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Manning last to sign Tender

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Danieal Manning signed his one-year tender with the Bears. He was the team's last restricted free agent to do so. The deal is for one year and worth $1.176 million.

Now Manning can focus on how he fits into the secondary, which remains a puzzle, and not just because Manning has played multiple positions during his four-year career.

Either way, expect former second-round pick to continue to play a major role on special teams. Last year, he averaged 27.9 yards on 68 kickoffs with one touchdown. He also had 21 special teams tackles to go along with 77 tackles, one sack and one interception.

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This is a very good thing. Who care if he is a back-up FS, who cares if he plays nickle, because for 1.176 million he isnt getting paid like a starter. For that kind of money im sure he is well worth just returning kickoffs.

D.Manning also had 2 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries 3 pass break-ups and the 1 sack he did have was a safety.

Not to burst your bubble there Timmer. But Manning is not working as the backup FS. In fact he has not been working at FS at all. He has been working at SS. First team SS. Harris has been the guy working with the first team at FS. Never pencil in a rookie this early. In fact never pencil in a rookie. Wright has to earn the job, nobody is going to hand the third round pick the starting job.

Until he earns it and shows he can be the guy, Manning is SS and Harris is your FS. Which is exactly what I said the Bears would do with those two when they traded for Harris. Harris played FS for the Bears not SS. Wright may earn the job, but until then I wouldn't be counting on a third round pick to be a breakout star just because thats what the Bears need and you want them to have that. I mean rally rookie camp just ended and people had Wright in the HOF the day he was drafted. Why exactly, I don't know. I guess they where really impressed by his scouting report. "Never seen him play but I here he was decent at Florida which means HOF in the NFL, right?"

Lovie plays his Safeties deeper than just about anyone, which means the zone they play is shorter than normal in a tampa 2. The Corners play a bigger zone than normal in his tampa 2 and so do the LB's. Thats why his Corners play off so much, they are playing the ball deeper. They give up the short stuff and defend the big play. Then when the field gets short they are all bunched up to defend the middle. Bend don't break, are we getting this yet? Short field=less ground for his poor pass defending safeties to cover. The less they have to cover the happier he is. He loves using them in run support, and the safety blitz.

Manning was a restricted free agent, not unrestricted.

The idea of Chris Harris at FS scares me to death. We basically have put SS guys at both spots for the last several years, but have been getting steadily worse each season without a true ballhawking free safety.

I do like Manning at strong, maybe even more so than Harris, because he can still cover man to man from the box, whereas a speedier tight end would leave Harris behind if he had to cover from near the line. He can also cover the slot if needed, if we get caught in a base formation against 3 WR.

Wright may have the smarts to play free safety, but it remains to be seen whether he has the athleticism with pads on to be where he needs to be.

Manning is a terrible SS, basically because he is one of the worst tacklers on the team. Do we need to remember the ridiculous sight of him last season when he had a 1 on 1 with Ben Rothlesberger at the goal line and he just slid under him while "Big Ben" leaped over him like he was Sweetness himself. I know he is always going for the strip (which is kinda ironic 'cause the guy has hardly any forced fumbles for as many attempts as he makes) but he must be afraid of contact, as he never actually hits anyone but just grabs at them. His reaction time is also not up to par to play either safety position.

Creighton what bubble is bursted? I said WHO CAREs for the money he is making. If he fails and is benched Who Cares. If he is benched and only a KR Who Cares. He is cheap, we all know he can return kicks but on defense...... fill me in.

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