last year? C. Williams, M. Harrison, J. Gilbert, H. Melton, Iglesias, L. Louis

Let's say the Bears' season ends in a funk and the organization cleans house, who gets hired to take over and inherit this team, specifically this defense, to compete the following year? In the NFL, it's not uncommon to turn things around in one year. However, the players on defense are not built for a 3-4 scheme. Fire Lovie and the fans will have to wait two-three years to field a team ready to win the big one.

With the potential job security issues in Denver what would be the likelihood the Bears would take back Kyle Orton.

Since my question from last week wasn't answered because of late I wrote it, I re-wrote it here.

On the Bears O-line, it seems at though the guarranteed starters are Williams at LT, Kreutz at C, and Garza at RG. Meanwhile, People have said that Omiyale will win the RT position. And while that's his natural spot, why does that make him the starter? He has NO history of being good, so why do we favor him over Kevin Shaffer? I personally think it should be Shaffer at RT, cut Omiyale, and put Beekman at LG.


As I have said for the past 6 weeks on here, the Rams are not interested in signing OJ Atogwe to a long term deal. Having a top 2 pick in the draft the last 3 years and the #1 pick this year, they're not interested in giving a safety Antrel Rolle type dollars. They have less than 3 weeks to get the deal done or sign him to a 1 year 7 million dollar deal. If he becomes an unrestricted FA on June 1, what are the chances the Bear's make a play on a 29 year old safety? Yes, they have made a splash in free agency, but the Bear's have also trimmed some salary as well and could trim more if they wanted too. I have been in favor of cutting the over rated Olin, Hunter, and obviously a safety to get Atogwe. And yes, I know the Bear's have said that they are done in FA, but this is also the team that said they weren't going to go "hog wild" in free agency, then went crazy on day 1. And if the Bear's have lost interest in Atogwe because of the drafting of Major Wright, then that's football ignorance at best.

Sense when was RT, Omiyale's natural position? Last I checked he was a LT in college. Chris Williams is living proof that some Tackles can't play both positions

Hey Neil,

With all of the talk of how complicated Martz's offenses have been, do you think considering the win or be history status of Lovie and such, that Martz will keep his system simpler for at least year one? It seems like a somewhat logical approach considering there is a chance a complicated system would not be fully functional in the first year. Thoughts?

Niel or Jenson,

Why do you let some of the most negitive fairweather fan post anything on this board? Creighton is a downer and is not loyal to his team. Im not wanting to hear freedumb of speech because there have been plenty of non-negitve post that wont even show up. Time to make this blog a True Bears Fan Only site, for fans that enjoy watching the Bears. Not for fans that like to down a team on every move and every coaching change.

How the heck are we going to run the ball?

Nobody ever mentions Gary Fencik for the Hall of Fame. He was the backbone of the greatest "D" ever!! What are your thoughts?


Anthony Adams was probably our best DT last season. Despite the fact that the coaching staff wouldn't play him for whatever reason, Adams was a beast. If he is cut this year, he's going to make the Bears regret that decision. Besides who are they going to put in there? Tommy Harris is a shell of his old self. Marcus Harrison is already showing the knock that came on him in the draft - first round talent but not effort or dedication. They going to move Izzy back inside ... again? Is Jarron Gilbert suddenly good?

Anthony Adams isn't going anywhere especially when you have coaches who need to win now. He's a starter and rigthfully so. Then - of course - it is Lovie and Jerry so they'll probably cut him and send a 1st-round 2011 pick to the NFL Network for Warren Sapp.

I don't disagree with you, in fact, I think he was by far our best DL overall last year in consistency and performance. What I think is that if they don't make a move with one of the DL on the roster as far as a trade, they need to find homes for Gilbert and Melton, as well as Harrison, Harris, and Idonije. If they leave Izzy on the end, then they are heavy there with Anderson, Wootton, and Peppers already out there, and they usually go 3 deep during the game. Izzy is better inside than outside, so that squeezes one more player on the DT depth chart.

They have been trying to replace Adams since he got here, just like with Alex Brown. Steady and solid doesn't do it for them. They like those high ceiling/ridiculously low floor guys instead. Angelo will likely not release Melton until he at least has a chance to go through a training camp and preseason, and Gilbert will get a chance this year as well. Adams just seems like the man on the outside in the position battle, right or wrong.


I have a mutual acquaintance of mine who I work with when I'm home from school in the summer. He claims to have caddied at some prestigious country clubs where members of the coaching staff/players attend. He has said that he has caddied to one current coach and a few ex coaches of prior year who have stated that in the public eye, they like Cutler. But in truth the coaching staff can't stand the guy but the front office(Angelo, Phillips) are the ones calling the shots.Hes said that one coach has called Cutler "a big brat" and that the players can't stand him. I was wondering if you have any sources internally who can say this could be true or not true. That Cutler gets along great with everyone, or in truth, the team can't stand the guy. I hope it's the ladder. I like Cutler a lot. But things can be said behind closed doors and different int he public eye.

Much appreciated,


With Haynesworth wanting out of Washington, how likely is it that the Bears make a play for him? Maybe not this season, but can you see the Bears making a trade if Tommie Harris fails this season? What would he cost?

I was just wondering, why hasn't Dave Toub gotten any interest from other teams about a head coaching job? He has done a tremendous job with the Bears special teams since he's been here and in Philly before that. I feel he'd make an excellent head coach for someone someday.

Given the age of Kreutz and Garza and the scrutiny of the OL this past year, it's a good bet that at SOME point the OL will get some attention through free agency or the draft in the future. What sort of players do they want at each position? Big maulers? Smaller athletic types? What's the prototype description for what they want?

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