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Hester expects receivers to "shock the world this year"

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Count Bears receiver Devin Hester among those expecting big things from the new offense under Mike Martz.

While the Bears don't have a single receiver who has topped 1,000 yards in a single season, Hester projected that four or five receivers would thrive in 2010.

Asked if Martz will take advantage of his versatility, Hester said, "He's going to utilize all the receivers.

"Like I said, we're going to have four or five receivers that are going to succeed, and just kill this league, if we get this offense down pat and do the things we're coached to do.

"Four or five guys are going to really shock the world this year."

Hester said they are now in a position to make plays.

"Now, it's all up to us," he said.

But Hester said Martz is expecting the players to learn a lot.

"He's throwing a lot, everything he's got," Hester said. "We're all picking it up. It's an exciting offense.

"Once we all get it, it's hard to stop."

Besides, Martz has history on his side.

"If you look at the St. Louis Rams, those guys were successful for four or five years with coach Martz," Hester said. " It's not going to happen overnight. We're not going to come out here in a week and know the whole playbook. We got some growing to do, and we're going to make sure we dig deep down inside and put a little extra focus into studying the playbook and get it down before the season starts."

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I just love the bears OTA's. Every year I get a new...perspective. They'll shock the world. Okay.

Will someone tell Hester that the wide receivers already shocked the world.

Have to wonder what martz has been putting in their drinks lately. It isn't gatorade.

At least it appears the Bears players are embracing the new offense, that is a good sign. Who knows if Cutler really starts to get the offense and the offense can be a top ten offense then the Bears could make a run.

I know most everyone on the blog is ripping the Bears chances this year but I like the feel right now. It appears there is a little chip on the shoulder mentality going on with the Bears. They seem like they might have something to prove, which is a very good thing. The last time they played with a sense of determination and urgency was back in 2006, certainly not the last three years.

Peppers is going to add a lot to this D, Urlacher has pride and will want to prove he is still relevant to this defense, Briggs has been the best player on the D along with Tillman for a few years now and both have a lot of pride. This D could be good, maybe even very good.

You can still win playoffs with great defense and a decent offense and if you have a great defense, great special teams and a better than average offense (maybe top 10) WATCH OUT THE BEARS WILL BE FOR REAL.

Now if the coaching can pull their heads out, motivate, game plan, have some good half time adjustments and coach then maybe just maybe the Bears can do something this year.


Listen to Dahlllma, folks. He's right across the board. His analysis is very hopeful and convincing. He suggests,though,that the real fundamental drag on the team might be the coach himself, who has totally failed to motivate and develop this team for three years. With the McCaskeys we've gotten Wanny, Jauron (the character from the Night of the Living Dead) and Lovie (Mr. Boring).
Before that, we had da Coach, hired by Halas. From Virginia on down, the McCaskey family is totally misplaced. The McCaskeys hired Ted Phillips, an accountant, to be the President. Ted Phillips hired Jerry Angelo. Jerry Angelo hired Lovie Smith. Folks, it starts at the top. It doesn't get better as you work your way down. Conclusion; the McCaskeys have to sell the team - but they won't.

I have always been high on Hester. He can be a game changer anywhere anytime. Now that the Bears have a REAL teacher and coach on offense I do think Hester can have a break-out season.Heck who knows who is gonna be the game breaker on offense. Whoever it may be lets hope Jay Cutler got his color blindnes fixed and wide-outs that can remember to cut IN or cut OUT because last year both Cutler and the wide-outs is best said as WeT FarTs!

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