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Green picks broadcasting over the Bears

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Trent Green told the "Waddle and Silvy Show" (AM-1000) that the Bears gauged his interest in possibly coming out of retirement and being considered among the candidates to be Jay Cutler's backup but that he wasn't the only quarterback the team was interesting in signing.

Green also mentioned Josh McCown and Mark Bulger, two other quarterbacks who have worked with Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz in the past.
Green said on Thursday morning that he thought about coming out of retirement for a couple weeks after being contacted by the Bears and had even began working out when he decided he would prefer to pursue a career as a football analyst instead.
A severe concussion helped convince Green to retire after the 2008 season.
"Looking back on everything, it was a great 15 years and I enjoyed every minute of it." he said. "I told Mike Martz this because we've talked for years, I would play forever if that was physically possible, but I was just at a point where that didn't make a lot of sense. And I did I told them thanks for considering me in the mix but I'm going to continue to pursue my TV career."
Green predicted that Cutler will excel in Martz's offense.
"I know Jay took a lot of heat for it last year, his kind of gun slinger mentality," he said. "Sometimes he's a little to careless with the ball, but there are some throws he can make that not many quarterbacks in this league can make and that's what makes him so special. Its going to be up to Mike to emphasize to him when those opportunities are to take the chances, and when its not the proper time to take the chances."

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Did the Bears expect anything less? I mean, c'mon. What QB is going to want to work behind this o-line and with the incomprehencible, and inexperienced WRs? I'm not as concerned with Cutler as I am with the the other two positions I mentioned. If we could get a decent protective line and maybe an experienced and proven WR, then the QB situation wouldnt be much of a concern. Though I could be wrong.

Jay Cutler should put up some crazy numbers in this scheme, I don't see the passing game being a problem. My worry is the running game, either way Chicago is gonna have a young left guard, and also I hope Martz doesn't 100% abandon the running game. You can only get so far through the air, after Thanksgiving you gotta be able to run, and run effectively. Martz has two pretty solid runners in Forte and Taylor, he needs to use them in his game plans or Chicago will become 1 dimensional. If Cutler can cut back on the picks, and Martz's can implement some type of running game, Chicago will be fine GO BEARS!!

Jay Cutler does not need a backup. He is a backup -- you can't trust him with the ball. Everyone's like: "Cutler's got a great arm. He can make throws no other quarterbacks can make." Who cares. The Bears need a winner. Tom Brady wins with quick, short passes. Three Super Bowl wins and another appearance.

I don't think it was his mentality, gunslinger or not, that Cutler got heat for. I think it was the $30 million, 2 first round picks and a very manageable QB for 26 picks and a view of the playoffs from the sidelines.

But I may be wrong...

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