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Bears sign undrafted rookie Spicer

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The Bears just announced that defensive tackle Averell Spicer has been signed after this past weekend's rookie mini-camp.

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I would be willing to bet that JA probably goes to garage sales because he thinks he will either find a player for the Bears or he might just find the Mona Lisa.

Wouldn't it be great if JA actually hit on one of these cast of characters that limp more than they can play. Maybe this kid can come back from adversity, climb the proverbial hill and become an all pro for the Bears.

Yeah right and I can drive the golf ball 350 yards. I really meant to say something a little more crass but the blog police have been watching me like a hawk lately. They must work for the Bears instead of the CST.

Has anyone noticed you can't say AR-, now you have to say (Butt). OMG!!! How come I can say that, some could say it is blasphemy.Or why can I say BFF when everyone knows it isn't Best Funny Friend.

Geez. this is a blog you gotta let the lingo fly a little don't you?

NOPE the blog police are watching, our liberties are being taken away even as we speak, oh thats right, we don't have freedom of speech anymore, just another freedom taken away, like so many others.

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