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Projecting Wright's rookie deal

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While other teams wait, the Bears continue their push to get all their rookies signed by the end of the month.

Only the team's top pick, third-rounder Major Wright, and quarterback Dan LeFevour are unsigned.

My guess (an educated one, I would like to think) is that Wright will sign a four-year deal that includes guarantees around $644,000, a respectable bump from the $625,000 the Dallas Cowboys gave Robert Brewster (third round, 75th overall pick) last year. That's if the Bears and Wright's agent (Mitch Frankel) structure the deal in a straightforward manner.

If they get fancy (don't want to bore you -- or myself -- with technical terms), then Wright could be in line for more money because the Bears like to structure deals so rookies can earn more money in the last year of the deal, usually based on playing time.

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Any guess as to why LeFevour is holding out? I know we are in May still, but seems like a sixth rounder would be signed before a fourth, what gives?

Gus, the Bears signed quarterback Dan LeFevour to a four year contract this afternoon. LeFevour will prove to be a draft day steal when its said and done. LeFevour probably isn't NFL ready and won't be this year, but given a year to develope, he could be something special. The guy is a winner, he helped turn the Central Michigan football program into a bowl-worthy program leading them to 4 straight bowl games. LeFevour doesn't have the strongest arm but can make all the throws. He's the first player in NCAA history to pass for 12,000 plus yards and rush for 2500 yards during his career. For a 6th round draft pick, thats great value. LeFevour was my favorite small school prospect coming out this year, he'll be one to watch over the next couple seasons. I think he's hands down better than Tim Tebow, as proved in the senior bowl where FeFevour proved, like Matt Forte in years past, that as small school prospects, they can still run with the bigger school prospects. He'll be one to watch over the next couple seasons GO BEARS!!

Kevin Armstead,

Reality check...

For LeFevour to even have a chance to prove that he is a draft day steal, Cutler and Hanie will have to go down. Now what are the chances of that happening in any given year for the next ...lets say...6 to 8 years? If he is a draft day steal, we will never know about it.
And furthermore, please don't repeat what the bears organization says or paid off sports writers say. We can read.
This new QB hasn't proved anything and may never have that chance to either. What do we have him for in the contract? 4 years? You won't see him on the field for those 4 years....and you will forget about saying draft day steal long before then.


Don't tell me what I can and cannot say....ok.

All I was doing was letting Gus know what I read about the Bears signing LeFevour. Gus came out and asked what was up with LeFevour, I simply told him what I knew, and that was that the Bears inked LeFevour, ok, is that all right with you val?

Also val, as a 6th round draft pick, yes, LeFevour was a steal, he was projected to go as early as the 3rd round. The guy gives Chicago a young QB with upside to develope and man the third string QB spot. Thats all I was saying, I said nothing about the guy being the next coming of Tom Brady, again, all I said was the guy was a great pick for a 6th rounder and he could develope into a very good QB for the Bears. See val, I don't need the Bears organization or paid off sports writers to help me show something called team support GO BEARS!!

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