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Bears add special teams ace

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The Bears signed veteran linebacker Brian Iwuh and released tight end Kevin Brock. Terms were not disclosed.

After signing with the Jaguars as an undrafted free agent in 2006, Iwuh appeared in 58 games and ranks third in Jacksonville team history with 61 special teams tackles. Last year, he had a career-high 38 tackles as well as 17 stops on special teams, which was second on the team.

Brock logged time on the Bears practice squad last year after stops with the Panthers, Jets and Steelers.

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One thing Chicago has always had over the last couple seasons is some pretty solid special teams units. From kicker Robbie Gould, who Angelo basically got at a New England/Baltimore garage sale, Brad Maynard who Chicago got through free agency, one of the better free agent pickups of the last 16 seasons, and Hester. This Brian Iwuh will now join a pretty strong coverage unit which already features Tim Shaw, who is a special teams ace himself GO BEARS!!

This is a very solid signing with Iwuh. This will allow us to have another piece towards keeping us in the top half of special teams in the league. With us expecting tuff battles with division rivals Packers,Vikings and Lions a lot of games may very well come down to special teams play.

Now all we need is a general manager, head coach, offensive line, defensive tackle, right defensive end, free safety and to stop calling cover-2 defense. Oh can add marinelli to the list...the 0-16 coach that did nothing for the D line last year but got promoted to coordinator anyway. You can call that the buddy system.
And demote phillips to bean counter and hire a real football know all to that position.

Some new owners wouldn't hurt either.

Never heard of him. Is he like Ayanbedeyo?

Val's comments were dead on target.

Val, good knowledge but you may be a little hard on a few areas you note above.

Agree with you assessment on the Head Coach, Defensive Tackle (maybe this will be the year to fish or cut bait for T Harris). As for the other areas.

Angelo has been able to pull off a few great moves (Peppers, Manumaleuna the TE and C Taylor, don't forget Cutler)and albeit some bone headed moves such as Gaines Adams (sad situation) and Alex Brown (getting nothing for him) and others. I think Angelo has earned more time with the Bears.

The offensive line needs help no doubt but has some nucleus to work with in Williams, a center in Kruetz that still is OK and a productive NFL center, the rest of the O line is serviceable but not great. This O line will get real help next year in the 2011 draft, certainly a must.

The other defensive end position (opposite Peppers) is in question, no doubt but not a bust. Lets see how productive it will be with Anderson and Indonije particularly with Peppers playing on the opposite side will create opps for them both.

As for Marinelli, lets give the guy a chance. I think he might turn out to be a very good defensive coordinator. The 0-16 was not all his fault with the talent he had at Detroit.

The defensive scheme is not a bad scheme if it is run right, you have some coverage like Urlacher can offer, a pass rush from the corner like Peppers and decent safety play (which has been improved)
With many defenses in the league moving to the 3-4 instead of the 4-3 it will only mean that teams in the league will face the Bears style defense less and less which means the opposing defenses might be a little less prepared another benefit for the Bears.

Bears win the division in 2010 with great defense and special teams, better than average offense, make the playoffs, sweep the Packers, but how far they go is anyones guess.

So he didn't get past our practice squad last year? I will wait and see how this year pan out before I suggest how it will unfold. If anyone has a crystal ball I will want to borrow it to win the lottery before I use it to predict whether we will suck.

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