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Bears sign seventh-round pick Webb

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It doesn't appear as if the front-office shakeup is going to change the Bears' recent trend of signing their draft picks early.

The club announced Sunday afternoon that it has signed seventh-round draft pick J'Marcus Webb to a four-year deal. Terms were not disclosed.

The 6-foot-8, 328-pound tackle was a two-year starter at West Texas A&M who impressed new offensive line coach Mike Tice leading up to the draft.

The Bears have been the first NFL team to sign all their draft picks in two of the past four seasons.

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A 7th round draft pick that is going to change the face of the bears sometime in the future. Now many of those, that it....7th round draft picks that we were so giddy about?
We can't even get a 1st round pick and feel that good about him, let alone a 7th round pick. Odds are, he won't last the 4 years of his contract....all on the practice squad. That is why he was a 7th rounder.

We probably take this early signing policy for granted, but it's a really good idea. By getting their draft picks in the fold the Bears maximize the opportunity to have these players make the team and contribute their rookie year.

It may not sound like much, but they can begin work outs at the team facility, go to all the OTAs, get early attention from their position coaches, and generally get comfortable in their new environment. When they go to camp, they can spend their time learning pro football instead of looking for the locker room and learning everybody's name.

In the competitive world of the NFL, it's enough to matter.

I seem to remember a mammoth 6'7'' undrafted free agent defensive lineman who moved over to offensive right tackle and did okay there for about a decade. What was that cat's name?.....

That's great news...START HIM !!! I mean really, can he be any worst than those guys from last year, at the very least he has long arms !

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