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Fifth-round pick signs deal

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Josh Moore, the Bears fifth-round pick, has signed a four-year deal that includes $198,000 in guaranteed money.

A cornerback from Kansas State, Moore was selected to provide depth and help the special teams.

Moore is the second of the team's draft picks to sign.

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The Bears were big on cornerback Joshua Moore because of his physicality. I read where one scout called him one of the draft class's more aggressive corners. As a sophomore in 2008 Moore led Kansas state in tackles with 76, and then had 64 this last season. The guy isn't afraid to come up and hit somebody. Moore didn't have a lot of picks at Kansas st, only 5, but he did break up a lot of passes, 23. In 2009 Moore had 11 pass breakups, and had 12 in 2008, that isn't Deion Sanders great, but it isn't that bad either, he was worth a 5th rounder.

The Bears aren't to bad at the cornerback position. You got Charles Tillman and Zack Bowman as your starters, they're not a bad combo, and should fair a lot better with some line help from Peppers and a healthy Tommie Harris. And some younger guy's like Corey Graham, who looks solid, D.J Moore, Woodny Turenne and free agent pickup Tim Jennings. Turenne could be the surprise player at camp this summer, he's got good size at 6-0, and as a senior at Louisville had 5ints, 38tckls (28 solo), 1TFL, and 2 pass breakups. Turenne missed two starts due to breaking his clavicle. He could be a player to watch out for, who like Bowman, his stock slipped due to durability concerns, but when healthy is not a bad player, it should be interesting GO BEARS!!

Wasn't he the bench press machine at the combine? I guess the Bears won't have to worry about PED's with him.

OK, I had to get my jab in. I never played CB and I am no expert, but I don't think bench pressing will be an issue during the game. According to Kevin, his numbers in college sound fair. Let's hope that translates to great play in the NFL otherwise the Bears wasted a fifth rounder. But what else is new?

Moore and Turenne...two of the NFLs best kept secrets and we have them n the Bears! Total monsters they are! Probowlers they will surely be!

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