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Dolphins trade Smiley to Jacksonville

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So much for the Bears signing guard Justin Smiley when he gets released by the Dolphins.

Miami traded the veteran to Jacksonville, according to ESPN and He will have to pass a physical before the trade becomes official, and given his shoulder problems that may not be a given.

The Bears are comfortable standing pat along the offensive line but had some interest in Smiley.

Smiley spent two seasons with the Dolphins after spending his first four NFL seasons in San Francisco.

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OK, who do the Jags cut on the line to make room for Smiley? Tice was there, I'm sure whoever gets dropped will be someone "the Bears have been targeting"...

Of course the Bears are comfortable standing pat. That is what loosers do. Do nothing and lie to everyone about how wonderful life is.
Whoever the Jags drop will be better than what the bears have in the lineup.

I never wanted Chicago to sign Justin Smiley in the first place. Smiley is a very good offensive lineman...when he's healthy. The guy's had durability problems for the last couple seasons, since he's days with the 49ers. Back in 2007 Smiley only started 8 games for the 49ers, then in 2008 with Miami he only started 12. Now their saying he's got shoulder problems, I'd stay away from him.

I'd like to see the Bears go with one of their young guys, like 2nd year guard Johan Asiata. This kid seems like an intriguing prospect. Yeah he was only a free agent rookie, but you can find linemen after the 4th round of the draft, there have been plenty of good NFL linemen found late. I say play the younger guys and develope them, thats the only way their ever gonna come on. Angelo needs to stay away from the stop-gap types, thats the main reason Chicago's in the mess their in right now on their offensive front. If Asiata shows something during the OTA's, stick him in there and run with him GO BEARS!!

Although this is rather unfortunate (I guess), the Bears need to get a solid O-Line and what they're doing with the line and arguably the O in general is blindfolded darts. They're (the org and coaches)neglecting the offense of proper attention, and although yes our defense needed significant tending to, the Bears have primarily focused on the D and extremely minimally on the O and constantly feeding us the lies that our O is perfect and needs no attention. So when the medics are picking up Cutler from the field due to the horrid O-lines protection and the countless picks he'll be throwing due to the Defenses successfully demolishing the line, I cant wait to hear that foolish coach of ours' reaction on the press conference. Man, this is going to be a wash-up! And it's a shame for us fans.

The only guy left out there who is a halfway decent guard is Chester Pitts, and he is far from a sure thing with his recovery from injury in question. We either have to roll with the players we have, or do something out of the box.

I heard Asiata got a lot of the reps at LG, so how did he look? Is he a legit chance to start, or is it more to get him familiar with the scheme while Beekman covers for Kreutz at center? I also saw that Garza was playing center when Beekman was at LG.

We keep hearing that the coaching staff likes Asiata, but what does that mean? What kind of a player is he? Is Shaffer getting a legitimate chance to win the job at LG, or is that their pacification for him since they took his RT job without even letting him battle for it?

I would like to see Mike Tice do an interview and talk about his position group, especially while things are relatively slow. Maybe take each position coach, and go through each player in his group prior to training camp, and find out what their strengths are (coaches will likely not share weaknesses in an article), and what their impressions are of the group overall.

There are several position groups that are up in the air, but offensive line, defensive back, and wide receiver will probably be the most interesting groups overall. Lots of ways that it can end up.

Late last season when the Bears moved Williams to LT and put Shaffer in at RT the line played better than it had all season. That's not saying much, but it was an improvement. The unfortunate thing here is the "smoke and mirrors" routine the Bears' management and coaches try to pull on the fans. Intelligent ones see right through it. Tice is not picking his offensive linemen, Angelo is. As I said weeks ago, it has to be disheartening to guys like Shaffer and even Beekman who play their rears off, and then guys like Omiyale and Olin are moved into positions they don't deserve. I dare say that if Beekman replaced Olin there wouldn't be a drop off and there might be even an upgrade. Olin has been outmatched on a regular basis for the past 3 seasons. As for Omiyale, he was thrown around like a rag doll last year at RG.
There isn't going to be an "open" competition at RT. And there won't be one at SAM linebacker either. That job is Pisa's to lose no matter how well Roach played last year. And if you want to know the truth, they can talk up Craig Steltz all they want in the OTA's and mini camps, but they are targeting Manning and Harris at the safety positions.
As for the OG positions, to rely on a college free agent and a converted TE, as either potential starters or backups, you're walking on thin ice. A TE can sometimes make the transition to tackle and more specifically, LT {Andy Heck being one that comes to mind}, but to move them inside is a rough transition. If there were real competitions going on, then bringing in a Chester Pitts might be a good move. If for nothing else, it might push the ones currently on the roster.
One last thing. If you're someone who gets all worked up over the "performances" at OTA's, mini camps, or even training camp, then you need to put the Kool-Aid down. I, for one, am so sick of hearing how good this guy looks or that guy and then against another team they get dominated. That says that either, A. Bear's management/coaches can't evaluate the player(s) in question, or B. The players on the Bears that the player is looking so good against are not very good and see point "A" again.

I say stay in house if they are right they are genius's if wrong will grease the way out the door it's a win win situation. It's a good thing they didn't get Smiley he's damaged goods it's time they developed some in-house guys this will also give us thinsght into the minds of the staff if there is or isn't any. Lastly can someone, anyone tell me why Garza is still here after being stuffed so often isn't about time the switch out Garza and Kreutz?

Time for the Bears to forget signing fringe guards on the edge of being cut or being chronically injured and develop guys like Louise, Vance and Asiata. After all the Bears have the one of the best offensive line coaches in the NFL. Tice needs to earn his money and teach his new guys how to block. Don't waste your time with constantly injured veterans.

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